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In front of my friends and me was a White Dragon's corpse with its head cut off.

"We did it."

(I think it said something meaningful at the end.)

"Ah, well, from here.

Everyone help me."

In response to Cecile's words, I instructed my friends on our future action.


I gave everyone a large leather bag that I had bought in Royal Capital.

It was to collect the blood flowing from the part of the neck where the head was parted.

(I heard that a Dragon's blood can be used for medicine.

Since we killed them in a clean state, we'll use every bit of it.)

I was careful of how we were defeating the White Dragon that time to it as unharmed as possible.

Cecile's [Small Meteorite], B-rank Dragon's [Fires of Wrath], and B-rank Stone's [Reflection] and [Internal Reflection] were quite effective in defeating magical beasts, but they also greatly disfigured them, so I did not use them.

It was a little tricky, but we got a lot out of it.

We collected the blood that flowed vigorously from its neck.

I then poured the blood of the White Dragon in the leather bag into my .

Quite a bit of it drifted to the ground, but we were able to recover enough thanks to our quick response.

"So you're taking this back to the city.

Is that okay"

The White Dragon was as large as the Commander B-rank Dragon.

However, he is a heavy weight and heavier than B-rank Dragon.

I wanted to carry it back to the city.

"It's probably okay.

Dora-Dora, come out."


I summoned 4 B-rank Dragons and instructed them to grab the corpse and carry it.

Due to the presence of the Commander B-rank Dragon, those 4 B-rank Dragons also increased in size by 1.5 times after [Militarization].  The corpse of the White Dragon slowly began to float in the air.

"This is amazing.

How can you fly such a big thing"

Kiel was also surprised.

(There are some other factors besides the normal physical weight and size of the wings that allow summons and magical beasts to fly, after all.)

For me, who had memories of my previous life, the flapping of the wings of the 4 B-rank Dragons was not enough to carry a White Dragon's corpse that weighed several tens of tons.

I started suspecting so when I saw that the B-rank Bird with Dogora on it, fully equipped with a large axe and shield nimbly moving through the sky.

"Kiel, don't be impressed, you're gonna wear this."

I took out "Luxurious Clothes (for men)" from my  that we had gotten from the treasure chest in the A-class dungeon.

"What Why would I wear that"

"What Because you're the new Lord."

Then I forced him to wear that.

Though Kiel resisted, with everyone else joined in to force him, he wore it.

"Oh, you guys are having fun.


"That's not true.

You are a Baron.

And you look good.

Now let's go to Carnel City!"

Kiel didn't appreciate my heartfelt compliment of "You look good." as he frowned.

Letting the Commander B-rank Dragon carry the decapitated head, we headed straight for Carnel City.

It took us many hours to reach the skies above Carnel City, partly due to the heavy luggage we were carrying.

There seemed to be quite a commotion, as the huge White Dragon's corpse was being carried by several huge B-rank Dragons.

"What are we going to do The Knights and soldiers are coming out."

"Well, I guess a little commotion is inevitable.

The White Dragon looks alive."

We were already near enough that the people on the ground could see the White Dragon from inside Carnel City, which was surrounded by an outer wall.

I could see the people of the city making a lot of noise pointing at us who were staying above, and I could see the Knights and soldiers moving around the city and on the outer walls.

But we were still far enough that the people couldn't see that the White Dragon was missing its head.

For the people, it looked like multiple Dragons attacking Carnel City.

"I have already informed Count Hamilton of the schedule for defeating the White Dragon, so I don't think there will be any problems."

Since the audience, I'd met with the Count Hamilton and Viscount Granvelle.

That meeting also included General Lucidral and Elder Philamer, who had come from Rosenheim, and various discussions took place.

There, we also talked about what my friends and I would do in the future.

The first thing I told them was that we would defeat the White Dragon.

I also told them what I was going to do afterwards.

Count Hamilton told me, "Then we will deal with it quickly."

"Oh, Count Hamilton is here in person."

"Yeah, that's what I call a General."

The cavalry arrived as we waited in the air in front of the gates of Carnel City.

At the head of the cavalry was Count Hamilton.

I instructed B-rank Birds to go to Count Hamilton.


I didn't think you would actually defeat it."

Count Hamilton spoke to me as I arrived in front of him.

"Yes, it was difficult to defeat without damaging it as much as possible.

This should be enough to fund our future activities in the territory."

"Oh, I see."

