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The Talent above Master Swordsman was the Sword King.

Kurena also had half of her status transferred.


Kurena was gripping her hands, checking her own power.

"Your status has suddenly changed, so you have to be careful.

Now let's move on to Dogora.

You will be a Barbarian."


In my mind, someone using an axe fit the image of a Barbarian, so the Talent Barbarian was quite fitting.

"A Barbarian.

Not bad."

Dogora couldn't seem to stop grinning either.

The word "Barbarian" must have some kind of magical power to tickle a boy's heart.

Dogora also glowed following Spirit God Rosen's hip-shaking.

[Name] Dogora

[Age] 14

[Talent] Barbarian

[Level] 1

[Strength] 661

[Mana] 358

[Attack] 871 1000

[Endurance] 573

[Agility] 362 1000

[Intelligence] 241

[Luck] 392

Skills: Barbarian , Full-Body , Axemanship

[Extra Skill] Body and Soul

[Experience] 0/10

Skill Level

[Barbarian] 1

[Full-Body] 1

Skill Experience

[Full-Body] 0/10

He was equipped with Rings that increased his [Attack] and [Agility] by 1000.

I recorded Dogora's Level 1 status in my Grimoire as well.

Dogora had a 1-star Talent so he could still change his Talent two more times.

"I guess Cecile is next.

You have two choices, Cecile.

A Sage or a Grand Mage."

(Oh! The Talent has split off from Mage.

It's like the Tree of Talents is branching out.)

"What I can choose Yes.


Which one do you think is better"

Cecile started to worry.

"If you don't mind me choosing, I'd go with the Grand Mage.

Sages are better at Recovery Magic and Support Magic than Grand Mages, but we already have Sophie, Kiel and me for that.

So, I think you should go with Grand Mage."

I wanted Cecile to become a Grand Mage.

Sages could use Recovery Magic, Attack Magic, and Support Magic.

But the Grand Mages only focused on Attack Magic.

Since we already had enough people who could do what a Sage could, I wanted Cecile to specialize in Attack Magic.

(Well, there are only four types of magic to learn in Normal Mode.

Unless Extra Mode allows for more types.)

"Yeah If Allen wants me to be a Grand Mage, that's fine with me."

Cecile chose to become a Grand Mage, which she had originally planned to be.

"You will be a Grand Mage.


Saying that, the Spirit God Rosen changed Cecile's Talent to Grand Mage.

[Name] Cecile Granvelle

[Age] 14

[Talent] Grand Mage

[Level] 1

[Strength] 514

[Mana] 868 2000

[Attack] 330

[Endurance] 421

[Agility] 510

[Intelligence] 1195

[Luck] 480

Skills: Grand Magic , Fire Magic , Kumite

[Extra Skill] Small Meteorite

[Experience] 0/10

Skill Level

[Grand Magic] 1

[Fire Magic] 1

Skill Experience

[Fire Magic] 0/10

She was equipped with two Rings that increased her [Mana] by 1000 each.


Cecile's [Strength] and [Endurance] are low, so it would be helpful if they could be raised by changing Talents.)

I found out that a new Talent came with a strong new game specification.

So, I wanted to check if one could erase their weakness by changing Talent by comparing the status in my Grimoire and analyzing it.

"I became a Grand Mage Let me see.

I am a Grand Mage! I did it! Ahh..."

Cecile peeked into my Grimoire to see if she had become a Grand Mage.

(She must be happy to be the Grand Mage she had dreamed of being.)

My friends were cackling and checking their new Talents in my Grimoire, but of course only they could see my Grimoire.

The Queen and the Generals were looking at each other, wondering what they were doing.

"You're next, Kiel.

You also have two choices.

You can be a Bishop or a Warrior Priest.

"I have two too Hmmm."

(I see, a Warrior Priest who can also attack, or a Bishop who specializes in Recovery Magic)

"Since Kiel is a money-grubber, wouldn't he prefer a Bishop"

I was convinced by Cecile's words.

It was common knowledge to us that Kiel loved money.

"Huh Cecile, what do you mean!"

"I meant exactly what I said."

"Well, yes.

Kiel would benefit from a Talent that specializes in Recovery Magic."

I wanted Kiel to become a Bishop who specializes in Recovery Magic, just as I had wanted Cecile to be a Grand Mage instead of a Sage.

(Warrior Priest is easier to use than a specialized Talent, but they won't be very useful while fighting against Demons.)

Demon Generals were very strong, and thanks to the help of Helmios and the Spirit God Rosen, as well as Dogora, who was able to use his Extra Skill at the last moment, and Kurena, who was able to use her skills while her Extra Skill was active, we miraculously won.

We had won thanks to a series of miracles, but there was no guarantee of similar miracles happening in the future.

Miracles were important, but I believed that in order to improve our odds, one party had to have a specialized member for each task.

"I see.

I'll be a Bishop then."

"You will be a Bishop, Kiel.


Spirit God changed Kiel's Talent to Bishop.

[Name] Kiel

[Age] 14

[Talent] Bishop

[Level] 1

[Strength] 394 1000

[Mana] 750

[Attack] 299

[Endurance] 421

[Agility] 480

[Intelligence] 661 1000

[Luck] 602

Skills: Bishop , Recovery Magic , Swordsmanship

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