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 Forgetting that he was a beastman for a moment, General Hobah looked at me with fear.

 General Hobah unintentionally turned his hammer against me, an ally.

"What's wrong Let's keep attacking.

We're almost there."

 General Hobah regained his sense at my words, which were too natural.

I was buffed by various Support skills, my summons Blessings, and 2 Rings that increased [Attack] by 5000 each.

With all those buffs active, my stats were

 The basic stats and the effects of [Blessing]s and Rings are shown separately.

 [Strength] 3007 2760

 [Mana] 4968 6240

 [Attack] 1453 29520

 [Endurance] 2604 9688

 [Agility] 3243 23040

 [Intelligence] 4150 720 0

 [Luck] 3244 2400

Sophie's Spirits increased all status

Kiel increased [Endurance] by 30%

Astrologer Temi increased [Mana] by 20%

Astrologer Temi increased [Endurance] by 20%

Astrologer Temi increased [Luck] by 20%

Shaman Hui increased [Endurance] by 15%

Shaman Hui increased [Strength] by 15%

Musician Lepe increased [Attack] by 20%

Musician Lepe increased [Agility] by 20%

Musician Lepe increased Critical-hit rate

I continued to attack Gordino from under it.

 I slammed the Adamantite sword into Gordino's leg.


 The huge Gordino's body shook sideways because of the force.

(That's more damage than my status.

Almost every hit is a critical hit thanks to the buffs.)

 It was my first time I had attacked Gordino since the battle began, but with that first attack, I analyzed how much damage I dealt after all the buffs and Blessings.

Musician Lepe and my summons increased critical-hit rate, which had a huge impact on the battle.

 At that moment, due to the overlap of buffs, we had almost 100% critical hit rate.

 From the crater that Gordino had formed, I kept swinging my Adamantite Sword.

"Hey, it's started again."

 Kiel was stunned by the situation.

 It reminded him of scenes he had seen a lot in the past month.

Kiel had seen me swing swords and attack the Iron Golems.

"Don't get carried away!"

 Gordino attacked me with a huge Drill Punch.

 Gordino was getting attacked by the entire group, but he had decided that killing me was a priority.

 I caught the Drill Punch with my free hand.

My hand and the Dripp Punch clashed.

My fist broke, but the attack stopped.

 It was not just my [Endurance] that protected me from that attack.

My B-rank Fish summon's special and awakening skills were a major cause.

A-rank Spirit's Blessing also helped a lot.

B-rank Fish's special skill [Turtle Shield]

B-rank Fish's awakening skill [Turtle Barrier]

A-rank Spirit's Blessing: High Physical Resistance

(As expected, Drill Punch does a lot of damage.

But the 'High Physical Resistance' worked.

I didn't die but it hurts like hell.)

I had High Physical Resistance so Gordino's Drill Punch only destroyed my fist.

 Kiel used his Recovery Magic and my hand started regenerating immediately.

Kiel, who had become a Venerable, could regenerate missing limbs with his Recovery Magic.

 When my hand regenerated, I pulled out another Adamantite sword from my  and started attacking with two swords.

I knew that it would increase my 's level at twice the speed.

 With such a defenseless me, Kiel had hunted for hours of the day.

I decided what to do based on how quickly we could defeat our enemy, rather than taking it slow with 100% safety guaranteed.

 Especially when my  reached Level 8, my stats went through the roof and I started to act as the vanguard.

 Kiel had to anticipate my actions and use Recovery Magic accordingly, who had abandoned all defenses.

"We are attacking too!"

 Prince Zew gulped for a moment at how strong I was, but realized it was the chance to win and told the Ten Heroic Beasts to continue attacking.

Since Gordino's attention was on me, it was the perfect opportunity for the beastmen.

(Hurry up! And good luck, Merus.)

I could see the entire battlefield because of  with B-rank and A-rank Birds, but with me at the vanguard, it seemed a little tougher to defend.

 While focusing on me, Gordino, whose legs were being destroyed, was attacking in all directions with its shoulder and hand turrets.


 I was swinging my sword as hard as I could, and one of Gordino's legs finally shattered.

