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My friends and I heard about the relationship between the Beast Kingdom and the Central Continent for the first time.

Since there wasn't anything that I could do, I just hoped that Beast Prince Zew, who seemed to get along well with the Central Continent, would become the next Beast King.

It seemed that the Giamut Empire was negotiating for their stability.

The Beast Kingdom became independent from the Empire 1,000 years ago, but both the Giamut Empire and the Beast Kingdom of Arbahal had co-existed since then.

I hoped that they would talk it over and find a way to resolve the issue.

I believed that there was much that could be done to prevent the worst from happening.

However, if the Beast Kingdom were to attack from the south of the Central Continent, I would have no choice but to stop fighting against the Demon King's army.

According to Helmios, if the Beast Kingdom invaded, millions of beastmen would be part of it.

Although they were part of the Five Continents Alliance, the Beast Kingdom was a potential threat to the Central Continental.

So, I concluded that the Demon King's army wasn't going to attack the Southern Continents.

If the Beast Kingdom ever invaded, even if the whole beastman race were to go extinct, I was determined to protect the village and country where my family lived.

"No matter how much blood is spilled, I will protect the Latash Kingdom.

Hope things won't come to that."

My words were so matter-of-fact that Helmios' companions gulped, knowing that my friends and I had defeated the majority of the 10 million of the Demon King's army.

Our meeting with Helmios party ended shortly after that.

Helmios asked me how often we were in the dungeon, and when I told him that we spent 3 and a half days in the dungeon at once, he said that his party would match our pace.

The three-story building we were staying at had the same layout as our base in the Academy City, with men's rooms on the second floor and women's rooms on the third floor, but the rooms on the third floor were no longer sufficient.

Since Helmios' party was almost a harem, we decided to use part of the second floor for women as well.

Helmios' party was going to work mainly on the 4th floor of the dungeon as valuable weapons and armors were available there.

In addition, they wanted to raise Helmios' Level and Skill Levels, who had recently become Hero King.

"Okay, well, let's see if you can get the Iron Golem to descend."


My friends and I were in the square of the 3rd floor.

The square was a large safe zone where no magical beasts could come, making it ideal for experimenting with the Golem.

With the rest of us behind her, Merle gripped the Magic Board.

The Magic Board, clenched with both hands, had geometric symbols floating on its surface.

"The Magic Board looks so cool.

Is the Golem finally descending"

At the unusual reaction of the Magic Board, Kiel gripped his staff and braced himself.

Then, taking one big breath, Merle exclaimed.

"Tam-Tam Descend!"

A huge magic circle with geometric symbols arranged in a circle was laid out in front of Merle.

Then, as if popping out of a magic circle, a single Golem emerged from it.

A 10-meter-long iron body stood erect and immobile on the ground.

"Wow! How does this thing work"

"It can't move it unless I'm on it."

A Golem couldn't move by itself just like puppets.

It wouldn't move unless the Golem User, the operator, was inside it.

Merle held up the Magic Board to the Iron Golem that appeared.

Then, from the crystal-like part of its chest, light emanated from the Golem to illuminate Merle with a flashlight that responded to the Magic Board.

Merle was sucked into the Golem.

"That's amazing! It's moving!"

"Oh! It moved!"

As Dogora was mouthing off about what kind of logic would allow Merle to fit inside the crystal, the Golem began to move slowly.

It was being piloted by Merle.

The Golem tried walking, moving a little faster, attacking, and so on in the square, and it seemed to be able to move freely.

There would be no problems fighting against the magical beasts with those movements.

Merle came out of the Golem after some time.

"Merle! That's great!"

"Heh heh."

Merle looked somewhat embarrassed as Kurena praised her.

"I see.

So this is the performance of this Golem."

The Magic Board could fit up to 10 stone slabs.

And on the flat back side of the Magic Board, the performance of the Golem was indicated.

Name] Tam Tam

[Pilot] Merle

[Class] Iron

[Strength] 1500 900

[Mana] 1500 900

[Attack] 1500

[Endurance] 1500 900

[Agility] 1500

[Intelligence] 1500 900

[Luck] 1500

(Is the increase in [Strength], [Mana] and [Endurance] the result of Merle's 


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