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Admiral Galara set out to conquer the S-class dungeon in time for the Dungeon Festival, but the result was a dismal failure.

He lost a number of party members in the fight against the Dungeon Boss and announced the disbanding of the party.

Admiral Galara began to come up to our base after that day.

And he was soaked in sake every day.

One day, he was on the couch in the dining room, holding a small mug of sake and drinking as if he was being showered with it.

Apparently Admiral Galara also had a base in the city.

His base was more magnificent than our base, a base worthy of the highest military officer and Hero of the Bakius Empire, but he started staying in our base most of the time.

I learned that Admiral Galara's base was bought with the money that his party had earned and it belonged to all of them.

He wasn't living there as the party had disbanded.

However, the base was still being maintained by other dwarves, believing that Admiral Galara would return.

Admiral Galara's party members came to check on him from time to time.

They gave money for drinks and meals to Helmios' servants that Admiral Galara took.

Helmios' and my party had decided to remain quiet and to not kick out Admiral Galara.

Since he was an Admiral, someone with a high rank in the military, Admiral Galara had to have seen deaths of his friends and subordinates over the years.

That had to be a tough position to be in.

"Well, three Talent changes today, then."

Spirit God Rosen spoke up as I looked at Admiral Galara, who was sitting on the couch, drinking.



(Why is Prince Zew here as well Not that I mind.)

And for some reason, Prince Zew also was there as well after the Coming of Age ceremony.

I had informed him of being able to change Talents to find out the information about Warrior Princess Shea and the Evil Cult.

However, only Helmios and his party knew that we would be changing Talents that day.

I glanced at Helmios.

Helmios smiled back at me.

Helmios was the one who leaked the information.

Perhaps Helmios, the Duke of the Giamut Empire, had a position to look after.

The Spirit God's cute dance began.

Kiel was offered the option of a Paladin-type Talent that combined attack and recovery, but Dogora and Formar had only one choice for their new Talents.

The three Talent changes were carried out after informing them about it properly.

As for Sophie, she was raising her affinity with her fourth and final Infant Spirit.

The Spirit God says I can change Talents in another month.

"Well, that's three Talent changes."

"Thank you."

Dogora, Kiel, and Formar Talent changes ended.

[Name] Dogora

[Age] 15

[Talent] Barbarian King

[Level] 1

[Strength] 1729

[Mana] 857

[Attack] 1988

[Endurance] 1235

[Agility] 1138

[Intelligence] 695

[Luck] 953

[Skills] Barbarian King , Full-body , Axemanship , Shield Art

[Extra Skill] Body And Soul

[Experience] 0/10

Skill Level

[Barbarian King] 1

[Full-body] 1

Skill Experience

[Barbarian King] 0/10

[Full-body] 0/10

[Name] Kiel-von-Carnell

[Age] 15

[Talent] Venerable

[Level] 1

[Strength] 970

[Mana] 1740

[Attack] 577

[Endurance] 665

[Agility] 1182

[Intelligence] 1670

[Luck] 1274

[Skill] Venerable , Recovery Magic , Swordsmanship

[Extra Skill] God's Drop

[Experience] 0/10

Skill Level

[Venerable] 1

[Recovery Magic] 1

Skill Experience

[Venerable] 0/10

[Recovery Magic] 0/10

[Name] Formar

[Age] 68

[Talent] Divine Archer

[Level] 1

[Strength] 1376

[Mana] 828

[Attack] 1605

[Endurance] 1294

[Agility] 1068

[Intelligence] 622

[Luck] 851

[Skill] Divine Archer , Far-sight , Archery

[Extra Skill] Arrow of Light

[Experience] 0/10

Skill Level

[Divine Archer] 1

[Far-sight] 1

Skill Experience

[Divine Archer] 0/10

[Far-sight] 0/10

My notes on how the changed Talents:

Kurena => Master Swordsman ★★★ => Sword King ★★★★ => Sword Emperor ★★★★★

Cecile => Mage ★★ => Grand Mage ★★★ => Archmage ★★★★

Dogora => Axe Knight ★⇒Barbarian ★★⇒Barbarian General ★★★ => Barbarian King ★★★★

Kiel => Priest ★ => Bishop ★★ => Saint ★★★ => Venerable ★★★★

Sophie => Spirit Wielder ★⇒Spirit Magician ★★⇒Spirit Mage ★★★

Formar => Bowman ★ => Archer ★★ => Master Archer ★★★=> Divine Archer ★★★★

(Hmmm...they all look good.)