 And the other leg was also successfully shattered by the attack of my friends.

"You! You bastards!"

Gordino, who had lost both legs and had its hands on the ground, shouted.

"All right, Cecile, put a stop to this!"

(She should be able to use [Small Meteorite] now.)

I told Cecile to use her Extra Skill [Small Meteorite] that I had been saving all along.

 Sophie's buffs and Cecile's own Talent change had increased [Small Meteorite]'s power by multiple magnitudes.


But do you think it will be enough"

Cecile had no intention of stopping even when she said so in concern.


Rato, a rat beastman, raised his staff and stood still.

 Then, Rato's body started shimmering as he activated his Extra Skill.

"What Why"

 When she was interrupted, Cecile was more confused than angry.

"Full Burst!"

 Rato chanted something and a huge magic circle arose on the ground.

"Uh, what's this"

"It's going to be powerful.

This magic circle will make your magic twice as powerful."

Rato said with a grin.

 Apparently, he set up for Cecile's Extra Skill, [Small Meteorite].

"Oh! But will it really be enough [Small Meteorite]."

 Cecile said so but her face didn't match her words at all.

She poured all her mana into her Extra Skill.

 Cecile dropped down a mass of red-hot rock from the skies, not just tens of meters in diameter, but over a hundred meters.

"Huh Woah! [Homing Instinct]!"

 Its size clearly exceeded the width of the passage.

 It hit Gordino, smashing through the walls of the passageway.

 I was immensely impressed by the sheer size of the [Small Meteorite].

I hurriedly teleported everyone a short distance away.

"Haaah! You! How dare you!"

The walls slowed some momentum, but [Small Meteorite] didn't lose much of its power.

Gordino desperately caught the red-hot giant rock with both hands, but it couldn't kill the overwhelming momentum of the said rock.

 The turrets on both shoulders shattered, and the Gordino's entire body buried itself in the ground as its both hands cracked and splintered.

"Did we do it"

"No, everyone stay alert."

 The giant rock crushed Gordino, but I told everyone to stay on their toes.

 Because there was no log of Gordino being defeated in my Grimoire at all.

It meant that Gordino was still alive.

 I told everyone to approach with caution, though it could have been a bug.

"Oh, come on.

It was crushed by such a big rock.

There's no way it could have survived."

 Kiel said that there was no way Gordino was still alive under the big rock, which was still red-hot.

 [Small Meteorite]'s impact was so great that it had formed a deep and huge crater, with a large rock in the middle of it.

"No, let's put a stop to this.

Everybody, attacking position."


 As I tried getting everyone into their attacking positions, the big rock cracked and shattered.

 And out came a battered and bruised Gordino.

 The four Golems looked like wreckage clinging around Gordino.

 Not only the four battered and peeling Golems, but Gordino wasn't free.

Its arms and legs were buried in the ground, the whole body cracked and looked as if it were going to break apart soon.

"Oh, Allen! It isn't dead yet!"

Prince Zew was also astonished as to why Gordino hadn't died from that many attacks.

"Maybe this is..."

(Maybe if the Boss takes more than a certain amount of damage...)

"You've finally made me take you seriously.

You'll regret this."

My prediction seemed to be quickly coming true.

 The cracks in Gordino's body started getting bigger and bigger, and from a big crack, out came an intact, 30-meter-tall Gordino.

"Hey, hey, something's coming out! There's still something in there!"

 Kiel exclaimed.

What more was there to say

"It's getting smaller.

It should be easier to deal with now, right"

 Dogora gave his honest opinion as we had been fighting against a 100 or 150-meter tall Gordino till then.

"You are the first ones to see my true form.

Be grateful.


 Then both of Gordino's eyes lit up and we were bathed in a blinding light.


I felt no pain even when I was exposed to those rays of light all over my body.

 But I felt uncomfortable.

(Um, so this is his skill That's a nasty move the Boss uses.)

I felt my whole body weakening.

 It's as if all the buffs had disappeared.

"How is it Afraid You thought you'd won, but you just have to settle for a tap on the wrist.

Know despair!"

 And then Gordino started floating in the air and dashing towards Allen.


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