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"Do you know him"

Because Helmios called out to him, the gruff Admiral Galara came with a wooden mug to the large table where Helmios' party and we were sitting.


Admiral Galara is often in this dungeon.

Sometimes we share information, and we often meet each other at meetings of the Five Continents Alliance."

"I see."

(Do they have many opportunities to meet each other in their positions)

In the midst of the conversation between Helmios and me, Merle was frantically ordering from the waiter, a dwarf.

The last time I met Admiral Galara for the first time, he was acting like "I'm a superior officer who has been a great help to you."

And Rosen, the Spirit God, who had landed at the table from Sophie's shoulder, folded his arms as he looked at the menu and mumbled about what he was going to have

(It's always Hukama anyway.

I have a whole bunch of freshly made things in my .)

Hukama, a specialty of the Baukis Empire, was a steamed, chewy bread.

Spirit God Rosen loved it which ended up me having a bunch of it in my .

"Is the Hero of the Central Continent here to conquer the dungeon"

Looking at Admiral Galara, I remembered a scene of my previous life where I was forced to go to an employee drinking party when I wanted to play games back at my home and got tangled up with an old man sitting next to me.

"I'm sure you are here for the same reason, Admiral Galara.

Have you been to the dungeon yet"

"Oh, yeah.

The war is over.

It's time to conquer the dungeon."

"Those faces.

So the Baukis Empire has moved to capture it"

While conversing with Admiral Galara, the Hero Helmios looked at the table where the dwarves were sitting when Admiral Galara arrived.

"I guess.

It seems that the Beast Kingdom is serious.

We can't lag behind.

I'm having a hard time serving the Emperor who's so obstinate.

Oh! Unh-h-h-h!"

As Admiral Galara was about to speak ill of the Emperor of the Baukis Empire again, the dwarves who came with him his mouth and strangled him with their hand and carried him to the table where he had originally come from.



What do you mean the Baukis Empire is serious"

"Hmm Oh, all the Dwarves at that table are Magic Rock Generals, except for Admiral Galara."

(Seriously Admiral Galara, a Magic Rock King, is leading a group of Magic Rock Generals.

Aren't they a force that can be called the total strength of the Baukis Empire The Bakius Empire really is serious.)

There were 20 dwarves, including Admiral Galara, at that table.

Helmios told me that with the exception of Admiral Galara, everyone there had a 1 in 10 million Talent of Magic Rock General.

I first met and learned about Admiral Galara from Merle when we met 20 days ago.

Admiral Galara was the strongest dwarf of the Bakius Empire as he was the only one with Magic Rock King Talent in the Baukis Empire.

"I like it.

I kind of miss it."

I felt nostalgic for such a situation as memories of my previous life came back to me.

"Oh Allen, the Holy Knight,  was also a Golem User! Woah! Why"

"No, it's nothing.

The food is here, so let's eat."

Cecile, sitting next to me, was about to say something unnecessary, so I covered her mouth.

In my previous life, I had worked to develop my character by hunting in what could basically be called an efficient, frantic way of hunting, but that was not the only way I played the game.

For example, I also played with Mage-only parties that went out to the hunting grounds, where everyone shoots magic and defeats the enemy while only having paper armor.

It was a so-called Solo-play.

Admiral Galara's party, composed entirely of Golem Users, was surely a combination of offensive and defensive members, so it couldn't be just called a Solo-party.

"No, it's nothing.

I just thought they were trying to conquer the dungeon with only Golem Users.

So, by the way, how do you challenge the dungeon, Mr.


"Ummm...we are just here to Level up and get good equipment, not to conquer.

You are aiming to conquer, right, Allen"

"We came with that intention.

Then you can stay with us at the base, but we will go separated in the dungeon."

"Yeah, yeah, I guess we will."

I was not going to kick out Helmios' party who had already moved to our base.

Since the building was large enough to house 30 people, I was planning to make them pay the rent as well.

Naturally, their servants were also included in that number.

My friends and I were having trouble managing the base anyway.

We wanted to concentrate on the dungeon, so there was no one to manage the base.

