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 The beastmen, who had turned into huge beasts, clutched their weapons, which were a little smaller than their body size, and plunged into Gordino.

 Prince Zew stepped forward, then leapt wide and punched the legs of Gordino.

Prince Zew seemed to be overwhelmingly stronger than he was before he turned into a beast.

The beastmen, who had turned insane, continued to attack as they followed Prince Zew.

 The other Heroic Beasts, as it looked, seemed to be doing more damage to Gordino than before using the Extra Skill.

''Mister Allen.

This power was given by the Beast God Garum to the Albahar Royal Family for the sake of the independence of the beastmen.

That time, the Beast God Garum came to Creator God with the proposal, and it was very tiring.''

 Merus talked about how he had a past history and that it was something very tiring.

 Apparently, the beastmen did not simply become independent from the Giamut Empire.

"Given A second Extra Skill that was given."


 Merus and I talked while assisting the beastmen, who had abandoned their defenses and were attacking like beasts.

We both continued to summon summons and take advantage of their special skills to gain the upper hand in the battle.

(The description said that one could have 3 Extra Skills in Normal Mode.

But how do I convince God to give us Extra Skill)

 Normal Mode people were born with 1 Extra Skill.

I recalled a game I played in my previous life and how I had acquired skills.

 There were several ways to acquire skills, such as by leveling up, defeating bosses, or getting them as quest rewards.

 All 15 years of my life, I had been raising my Skill Levels while also acquiring new skills because of Level ups.

It was the same with my friends.

There were some skills that could be obtained either by raising an original Skill or by making a certain number of attempts, like .

But I learnt in the middle of the fight, that leveling up was not the only way, as Gods could give Extra Skills.

(Now all I need to know is how to get it.

Anything else I missed)

"Mm I think there's something I've missed.

Or perhaps the position or title 'Beast King' doubles as a Talent."

 Merus had said that Prince Zew had used the Extra Skill 'Beast King'.

From the way he said it, it could be inferred that only 'Beast King' could use the skill.

 In other words, 'Beast King' could use the Extra Skill at will whereas a Prince would have difficulty using the skill.

"Mister Allen, you've gotten one step closer to the truth of the world.

The Beast King is a Talent given to those who have reached the position of Beast King.

The current Prince Zew should have the Talent Beast Prince.''

(Ho-ho-ho, so Talents can change that way too.

So that's why Helmios lost to the Beast King.

I was given the hint a long time ago.

I guess I didn't analyze it well enough.)

Hero Helmios had lost to the Beast King in a sparring match before the Royalty of the countries of the Five Continents Alliance.

 It didn't mean that the Beast King simply had a strong Talent for one-on-one combat.

 It meant that the Talent of the 'Beast King' had overpowered the Talent 'Hero'.

The Beast God Garum seemed to watch over the Beast Kingdom and give meaningful blessings.

Beast Garum had given the power to save the suffering beastmen.

 How determined was Garum, the Beast God, to go into the temple of Elmea, the Creator God, and make a direct appeal

 I understood how the Beast King felt when the evil teachings came in and he was pissed off.

 Now that power was being used against Gordino.


(Has his Talent risen by 1-star)


 Along with Gordino's shout, the battle situation changed.

 With Merus and me supporting them, the beastmen kept attacking Gordino while clinging on it.

 Apparently, the transformation duration wasn't very short, as Gordino's legs kept sustaining injuries after injuries.

 The attacks of the buffed beastmen overwhelmed the regenerative speed of Gordino.

(Good, good.

Once the legs are shattered, he won't be able to recover, so we can boil him or roast him or whatever.)


"Oh, Allen!"

(Merus, you got away alone Ah, well, he can't teleport me.

I am out of his Rights.)

 Despite its damaged leg, Gordino reached out a giant hand and grasped me.

 Merus had used [Homing Instinct] and fled at the last moment.

Cecile was crestfallen because of my capture.

 Merus's special skill [Angel's Right] had some restrictions, like even if he used [Homing Instinct], which allowed him to teleport a group, he couldn't teleport me without permission.

"You're the leader of this party, aren't you"

 Gordino had decided to attack the party leader while being attacked in the leg.

"Huh No, sir.

It's the one who's a beast down there.

You see, that lion-like beast is the one.

