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In the Royal Capital, several parties and other social events were held to celebrate the diplomatic relations with Rosenheim.

I decided not to attend, partly because I had to pressure the King to fulfill his promise to Kiel, and partly because I had no interest in such an event.

However, Viscount Granvelle told me that there were some Nobles, such as Count Hamilton, who had helped me with the case of the Demon King's army, so he wanted me to show up even if it was just for one day.

So I had no choice but to attend a glittering event at the Royal Castle for one day.

At that time, I wore the Luxury clothes (for men) and the Luxury Clothes (for women) which had limited uses and I was wondering whether to sell them.

The A-class dungeons yielded useful weapons and items, but the treasure chests also yielded precious metals and other ornaments, as well as armor like this one that a high class Noble would wear.

Those equipment were almost useless in terms of their defensive capabilities, but I thought it was a good idea to keep it in case it could be used for something.

After that, the King formally re-enstated Kiel as a Noble.

The status column of my Grimoire also automatically reflected the fact that Kiel had become a Noble, as his name changed to Kiel-von-Carnell.

The Carnell Family had been made a Viscount Family, and his future achievements were important to restore all of their territory to its original state.

General Lucidral and Elder Philamer were going to stay in the Royal Capital of the Latash Kingdom for some time.

They were each assigned a room in the Royal Castle, but in the future, a sort of consulate for diplomats would be set up in the Noble district of the Capital.

I felt that the Latash Kingdom was moving very fast, perhaps to create a pre-existing fact that diplomatic relations with Rosenheim had been established.

During that time I introduced General Lucidral and Elder Philamer to Viscount Granvelle and Count Hamilton.

They were starting to lay the groundwork for the Nobles in the Royal Castle.

My friends and I decided to leave the Royal Capital and return to the Granvelle territory since Kiel had safely returned to the Nobility.

We traveled by Magic Ship from the Royal Capital to the city of Grandver, and stayed overnight at Viscount Granvelle's mansion.

Cecile met her father, Viscount Granvelle, often since he was at the Academy City, and she was also able to meet her older brother, Thomas, in the Royal Capital.

However, she was still lonely, and she seemed very happy to see her mother after a long time.

"I see."

"You've been making them since last year, haven't you It's so big."


We rode B-rank Birds to the development village my father, Rodan was building.

We started building the development village last year, so it has only been a year.

However, with the help of my summons from the early days of building fences, the village had come a long way.

The village was twice the size of Kurena Village, and was surrounded by a simple fence and moat.

The fence was built by the serfs, but the moat was dug beautifully deep by a C-rank Beast which looked like a Boar and had [Attack] of about 1500.

Thanks to the help of C-rank Beast in removing the tree roots, the fields were ready to be cultivated in the second year.

It was past April then, so it looked like the seed sowing had already started.

The ground was covered with a green carpet of weeds and other things, and the serfs were toiling away.

The residential area was built near the entrance of the village, which seemed to be the same as in the Kurena Village, where carpenters were wielding wooden hammers to build a number of houses.

I had heard that the village started with about 100 people, including both serfs and commoners, just like Kurena Village but they were planning to increase the number of commoners already.

From the number of people coming and going in the residential area, it seemed that the village had already started accepting commoners at the end of winter.

In the midst of all that, there was a house in the middle of a residential area that had already been built.

It was the Village Mayor's house, where my parents, brother and sister lived.

That house's construction started early on.

Thanks to that, the building was several times the size of the house that I lived in in the Kurena Village.

We landed in front of my house, which looked like it could house three families.

The serfs had seen several kinds of my summons since last year, mainly C-rank Beasts, so they were more or less familiar with them, but the commoners who arrived in the spring were surprised to see them.

"Hmm, they were pretty surprised."

I muttered to myself when I saw the situation in the village.

"I told you so."

"Well, I plan to continue riding my summons back to the village.

They will get used to it."

Some serfs were quite surprised, but I had already told my father Rodan that I would ride summons back to the village soon.

"Hey! What is this noi- Allen!"

"I'm home, Father."

The last time I saw him was when I went from being a manservant to a guest of the Granvelle Family.

It had been a long time since I had been back home, and I felt a warmth in my heart.

"Oh, you're back with quite a few people, including Kurena and Dogora."

All of my friends returned with me.

Sophie also said she wanted to say hello to my parents, so we all came over.

