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The Audience Room was once again abuzz as an Imperial Officer announced the first invasion by the Demon King's army in a year and a few months.

The Bakius Empire had been undefeated in the war against the Demon King's army, but even so, I was anxious.

''An invasion In this situation How big is it"

Helmios responded to the Imperial Officer's words and asked.

"I've heard that it's no different from the previous year, so I'm guessing it'll be around two million in total"

"That's a number we can't ignore."

Since the audience with the Emperor was followed by a distress signal from the Holy Land and the news of the invasion of the Demon King's army, the flow naturally turned into a military discussion.

The war against the Demon King's army began on the Central Continent.

The reason being that it was closest to the Forgotten Continent where the Demon King stayed, and part of the Central Continent territory was Demon King's army territory.

I expected the war to begin when the magical beasts completed their gathering on the Giamut Empire.

If the scale was the same as before, there would be around a million magical beasts gathering in the northern part of the Giamut Empire's territory, so if a scouting party were to be deployed, they would be able to find them right away.

If such gatherings were spotted, the scouts would use transmission magic tools and inform their higher ups that the Demon King's army had started gathering and the invasion was on the horizon.

The Demon King armies that invade the Bakius Empire and Rosenheim march directly from the Forgotten Continent aboard ocean-carrying magical beasts.

Therefore, at the moment, based on the movements of the Central Continent, it was beyond the realm of expectation that the Demon King's army would attack the Bakius Empire and Rosenheim as well.

However, the Demon King's army was rarely predictable.

The Demon King's army wanted to make it difficult for the three continents to cooperate by hitting them all at the same time.

In the Central Continent, the soldiers in charge of the Magic Ships and scouts were always monitoring the situation of the Demon King's army, but I heard that it was a dangerous role that was most targeted by the Demon King's army.

The Demon King's army would attack the scouts as soon as they were found, so scouting was a very dangerous mission.

"It had to be now, didn't it"

"Mm Now"

Prince Zew raised his voice in question at my words.

"The Demon King's army, they really want what's happening in the Holy Land to succeed.

That's why they are invading to distract us."

''I see.

Besides, if they invade now, they can interfere with the Talent changing system that starts next month."


It is reasonable to assume that this is also the reason for the invasion at this time."

Prince Zew, who was distraught because he was worried about Princess Shea, understood the situation.

The dungeon for changing Talents would be operational from next month.

As for the Demon King's army, they wanted to strike before their enemy could get stronger.

But last year's war had greatly depleted their army.

Because my friends and I had thoroughly defeated the Demon King's army and reduced their numbers.

If the Demon King's army wanted to invade with just sheer numbers, it was probably the best time to do so.

"I'm at a loss.

I can't just ignore them and go to the Holy Land, can I"

Helmios was in a difficult situation.


So was Admiral Galara.

Both Helmios and Admiral Galara had always been the best fighters when it came to war.

Helmios had defeated the most number of magical beasts on the front lines.

Admiral Galara fought on the front lines, but also commanded the military as the highest ranking military officer.

If an army of the same size was going to attack, the Alliance would have to suffer a lot of casualties due to those two leaving.

(And by that I mean, I'm also Rosenheim's Chief of Staff.

I can't leave now.)

I was Chief of Staff of Rosenheim.

While there had been occasions where my position had helped me, I  had no choice but to ignore Rosenheim and go to the Holy Land.

Unlike Rosenheim, which had been under attack by the Demon King's army for decades and had set up a defense line with fortresses, the Holy Land had not done so.

The Elmea Church as a whole was in danger of destruction.

The crisis could spread throughout the Confederacy and across the continent.

I could teleport there instantaneously by using my A-rank Bird's awakening skill.

Using the "Nest" of A-rank Bird's summoner, I searched for a way to save Rosenheim and the Holy Land.

(We should be able to overwhelm those magical beasts now.

I've spent the last three months creating a battlefield that's easy to fight.)

My A-rank summons could overpower not just B-rank magical beasts, but also A-rank magical beasts easily.

Even at that very moment, there were 50 of them in Rosenheim on a campaign to exterminate magical beasts.

A-rank Dragons also had Super Regeneration, and would not be affected by the attacks of the Demon King's army's A-rank magical beasts.

Day and night, they continued to expand the safe zone within Rosenheim territory while eradicating the remnants of the Demon King's army.

And I also had 10 A-rank Insects currently active that would carry the war to overwhelming advantage.

I was convinced that A-rank Insects were created for the war against the Demon King's army.

 Level 8, and while I couldn't say that I had wiped all the magical beasts out of Rosenheim, I had reduced their numbers quite a bit.

The northernmost fortress that had protected Rosenheim from the Demon King's army for many years fell once in the last war, and although it was in the process of reconstruction, it was good enough for war by then.

We could also use Gold and Silver Beans to keep magical beasts away from areas that had been destroyed and yet to be repaired.

I told myself that there would be no problem.

(Is it really okay)

The fact that a pillar of flame rose up in Theomenia, it was highly likely that Fire Goddess Freya's Divine Artifact had been used.

And from the Priests and people in the city who have turned into magical beasts, I easily predicted that the Demon King's army was trying to do something big in the Holy Land or the Confederacy.

The faith in Fire Goddess Freya, had been dwindling, and they had been trying to take the Divine Artifact away for decades.

Evil Cult had been spreading their evil religion in the Confederacy for decades.

If this matter was something that used the Divine Artifact of the Fire Goddess Freya, how much time and effort had the Demon King's army put into the matter.

Because they absolutely could not fail, the Demon King's army also launched an invasion of the Giamut Empire at the same time.

