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The King seemed unable to respond to the Spirit God's words of thanks.

He gulped and stared at the Spirit God who landed on Sophie's shoulder again.

"Of course, I didn't come here empty-handed.

I have brought a gift for you, and I hope you will receive it."

Elder Philamer added to change the subject and proceed with the audience.

"Oh, a thank-you gift."

The Prime Minister was not able to speak very well due to how fast things were unfolding, but he proceeded with the situation.

The Kingdom had already been informed in advance that Rosenheim would give them a gift of thanks at the audience.

With Elder Philamer's words as a signal, the elves standing in line behind me slowly walked forward.

Each of the ten elves were holding a box in each of their hands.

They gave the wooden box to the official that showed us the way before and presented it to the Prime Minister.

"This is the famous treasure of Rosenheim, Elven Elixir which helped us repel the millions of magical beasts that attacked."

Each box contained 10 Elven Elixirs, making a total of 100.

"What is an Elven Elixir"

"Don't you know The military says it's a miracle cure-all."

"Don't say that.

Whether it's true or not is a story that will come to light."

The Nobles participating in the audience ceremony were mouthing off as they looked at Philamer's words and the wooden box being offered.

As it was only a short time after the declaration of the end of the war, both the Giamut Empire and Rosenheim announced the number of magical beasts that had attacked and casualties they suffered, but the Nobles seemed to be skeptical.

However, the fact that not only the heavyweights of Rosenheim but even the Spirit God had come, and the way they had handled the situation up to that point, made it all the more true.

"It's a very valuable item.

I thank you on behalf of the King."

The Prime Minister thanked us on behalf of the King.

"Actually, we would like to ask for another favor from the Latash Kingdom."

Philamer, who came as a representative of Rosenheim after thanking them, told the Prime Minister the reason why he came to the Latash Kingdom for the first time.



I will ask the favor later, but before that, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Rosenheim has decided on something in response to this war.

This is because it concerns the Latash Kingdom as well."

"Oh, I see.

What kind of announcement is it"

Then Philamer looked at Sophie.

Sophie nodded and agreed.

Philamer accepted a rolled up piece of parchment from the elf behind him, then ostentatiously unfolded it.

"Then I announce, 'In response to this war, and in recognition of his achievements, and in order to ask for his assistance in the future, Rosenheim welcomes Master Allen from the Latash Kingdom as Rosenheim's 'Chief of Staff'."

Philamer read it out and then fell silent.

The King and the Prime Minister both asked, "What is this 'Chief of Staff'" The King and the Prime Minister both had questions, and the Nobles also began to wonder if there was such a thing as a Chief of Staff in Rosenheim.

"Lord Philamer, what is the position of the Chief of Staff in Rosenheim"

"As the Chief of Staff is a military position, I would like to explain it."

General Lucidral gave his name and began to explain about the Chief of Staff.

Chief of Staff is the second position after Marshal in the military, a military position that existed in the past but had no one holding it.

He/she mainly advises the General on strategy and tactics, and gives operational instructions to the Generals.

"What Second to the Marshal That's ridiculous, such an important position.

And you are saying that he is above the Generals If so, then won't he be able to move the entire army on his own!"

After hearing everything from General Lucidral, the Prime Minister was so astonished that he couldn't help but exclaim.

"Lord Allen will be higher ranked than even the Great Generals.

Of course, he will be able to move the entire army of Rosenheim."

General Lucidral said that my position would be superior to that of even Great Generals, of which there are only a few in Rosenheim.

The Nobles began to buzz as they looked at me, as I had become the number two in the military of Rosenheim, a super power.

"We feel that it is only natural, considering what Lord Allen has accomplished.

From now on, we will be talking of rewarding Lord Allen in the Latash Kingdom, but since titles are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, I'm sorry to say that we've decided to go ahead and already granted him with it."


(Yeah, that's right.

First-come, first serve.)

I recalled what Viscount Granvelle had once told me about how to become a Noble.