Cecile and Kiel are there, too.

We were planning to spend a night at my home.

My friends looked at him in surprise as Rodan made a surprised face.

"It's kind of refreshing, isn't it I guess Master Allen had a father too."

"What does that mean"

"I understand what you are saying."

Formar leaked his impressions when he saw me interacting with my family as if it were normal.

Maybe it was a rare moment when I, who had so many unorthodox powers and taken as many unorthodox actions, looked human.

We were on the ground, so I went up a few flights of stairs and opened the entrance door.

"Brother Allen."

"Oh! You're all grown up, Mash."


"Big brother Allen, me!"

"Muras, too."

"Yeah, I'm big!"

My siblings, Mash and Muras, hugged me, and I embraced them with both hands.

As the three of us were squirming, my mother, Theresia, came to the door.

"Oh my God, you're home suddenly.

What should I do We need to buy some food."

"Hmm Yeah, I guess."

I had re-called my summons that I had placed in the development village during the war in Rosenheim.

I had to do so because the number of reserve troops of the Demon King's army was so large that I could not afford to use my summon slots for the village.

Therefore, I could not tell them in advance that we were coming at that time because there were no summons in the village.

Knowing that there were many guests, Theresia told Rodan to go shopping.

I then showed them the contents of the bag I carried on my shoulder.

The bag contained meat, vegetables, and other foodstuffs that I couldn't fit in my  that I had bought in the Royal Capital.

And Kurena had a large barrel that she bought in Royal Capital.

Inside it was fruit wine that Rodan and Gerda liked.

"No, there's no need for that since I bought the ingredients in Royal Capital.

Have Dogora's parents already arrived at the village"

"Really You brought some Of course I am not talking about alcohol!"

More than the food, Rodan reacted to the large barrel that Kurena was holding.

"Huh What's that You don't have to meet my Dad."

(What are you talking about You asked me to say hello to your father when you fought the Demon General.

Don't be shy.

Don't be shy.)

Dogora's parents were planning to move to the development village that year to open a weapon shop, so I asked Rodan to confirm if they had already done so

"Leave your weapons over there.

The floor's going to fall out if you're carrying that thing."

The floor of the Village Mayor's house, which was quite sturdy, creaked as Dogora held his two-handed axe and two-handed shield.

My friends and I left our belongings in a room that was not in use.

Some time later, dinner was served.

My family, Kurena's Family and Dogora's Family, plus my friends were present for the dinner, so we had quite a few people.

It would have never been possible in my old house, but in that big Village Mayor's house, it was possible.

There was also a cafeteria that was large enough, so there was no problem at all.

Rodan, the Village Mayor, greeted us before dinner.

"What's your name"

Muras was talking to a small squirrel that was biting into a loaf of bread he was holding in his hands.

"My name is Rosen.


"Wow, he talked.

Is this one of brother's"


Muras picked up the Spirit God Rosen with the loaf of bread, and placed him on her lap, and began nuzzling his head.

Formar gasped at the sight of it.

"No, not mine.

He is Sophie's, right there."

To Muras, any animal that did what she said was something of mine.

She thought it was something of mine because the Spirit God spoke to her.

"That's not quite right either."

I said something that Sophie couldn't agree or deny, so Cecile denies it to her.

"Oh, I feel like I have seen you somewhere before."

Rodan seemed to have noticed Cecile.

She was a girl with light purple hair that he had seen before many years ago, with winsome, slightly angular crimson eyes.

In fact, I hadn't introduced my friends to everyone yet.

My friends and I stayed in a room until dinner was made, playing with my and Kurena's younger siblings.

Once dinner started, there was no opportunity for introductions as Dogora shyly reunited with his parents.

"Oh yeah, I haven't had a chance to introduce you to my friends yet.

Her name is Cecile."

"Huh I feel like I have met her before..."

They had definitely met before but Rodan couldn't immediately recall where.

"I think we met when I first came to the Kurena Village, Mr.


Cecile greeted him as she sat down.

"Oh my goodness, you brought home such a lovely girl.

Allen, what happened"

Theresia seemed to have misunderstood something when she saw Cecile.

"Hmm Cecile is the young lady of the Granvelle Family.

Though she doesn't look like a lady."

"Huh What does that mean"



Rodan and the others' surprised voices echoed in the cafeteria as Cecile grabbed Allen's head.


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