Just thinking about being cooped up in the dungeon for days on end, and then returning to do the housework was making me tired.

(Well, as long as we don't talk about my summon's abilities or my previous life, that's fine.

But still, you don't want to conquer the dungeon Seems like a pretty good party to me.)

"I thought you were here primarily for conquering the dungeon considering your composition."

"No, no, this dungeon is tough even for our party.

Oh, I forgot.

Let me introduce you guys."

Then, as if remembering, Helmios introduced the names of his companions and their Talents.

Helmios' party consisted of 10 people, and apparently everyone but Helmios had 3 stars Talent.

"Sacred" party was led by Helmios the Hero King.

Hero King Helmios

Master Swordsman Sylvia and Doberg

1 Holy Knight

2 Saints

2 Grand Mages

1 Master Archer

1 Phantom Thief

(All of them are women except Mr.


Was there a man among the servants But still, there is only 1 Holy Knight.

I didn't realize that "there is only 1 Holy Knight" is a common perception in this world as well.)

Our party "Abandoned Gamers" also introduced ourselves one by one.

All parties only had 1 Holy Knight, who could Tank and also use Support Magic, and they having more than one in the party didn't have any advantage because their Support magic overlapped and they were slightly worse than full on Tanks in terms of defense.

I remembered that there were restrictions when forming a party to go hunting together, like "how many people of this class" in my previous life.

In the online game I played in my previous life, there could only be 1 Holy Knight in a party.

"Sword King Is it true that you can change your Talent"

"Yes, it is."

While I was deep in my memory, my party also introduced themselves, and finally Doberg responded about Kurena's Talent.


Helmios tried to control him, but Doberg stood up.

"Spirit God Rosen."

"Hmm What is it"

"I would like to change my Talent too.

That's why I'm here."

Doberg bowed his head deeply and pleaded with Rosen, who was chewing on his Hukaman.


Rosen put his hand on his chin and began to think.

(If you hear that you can become stronger by changing Talents, who wouldn't want to change Talents)

I wonder if Doberg accompanied Helmios just so he could change his Talent.

"I was told that if I could pay the price, you can change my Talent."

"Hm, Doberg.

I wonder what you will pay me.


"I am fine if I only get to live for 1 more year.

I will give you all the rest.

Would that not be a price"

Doberg kept his head down and continued to plead with Rosen, who was sitting cross-legged on the table.


"Hey, Allen.

You don't have to stop him!"

Everyone was upset except for me and Helmios.

Cecile told me to stop.

Master Swordsman Doberg said that if he could change his Talent, he didn't need to live for more than 1 year.

That's how much power Doberg seemed to want.

"Master Swordsman Doberg."


"I've heard about your way of life from Creator Elmea.

I have also heard about how you have left everything behind and are fighting against the Demons and the Demon Generals.

Master Elmea is very grateful to you."

"So, then, will you change my Talent"

"I'm not done talking about it, okay"

"I'm sorry."

"I changed Allen's party's Talent on my own initiative.

The Divine Realm is in a bit of a mess because of that.

The Divine Realm values "equality for all".

So please wait a little."



Let's just say that we are in the process of making adjustments in the Divine Realm with regard to the Talent change.

Is that an answer That's what I'm here for too.

It's what I did.


"I understand.

I will be waiting for you."


The conversation between Doberg and Rosen ended there.

Rosen resumed his frantic chewing of the Hukaman, his stomach growling.

Doberg also began drinking without saying a word.

His eyes were closed and his shoulders were shaking.

He seemed to have gone somewhere in his own world.

Perhaps he felt something strong about changing his Talent and gaining more power.

(I see, so that was the reason why Spirit God Rosen followed Sophie.

Still, Merle drinks a little too much.)

I knew that though Rosen didn't tell me, he had his own reasons for being there.

I shifted my gaze to Merle, who had forgotten herself and was drinking.

Just as I was about to warn not to drink too much, the door of the bar opened vigorously.


"Yes, Master Zew.

This way please."

A lion beastman, over two meters tall, entered the store with great vigor, accompanied by some beastmen.


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