Count Hamilton stared at the almost intact body of the White Dragon and the severed head.

But why did I do that when I had easier options available

I knew that there would be one problem when Kiel regained his Lordship.

That was, there would be no money in the territory.

Several years had passed since the White Dragon moved to the Carnell territory.

It meant that the number of years since the day the Mithril mines were closed.

The Carnell territory, which had prospered for more than a century, was rapidly depleting as Mithril could no longer be extracted from there.

Although there were no people starving to death, there were many miners and other local residents who had lost their jobs.

The city thrived on Mithril, so the economy depended on it.

Part of that economy moved towards the Granvelle territory as Mithril mines were available there, but that was only part of the reason.

After the defeat of the White Dragon, the Carnell territory would resume the mining of Mithril mines, but it couldn't be done in just one or two days.

I had E-rank Bird check out some of the mining sites that had been destroyed by the White Dragon.

Kiel would need money to restart the business, so I wanted to use the body of the White Dragon to fund it.

"We're right on schedule, but wasn't that fast"

"Of course.

I've already notified Carnel City that the new Lord will be taking office today.

You can now enter the city."

(As usual, he doesn't look like Rifol at all.

Does Rifol look like his mother)

Count Hamilton had a mustache and a macho body that could be seen even with his clothes on.

A Knight under Count Hamilton's command told us the plan.

The White Dragon corpse was to be dismantled from the neck down right there in front of the gate.

From the neck up, we would go into the city together and show it to the people of Carnel City.

It was to let the people of the city know that the White Dragon had been defeated.

My friends and I were also supposed to go into the city with Kiel.

The Knights were hurriedly preparing for the event.

They seemed to have already prepared a cart for us to put the White Dragon's head on.

(You're being very cooperative.

Did the 1,000 [Blessing of Heaven]s work No, this isn't the first time you've been cooperative.)

I had given Count Hamilton ten times the amount of [Blessing of Heaven] that I gave the King to use for politics within the castle.

That was to ensure that my friends and I could move freely.

It seems that we, along with the Count, where to parade through the city as Heroes who defeated the White Dragon that had tormented the Carnell and Granvelle territories for many years.

I told him, "Just Kiel." but he smiled and grabbed me tightly by the shoulders saying, "Well, well." and prepared a horse for us to ride.

I instructed my summons to slowly place the body of the White Dragon corpse on the ground, and the head on a large cart.

I had thought that the cart was big enough, but the White Dragon's head was too big and sticking out.

"So Kiel will be alongside Count Hamilton, and Dogora will be behind him."

"Oh, hey, why am I in the lead Allen's the leader."

"No, Dogora is a Knight of Count Hamilton.

This is also his job as a Knight."

"Oh, I see."

"Dogora, nice."

I rounded on Dogora nicely, while Kurena looked enviously at Dogora doing his Knightly duty.

"Oh, please give us some White Dragon meat for us, the families in the development village, and for the Granvelle Family."

"Hmm Of course.

No, is that what you want for your share"

The Count promised to give us enough White Dragon meat.

The White Dragon's defeat didn't result in just its corpse as loot.

Its defeat allowed for the Mithril mines to operate, which generated enormous profits.

But I only wanted some meat as a reward for that.

"Of course.

Please use the rest for the development of Carnell territory."

"I see, just as Lord Granvelle told me.

You have no greed."

Count Hamilton looked troubled.

He knew that there was nothing more frightening than a Hero who doesn't need position, honor, or money.

As it was, the triumphant return to Carnel City took place promptly.


Remember the last time we entered this city"

"Are you talking about the past I don't want to remember that time, okay"

I wanted to talk to Cecile about when she was kidnapped years ago, but Cecile didn't want to talk about it.

Cecile glared at me, wondering whose fault it was that she fell off a flying Magic Ship.

As we entered the city, the soldiers were struggling to keep the crowded people from interfering with our progress.

I looked at Kiel, thinking it was tough.

"Oh, is that the new Lord at the front"

"Is that so He is just a kid."

"Fool, you're talking too loud.

Look at the White Dragon's head behind him.

A Hero has come to us as our new Lord."

(Not many people can say that about Kiel's father, can they Well, it's not like he was a reigning tyrant.)

I wondered if Kiel's father, Viscount Carnell, wasn't that notorious.

Thus, the new Lord Kiel, dressed in luxurious clothes, returned to Carnel City as a Hero, carrying the head of the White Dragon.


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