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We met up with Merle, and decided to leave the Imperial Capital early and head for the Temple of Janpani.

We had refused audience with two Emperors, as Sophie had softly declined the invitation of the Bakius Emperor via Foreign Minister Nukakai.

As for me, if there was a King or Emperor that we needed to meet, I would meet them otherwise I wouldn't.

Just because the Emperor called us didn't mean that we could meet him right away after all.

It also took ten days for Sophie to have an audience with the King of Latash.

I had heard that people needed to wait for a month before they could have an audience with the Emperors of large countries.

Being allowed to meet the Queen of the Elves whenever I wanted to was actually her showing me great favor.

My friends and I rode B-rank Birds to the Temple of Janpani, northeast of the Imperial Capital of the Bakius Empire.

I also gave a cursory explanation of my summons to Foreign Minister Nukakai.

In the future, I planned to use my summons to move around and conquer dungeons in the Bakius Empire.

It seemed that Foreign Minister Nukakai had little information about me and my summons, but he only had heard little things.

However, I was told to refrain from sending out summons in the city, but otherwise it was fine.

I was somewhat surprised, as he was not as surprised as Rosenheim had been.

I didn't show him my summons on the spot, but I wondered if the lack of reaction had something to do with the Golems of the Bakius Empire.

He probably thought that my summons weren't stronger than their Golems so he didn't necessarily care.

Perhaps it was the comfort of a country that prided itself on being the strongest in the world.

Normally, Cecile and I rode together, but I was with Merle that day.

"Then you're a Noble."

"Yeah, I tried!"

Merle, who looked like a girl but refers to herself in the first person as "I,"(Boku) talked about what happened after she left us with a big smile on her face.

(TLN: Boku is a pronoun used by boys.)

When she was at the Academy, Merle was somewhat unsure of herself, but now she was full of energy, probably because she was able to play such an active role in the war.

Merle was able to become an honorary Baron after the war.

She was the same as Kurena.

Apparently, it was customary to make honorary Nobles out of those with Talents equivalent to 3 stars, such as Master Swordsman and Saint.

Normally, one would become a Noble after they graduate from the Academy, but since there was a large-scale war, Kurena and Merle became Nobles because of war merits.

I felt that it was also a measure to prevent countries from losing Talented people from their own countries.

(Merle's 3-star Talent is a fact, but she sold the [Mana Seed]s to the Empire in the middle of the war, so her skills aren't quite up to par.

She's already at Level 60, though.)

Merle did not receive any Skill Experience when she was going around the dungeons during her time at the Academy.

It was because Merle could only learn skills using Golems.

She served in the war against the Demon King's army as a Golem Soldier, so she was able to earn Skill Experience, but she hadn't reached their Level cap.

I thought it was because she had given the [Mana Seed]s to the Bakius Empire, as if she used them all for herself, she would have probably reached the Skill Level cap.

[Name] Merle

[Age] 14

[Talent] Magic Rock General

[Level] 60

[Power] 1677 900

[Mana] 2420 900

[Attack] 782 900

[Endurance] 1318 900

[Agility] 782

[Intelligence] 2420

[Luck] 1503

[Skill] Magic Rock General , Rocket Arm , Piercing Fist , Light-flux Sword , Alloy , Spearmanship

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