I'm just a humble helper."

I complained that Gordino had captured the wrong person.

I told Gordino to target Prince Zew, who was attacking its legs.

(Let's just distract Gordino for a while.)

 I gave Cecile a look that meant for her not to worry.

 Seeing that, Cecile remembered the old fight against Madegarsh.


I see.

But you've been saying things that I don't understand from a while ago.

You, extra will have to go!"

 Apparently, Gordino had a good understanding of my standing and position in the party as a whole.

 I turned into a target because I was directing everyone so loudly.

 As it was, Gordino crushed me with both hands, with all its might.

"Oh, Master Allen! Kiel! Heal Master Allen!"

Sophie said as she used Recovery Magic on me, who was already invisible in Gordino's giant hands.

"Ha-ha-ha! This is the end! Your leader is dead!"

 With that, Gordino slammed me to the ground as hard as it could.

I slammed into the hard dungeon floor with great force.

 Furthermore, Gordino continued to crush me with its huge legs, taking advantage of its huge body, which was probably 150 meters tall, just in case.

 "Guys, Allen's been caught! We have to rescue him!"

 Prince Zew stopped attacking and ordered everyone.

 The death of the leader of the party, one of the major key players in the battle, would have a big impact.

 Because of that, everyone had to consider retreat.

 Some looked anxiously at the feet of Gordino, while others glanced at Prince Zew to see if he had any new instructions for them.

"What What"

 While everyone in the party was in raptures, Gordino felt uncomfortable.

 The giant foot that had stomped on me so many times stopped before it hit the ground.

"Keep attacking! Or it will heal!"

I shouted from the crater.

"Bah, you idiot! You're a dead man!"

 Although Gordino couldn't believe what it was hearing, Gordino, terrified by something it couldn't see, tried to crush me further with all its might.



 A huge impact struck Gordino's feet that caused a crack to form.

 I slammed the Adamantite sword into the sole of Gordino's foot.

 The impact caused the giant legs of Gordino to float wide.

 I had improved over the past nearly a year of raiding the S-class dungeon.

 I had defeated nearly 4000 Iron Golems and reached Level 81.

 And when I reached  Level 8, my summon's blessings increased, and I was in a position to receive assistance from my friends like a rainstorm.

 Furthermore, while hunting more Iron Golems, his  finally reached Level 4.

 However,  remained sealed.

 [Name] Allen

[Age] 15

 [Talent] Summoner

 [Level] 81

[Strength] 2615 2400

 [Mana] 4140 2200

 [Attack] 1452 14600

 [Endurance] 1452 2400

 [Agility] 2703 16200

 [Intelligence] 4150 4200

 [Luck] Two thousand seven hundred and seventy-three plus two hundred.

 [Skills] Summon , Create , Synthesis , Strengthening , Awakening , Grimoire Expansion , Inventory, Sharing, Fast Summon, Equivalent Exchange, Command, Kingship, Delete, Swordsmanship , Throwing

 [Experience] Approx.

700 billion/900 billion

Skill Level

 [Summoning] 8

 [Create] 8

 [Synthesis] 8

 [Strengthening] 8

 [Awakening] 8

Skill Experience

 [Create] Approx.

200 million / 10 billion

 [Synthesis] Approx.

200 million / 10 billion

 [Strengthening] Approx.

6 billion/10 billion

 [Awakening] Approx.

300 million/10 billion

Summons acquired:

 [Insect] ABCDEFGH



 [Grass] ABCDEF

 [Stone] ABCDE

 [Fish] ABCD

 [Spirit] ABC

 [Dragon] AB

 [Angel] A



 [Beast] 1 A-rank

 [Bird] 8 B-rank, 5 A-rank


[Stone] 1 A-rank

 [Fish] 1 A-rank

 [Spirit] 1 A-rank

 [Dragon] 62 A-rank

 [Angel] 1 A-rank

I blew off one huge leg of Gordino with one hand.


 The Ten Heroic Beasts froze, wondering what they had been worried about earlier.

 Then, I emerged from the crater in a healthy state, though my armor was in tatters.

"What Are you a monster"

 General Hobah and my eyes meet at the feet of Gordino.

 General Hobah was so shocked and horrified that he involuntarily clenched his hammer tighter.



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