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I looked at the Dungeon Boss, who shone vermilion, the color of Hihiirokane.

(Beebe, Scarlett, and Crimson were all reddish as well.)

I noticed something in common that didn't make sense.

All the S-rank Floor Bosses were reddish color.

The Dungeon Boss didn't move as we stared at it.

We had to be a certain distance from the Boss to start the battle just like other Bosses.

Admiral Galara had told me that before.


"Can we defeat this thing"

Dogora couldn't help but exclaim, and Kiel asked anxiously.

"Yeah - Yeah.

Well, if we stick to the plan.

Isn't that right, sir Mr.


"Well, Digragni just said, 'Try to defeat it if you can.' Honestly, I think it's quite a mess."

Helmios chuckled at my question.

(Also, that's a half-assed way of putting it.

I just hope you're prepared to win.)

I said that it wouldn't be a problem if we followed the plan, but I checked again with Helmios about the Dungeon Boss as he had talked to Digragni about it.

The Dungeon Boss had never been defeated before.

I remembered that sometimes in my past life there were bosses that I couldn't beat.

There were a variety of reasons for that, such as the Boss having very high physical resistance, infinite health, or when the Boss could only be defeated in the next version of the game.

According to Helmios, Digragni had never told him that it was absolutely impossible to defeat the Dungeon Boss, so I had planned the raid with a formation and strategy based on the assumption that we could win.

(Well, it is just as Admiral Galara had told me.)

I looked at both sides of the Hihiirokane Golem to see what was there.

There were 2 Iron Golems, 1 Bronze Golem and 1 Mithril Golem along with the Hihiirokane Golem.

In total, we had to fight 5 Golems at the same time.

And each one was as strong as a Demon General.

The 5 Golems were lined up next to each other, each about the same size as the Demon General Razel, who had transformed in earnest.

I had assumed that defeating the Dungeon Boss would be several times more difficult than defeating each of the Mithril, Iron and Bronze Golems, but after hearing Admiral Galara's story, I assumed it would be more than five times as difficult.

(I can see why Admiral Galara said that it is impossible to hurry.)

I could see the Golem's overwhelming strength right away.

"Hey, don't be afraid! We're gonna win this thing!"


Admiral Galara.

Let's do it!"

The memory of their defeat a few months ago came back to them, as some of the dwarves began to tremble.

Admiral Galara encouraged them not to be afraid.

(Well, now that we've got Rings and reached the Level cap...)

I checked my friend's status once more with my Grimoire.

[Name] Kurena

[Age] 15

[Talent] Sword Emperor

[Level] 60

[Strength] 4,150 8000

[Mana] 1832 3000

[Attack] 4150 8000

[Endurance] 3968 3000

[Agility] 3510 3000

[Intelligence] 2250

[Luck] 2688 3000

[Skills] Sword Emperor , Slash , Phoenix Blast , Healing Sword , Supreme Sword , Great Master , Swordsmanship , Swordsmanship

[Extra Skill] Limit Break

Skill Level

[Sword Emperor] 6

[Slash] 6

[Phoenix Blast] 6

[Healing Sword] 6

[Supreme Sword] 6

[Name] Cecile Granvelle

[Age] 15

[Talent] Archmage

[Level] 60

[Strength] 2470+7400

[Mana]3974 2400

[Attack] 1640

[Endurance] 1686

[Agility] 3382 2400

[Intelligence] 4138 7400

[Luck] 2541 2400

[Skills] Archmage , Fire , Ice , Lightning , Light , Abyss , Kumite

[Extra Skill] Small Meteorite

Skill Level

[Archmage] 6

[Fire Magic] 6

[Ice Magic] 6

[Lightning Magic] 6

[Light Magic] 6

[Name] Dogora

[Age] 15

[Talent] Barbarian King

[Level] 60

[Strength] 4,089 7400

[Mana] 1919

[Attack] 4348 7400

[Endurance] 3595 2400

[Agility] 2849 2400

[Intelligence] 1757

[Luck] 2664 2400

[Skills] Barbarian King , Full-Body , Bombing Defeat , Peerless Slash , Wicked Blow , Fighting Spirit , Axmanship , Shield Art Technique

[Extra Skill] Body and Soul

Skill Level

[Barbarian King] 6

[Full-Body] 6

[Bombing Defeat] 6

[Peerless Slash] 6

[Wicked Blow] 6

[Name] Kiel von Carnell

[Age] 15

[Talent] Venerable

[Level] 60

[Strength] 2740+740 0

[Mana] 4,100 240 0

[Attack] 1580

[Endurance] 1786 5000

[Agility] 2893 2400

[Intelligence] 4,030 2400

[Luck] 3634 2400

[Skills] Venerable , Recovery Magic , Demon Destruction , Purification , Holy Barrier , Prayer , Swordsmanship Swordsmanship

[Extra Skill] God's Drop

Skill Level

[Venerable] 6

[Recovery Magic] 6

[Demon Destruction] 6

[Purification] 6

[Holy Barrier] 6

[Name] Sophiarone

[Age] 50

[Blessing] Spirit God

[Talent] Spirit Grand Mage

[Level] 60

[Strength] 2834+7400

[Mana] 4156 2400

[Attack] 1933

[Endurance] 1719 5000

[Agility] 3011 2400

[Intelligence] 4243 240 0

[Luck] 3453 2400

[Skills] Spirit Manifestation , Water , Wind , Earth , Wood , Mountainous Will , Archery