I was filled with anxiety.

If I left Rosenheim to my summons and left for the Holy Land and something unexpected happened and I had to recall my summons...

Unlike the Giamut Empire with Hero Helmios and the Bakius Imperial Army with the Golem Squad led by Admiral Galara, Rosenheim had only three stars Talent, even for the strongest Spirit Mage, Gatoruga.

The invasion from the Demon King's army last year caused a lot of casualties among the elves, so the number of troops had not recovered yet.

I entered a whirlpool of thought, wondering which to prioritize.

"Hmmm, Lepe.

Why did you leave the Beast Kingdom for"

Prince Zew who had been staring at me for a while said.

Then he closed his eyes and made a decision about something.

He opened his eyes and asked Lepe, the Musician.

(Hmm What are you talking about)

I returned to reality from my thoughts and listened to Prince Zew.

"What That's... Oh, come on, no way!"

Lepe noticed something.

The Musician Lepe should have been forcibly brought to Rosenheim by Marshal Sigur of Rosenheim.

But he was in the Bakius Empire, not Rosenheim where he was supposed to be.

"His Highness, Prince Zew, may it be that we..."

General Hobah, who was trying to admonish Lepe for his language, also realized something important.

"I'm afraid so.

I'm a little late, but it seems that magical beasts have appeared in Rosenheim.

It seems the time to fulfill our promise to Rosenheim has come.

I'll take the lead.

Follow me."

The Ten Heroic Beasts were supposed to have gone to Rosenheim to help the elves defeat the magical beasts that they couldn't defeat.

The Beast King already knew that we were lying about that matter.

Still, Prince Zew looked at all Ten Heroic Beasts and declared that they were going to Rosenheim.

"Thank you for your help."

"Oh What are you talking about"

"No, His Majesty the Beast King has called for you."

It would have been helpful, but the Beast King had called for Prince Zew.

And he was worried about the safety of Princess Shea.

I had never expected him to make that suggestion.

"I asked His Majesty the Beast King how I can become the next Beast King.

As a result, I received this S-class dungeon conquering trial."

"What Yes."

I didn't know what Prince Zew was talking about for a second.

However, Prince Zew continued on with his story.

"Royalty is about making decisions.

I made my own decision and underwent the trial.

Naturally, I also decide where to go next.

I am not a pawn of His Majesty the Beast King."

The Beast Prince assured me that he didn't care about Beast King's orders.

My friends, I and everyone around me gasped.

With so much momentum, the Ten Heroic Beasts straightened their posture.

"Sorry about that.

It helps."

I bowed my head and thanked Prince Zew.


Which is more dangerous"


"The Holy Land and Rosenheim.

Which one do you think is more dangerous, Mr.


"It's definitely the Holy Land.

We don't even know what's going to happen now."

The Demon King's army was about to do something that they had prepared for a long time.

Since the invasion of Rosenheim was the norm, the obvious danger was the Holy Land.

Surely we were not in a simple war.

"Then leave the easy defense of Rosenheim to us.

But can I leave the harsh Holy Land to you"



My voice choked for a moment.

Prince Zew appreciated my strength to the fullest, and decided to help Rosenheim, so that I could focus on the Holy Land.

But that was not all.

Many Bakius Empire Nobles were here listening to the conversation between Prince Zew and me.

The fact that Prince Zew publicly declared that he was weaker than me was not good for a Royalty's reputation.

Prince Zew stared at me without caring about that.

"You must help me in return."

"Yes, sir.

With all my strength."

Prince Zew's help meant protecting Princess Shea, his sister.

But I didn't speak of it.

Prince Zew had killed his personal feelings to save his country.

"Looks like we're going to get caught up in the Prince Zew's folly."

Astrologer Temi grinned saying, "I couldn't divine this."

"What's next, Rosenheim"

"You, what's your attitude"

General Hobah was indignant as Lepe the Musician said with a sigh.

Seeing that, the other Heroic Beasts burst out laughing.

No one seemed to be scared of the Demon King's army.

The blood rushed to the Ten Heroic Beasts.

"So, Your Majesty.

We must leave now to go and save Rosenheim."

"Yes, yes.

Be good."

After all that time, Emperor Pupun III, who had been frozen in his throne, was suddenly asked to speak, and he nodded his head.



Then where shall we start"

"That's right.

Then, since we didn't expect this to happen, let's go back to the base of the S-class dungeon and pack our luggage.

What about you guys"

A large amount of luggage was still at the base.

Because once the audience was over, we were planning to go to the S-class dungeon again.

We were going to teleport from there, so I asked Hero Helmios and Admiral Galara what they were going to do.

"We're going."

"No, we're good.

As long as we have this Magic Board, we can take care of the rest."

Admiral Galara and his party didn't have much luggage they needed, so Admiral Galara said that they didn't have to go to the base of the S-class dungeon.

"Then, I've designated the room we were in earlier as a Nest, and I'll be sending relief supplies there later."

"I don't know when you made it.

But thanks for the help."

I tell Admiral Galara that I'll send the [Mana Seed]s, [Blessing of Heaven]s, and other relief supplies to that room later for him to use.

Since I had taken the liberty of building a 'Nest' in a room in the Royal Castle of the Bakius Empire, Admiral Galara sighed and thanked me for being so shrewd.

"Now, Your Imperial Majesty, if you'll excuse me."

"Nu Eh."

The three parties of Allen, Helmios, and Prince Zew disappeared from the Audience Room.

The Emperor and the Nobles in theAudience Room were left wide-eyed.

Allen and his friends began to act in response to the invasion of the Demon King's army and the distress signal from the Holy Land.


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