That was when I was looking for a way to get Kiel back into the Nobility.

The way to become a Noble was quite simple.

If the King approved, anyone could become a Noble.

The hurdles to becoming a Noble differed from country to country, and there were some rules of etiquette, but the King's approval didn't change, he said.

And there was one more important thing.

Basically, one person could only be a Noble in one country.

It meant that one person couldn't be a Noble in more than one country at the same time.

The reason for that was because there was a belief that Nobles were those who served the Royal Family and the country.

In addition, Rosenheim had no Nobility other than the Queen and other Royals, like the Latash Kingdom.

Originally, there was the idea that elves were equal under the Spirits.

Because of that, even the Queen of the Elves didn't have a Family name.

However, other countries considered that Rosenheim's Generals, Elders, and other executives were Nobles.

The Queen had asked me what I would like as my thanks.

I replied saying that I wanted to have a position equivalent to a Noble in the Latash Kingdom, even if it was the lowest.

The Queen's eyes lit up at my words, and she suggested giving me the military position of Chief of Staff to the Council.

After the Queen's suggestion, the decision was quickly made by unanimous vote of the Elder Council.

(Now I can't be made a Noble in the Kingdom in the future, and I won't have to go to war because of someone's orders.)

It basically meant that the Latash Kingdom wouldn't be able to send me, a person with an important position in another country in the future, to the battlefield with a single order.

I had told the Elven Queen that I would help her when she needed it, but I would basically do nothing.

All I asked for was a free hand.

That alone was worth the trip to Rosenheim.

I hadn't received an official document when I was in the audience as they were being made, but I wanted to make the announcement nonetheless.

"And about the favor..."

"Well, we will try our best."

After announcing that I was the Chief of Staff of Rosenheim's military, Philamer brought up the favor.

"Right now, the Latash Kingdom and Rosenheim do not have proper diplomatic relations.

We want to establish diplomatic relations between our countries."

"Oh my God! That would be great!"

At these words, the Prime Minister, who had been anxiously wondering what Philamer was going to ask, shouted with joy in a voice that spread throughout the audience room.

The King was still sitting on his throne, but he was half sitting up and leaning forward.

The Prime Minister was pleased that the benefits of diplomatic relations would be great, such as elven troops in the Central Continent and Elven Elixirs like we just gave.

But they wouldn't just profit.

Only the Giamut Empire had diplomatic relations with the Latash Kingdom among the leaders of the Five Continents Alliance.

Although they had not severed diplomatic relations with the other four Continents, there was only one country that had diplomats in each their Royal and Imperial Capitals and had diplomatic relations with them, the Giamut Empire.

Because of that, even before the existence of the Demon King's army, the Giamut Empire had been forcing the Latash Kingdom to do some difficult tasks.

I had always thought it was unavoidable because the Latash Kingdom didn't have the country's power to refuse them.

But, three of Rosenheim's heavyweights had asked the Latash Kingdom to establish diplomatic relations with them.

So, the Latash Kingdom would have the backing of Rosenheim.

When They sent me and my party to save Rosenheim in its time of need and got repaid with valuable Elven Elixirs.

So Rosenheim might send them help in their time of need.

That was the thought process of the Prime Minister and the King.

That would change the nature of the Latash Kingdom as a country.

That was what the Rosenheim side suggested.

(You seem pleased, but now Rosenheim will be able to put pressure on the Latash Kingdom in the future.)

The Latash Kingdom had a new King, and I had many concerns regarding him.

But that didn't mean I was not interested in internal politics, or overthrowing the King for that matter.

Diplomatic relations would give Rosenheim an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of the Latash Kingdom.

The other would be complete favor though.


What is it"

The Prime Minister was preoccupied with diplomacy, and Elder Philamer was speaking with him.

"This war is over, but we still need your help."

"You want us to help you What do you mean by that"

The Prime Minister's questioning voice echoed again in the audience hall.


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