[Extra] Great Spirit Manifestation

Skill Level

[Spirit Manifestation] 6

[Water] 6

[Wind] 6

[Earth] 6

[Wood] 6

[Name] Formar

[Age] 69

[Talent] Divine Archer

[Level] 60

[Strength] 3736 7400

[Mana] 1949

[Attack] 3965 7400

[Endurance] 2960 2400

[Agility] 3428 2400

[Intelligence] 1566

[Luck] 1972 2400

[Skills] Divine Archer , Far-Sight , Fire Dragon Strike , Strong Bow , Rigid Bullet , Launch , Archery

[Extra Skill] Arrow of Light

Skill Level

[Divine Archer] 6

[Far-Sight] 6

[Fire Dragon Strike] 6

[Strong bow] 6

[Rigid Bullet] 6

[Name] Merle

[Age] 15

[Talent] Magic Rock General

[Level] 60

[Strength] 1677 6800

[Mana] 2420 1800

[Attack] 782 1800

[Endurance] 1318 6800

[Agility] 782

[Intelligence] 2420

[Luck] 1503

[Skills] Magic Rock General , Flying Arm 6, Piercing Fist 6, Light Sword 6, Restoration 6, Alloy 2, Spear Technique 3, Shield Technique 3, Spear Technique 3, Shield Technique 3.

Spear Technique [3], Shield Technique [3].

[Extra Skill] Combined (Right Arm)

Skill Level

[Demon Rock General] 6.

[Fei, arm] Six.

[Drilling Fist] 6.

[Sword of Light] 6

Restoration] 6

"Then, as per our plan, we'll start after a while."

(Our time limit is just 1 hour.

We can't prolong this fight.)

There was no time limit on us from the dungeon, but the time limit that I had set was 1 hour.

It was because of my Fish summon's awakening skill duration.

I had buffed all of us with my Fish summons special and awakening skill.

The special skill would last for 24 hours, but the awakening skill would only last for 1 hour.

Kiel also used his .

"O Dryad, grant me your blessing."

"Yeah, I got it."

Sophie manifested a Wood Spirit.

(Sophie has grown up to be a defender.

I mean, all 4 of her Spirits can increase status by 3000, isn't that great)

Cecile was completely attack magic oriented, but Sophie, after becoming a Spirit Grand Mage, had grown to be more defensie and recovery oriented.

I couldn't help but suspect the interference of Spirit God in Sophie being able to manifest the Wood Spirit.

There was one law for support skills in this world.

All the support skills basically overlapped.

However, in the case of same Talents with higher stars, such as a Priest and a Saint, the higher Talent's support skill took precedence, drowning out the lower ry skills.

In our party of over 40 people, Sophie was the only one who could manifest a Spirit.

Dryad, a Wood Spirit, was a girl whose arms and legs were made of wood.

She raised the stats of her allies by making leaves fall around them.

When she was done, Sophie manifested other Spirits one after another, increasing our other stats.

Water Spirit Nymph, Increases [Mana] by 3000

Wind Spirit Gale, Increases [Agility] by 3000

Earth Spirit Pygmy, Increases [Endurance] by 3000

Wood Spirit Dryad, Increases [Strength] by 3000

The Saints in Helmios' party used their support skills as well.

But since they had a lower star Talent than Kiel were basically meaningless.

Admiral Galara's party and Merle were standing by.

The Golems were too big, and the moment they summoned their Golems, the Dungeon Boss and the Golems around it could move.

(I am glad that we asked for help.

This is the combined strength of different races and their  different unique Talents.)

With that in mind, I looked at Lepe, the Musician.

"It's interesting.

There's such an enemy out there.

Battle beat!"

Lepe the Musician enjoyed fighting.

He was excited to be outside the Beast Kingdom.

Numerous drums like tubes appeared in his hands and he started beating them rhythmically, while dancing.

(This is awesome.)

I was impressed with him.

In fact, it seemed that there were only a few support skills that could increase allies [Attack].

The most common support skill increased [Endurance].

However, Lepe possessed a skill that increased his allies [Attack] by 20%.

Then, Lepe performed a dance while using a tambourine-like object that increased our [Agility] by 20%.

"You always seem to have fun.

Bless us, stars."

After that, Astrologer Temi threw a myriad of gems and ore-like objects flying through the air.

And with just that, I could see the effects of the buff on the status of my friends.

Musician Lepe and Astrologer Temi were both bad at attacking and healing.

However, all of their skills consisted of buffs and debuffs.

Some of them were even able to restore one's health and mana naturally.

I found my whole body overflowing with power.

The same seemed to be the case for the rest of the group as well.

(This is it! This is how it has to be! This is what Boss raids are all about!)

I suppressed my excitement and calmed myself down.

If the number of people in the party was small, efficiency needed to be considered and that much more priority had to be given to some Talents.

However, as the number of members in the party reached to 30 or 50, it was possible to include one or two people with Talents that were not normally included in the composition.

And it was what the overwhelming enhancement of the status by the overlap of the support skills was born.

We finished applying all the buffs.

"Okay, let's go."

With my sound, we moved forward, with the rear guards staying there.

Then the eyes of the Hihiirokane Golem glowed.


I am Gordino, the Guardian of this Tower of Trials.

Have you come to challenge me to a battle"

With that, the Dungeon Boss in front of Allen let out a voice that echoed in the huge hall.


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