I had recorded their status before and after their Talent change in the Grimoire.

(Dogora has inherited his [Strength] and [Attack].

When his Level and Skill reach the Level cap, these two stats will be in line with Kurena's.


for now, let's not mention [Body and Soul].)

Although I was sarcastic that Dogora couldn't activate his Extra Skill [Body and Soul] even once while he had a 3-star Talent, I decided not to mention it as Dogora was bursting with joy at getting a 4-star Talent.

In addition, his [Body and Soul] had not activated even once in the S-class dungeon, which we had already spent 6 months of time in.

This even made me wonder if there was some other reason why he couldn't use it anymore.

(Formar's [Attack] is nice, too.)

When Formar was a 1-star Bowman, his inevitable lack of [Attack] was a drawback, but after changing Talents three times, his [Attack] had improved considerably.

He was able to defeat even A-rank magical beasts with long-range attacks.

"I see.

From next year, this kind of Talent change system will begin.'

"It seems so."

Prince Zew looked on in admiration after my friends changed their Talents.

(I wonder if there will be an oracle on January 1st that will tell everyone about the Talent change system and the weakening of the Fire Goddess' power.)

The Spirit God had obtained some additional information.

Spirit God Rosen, after learning about the robbery of the Divine Artifact, was traveling to the Divine Realm from time to time.

He withheld some information but conveyed that the Divine Realm had been invaded by the Demon King's army, and that the Fire Goddess' power was weakening, using a muddled language.

I wondered if that was the only reason.

"A party made up of those who have a higher Talent than Master Swordsman.

It is like the Ten Heroic Beasts of the Beast Kingdom."

Prince Zew looked at our party, who had just finished changing Talents, as if he were looking at someone he had missed somewhat.


Dogora responded to Prince Zew's words because something cool was mentioned.

"The 'Ten Heroic Beasts' is a term used to honor the ten Heroes recognized by the Beast Kingdom."

(I think Prince Zew wants to invite the Ten Heroic Beasts or similarly powerful people to join him to conquer the S-class dungeon.)

It reminded me of a piece of information I heard from Ur.

Prince Zew wanted to call powerful people to the Bakius Empire to conquer the S-class dungeon.

At the top of his list, probably were the Ten Heroic Beasts.

Apparently, the group contained 10 beastmen, and they used various weapons such as swords and axes, and didn't include only the vanguards but also the rear guards.

What made them 'Heroic' was that they were the winners in their respective divisions in the Martial Arts Tournament of the Albahar Beast Kingdom.

I had casually asked Ur, and Ur began to speak passionately.

The annual Beast Kingdom Martial Arts Tournament attracted fierce competitors from all over the Beast Kingdom.

The winner would be called as one of the Ten Heroic Beasts for one year.

He also said that the system was like a defensive battle, and they had to defend their position and could keep it for as long as they didn't lose against the winners of each division the following year.

He told me that there were participants from various backgrounds, from adventurers to military personnel, and that anything was possible as long as they could win the competition.

I thought it was a pretty cerebral system and a convention that was very beastly.

Naturally, they couldn't join Prince Zew to conquer the dungeon as Crown Prince Bek was vehemently opposed to the idea, and had restricted their travel.

"A Hero.

I'm a Hero."

The potato-faced Dogora's eyes twinkled even more when he compared himself to a Hero of the Beast Kingdom.

"Hero or what!! You can't defeat the Dungeon Boss no matter who you are!

"Huh What the hell! You won't know unless you try!"

Admiral Galara suddenly sweared and Dogora's face turned red as he thought that his dream had been snubbed.

"I'll tell you what! It's the same no matter who tries.

That Dungeon Boss is the same.

Whether there are 20 Hero Helmios or 50, they can't win.


you can't win!"

Dogora's reply made him swear even more.

Everyone said, "Well, well, well," and quieted the red-hot Dogora.

(Oh, even 50 Heroes can't do it.)

In the midst of all this, only Allen had other things on his mind.


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