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"In Rosenheim, the battle against an army of 5 million Demon King's troops will begin in the next three or four days.

I will leave some Elven Elixirs here, so please use to gain an advantage first."

I knew well enough from fighting with the elves that the [Leaf of Life]s alone were insufficient in the fight against the Demon King's army.

Without mana, the speed at which the magical beasts were defeated would be reduced and the soldiers would be unnecessarily attacked.

"What's this"

"The Elven Elixir I used to use on the soldiers while hiding."

Ellie hid herself behind the outer walls of the fortress and handed over the bag of [Blessing of Heaven]s that she had used in secret and had less than 100 left.

Then, I explained their effect.

(Hmm, the Empire doesn't have a recovery potion of the same caliber)

I was satisfied with  Level 7, which was beyond normal as with it I could produce [Blessing of Heaven]s.

The Master Swordsman Sylvia looked at the [Blessing of Heaven]s in disbelief.

"I see, Allen, with this power of yours, you have rebuilt Rosenheim."

Helmios, the Hero, was convinced that I was able to restore the war situation in Rosenheim.

"No, Master Allen says this is a secret elixir passed down in Rosenheim."

With impunity, Ellie lied.

"No, no, no.

Why would you lie about that If you tell everyone, they'll be very grateful.

Maybe the Emperor will give you a Noble title.

You maybe made a Duke."

Helmios had fought against me in the Academy City.

He had seen the effect of the [Blessing of Earth] that I had used at that time right in front of his eyes.

I had easily regenerated both of my lost arms.

(That's right.

The wise Emperor made the Hero a Duke in a flash, and I heard that he spared no expense in rewarding soldiers who were active in battle.)

Helmios said that it would be more profitable to make it public.

Sylvia nodded beside him saying, "Yes, I agree."

The Emperor of the Giamut Empire didn't spare any rewards for those who are active in the war against the Demon King's army.

Doberg, a Master Swordsman of the Latash Kingdom who had been active in the war for many years, had been given a special Magic Ship even though he was not a Master Swordsman of the Empire.

"Is it a lie or not, you can check with the Queen of Rosenheim."

Ellie smiled and assures hi,.

"I see.

I've been to Rosenheim before, and there was no mention of such elixir.

So what do you want"

"I'm not convinced", Helmios said, nodding his head.

(Well, whatever you think, it won't change the Queen's answer.)

Helmios asked why I had called him.

"There are two reasons.

The first is that Rosenheim is going to be in a fierce battle, so we cannot help you anymore.

We are going back." {TLN: Ellie is saying 'we' as in Allen's summons.)

My summons had been on the front lines in the northern part of the Central Continent during the siege of Tiamo and even during our attack on Fortress LaPolca, but I was calling them back.

"I see, so you are giving us this medicine and saying to work it out ourselves"

"No, I will be delivering 1,000 of the same Elven Elixir that I just gave you here this evening.

Master Allen says that you should use them and do your best."


Sylvia was surprised to receive another 1000 of these near miraculous medicines.

That's all she needed to understand how much the war situation would change.

Four days ago, when we had conquered Fortress LaPolca, I had decided that I had enough [Blessing of Heaven]s in stock, and had flown one of my B-rank Bird summon to the northern part of the Central Continent that day.

I also used its awakening skill [Soar] to the fullest, letting new [Blessing of Heaven]s come to the Central Continent before they ran out.

"Master Allen says that even if you use 10 of them a day in a fortress with 10 fortresses, they will last for at least 10 days."

"No, thank you so much.

They'll definitely last ten days."

"In 10 days, if Rosenheim has not been destroyed, I will bring you another 1,000 and I want you to use them sparingly.

And, I'm asking you, a Duke, to tell the Emperor that Her Majesty says this is a thank you for his support of Rosenheim."

(And while we're at it, let's make it a thank you from the Queen.)

I told that the Queen had sent [Blessing of Heaven]s in her name.

Ostensibly, the fact remained that it was passed from one position to another.

This meant that the Empire owed Rosenheim dozens of times more than it had given in support.

"Thank you, I'll let him know when the war is over.

It'll annoy the Emperor."

Helmios seemed to have heard that the Empire was supporting Rosenheim with an agenda.

"Thank you.

May I ask another question"

"Of course.

Oops, can I let Sylvia take this now Sylvia, I'm sorry, but would you mind going to explain this to the Generals first"

Since that day's battle was soon going to begin, the Hero and the Master Swordsman would be out of the picture if they continued to chat with Ellie.

"No proble."

I had no problem with it so only Sylvia left and went out of the room to distribute the [Blessing of Heaven]s.

When only Ellie and Helmios were remaining in the room the conversation continued.

"Master Allen says he's sorry it's taken so long."

"It's okay.

So what is it"

"We're going to be fighting an army of 5 million Demon King's troops, but it seems that their Demon General named Razel is waiting for us.

He said he would like to hear about countermeasures against the Demon General."

"I see.

The Demon Generals have come out.

Well, I guess so.

With such a large army, they're probably aiming for the fall of Rosenheim."

He said that it was only natural that the Demon Generals would appear since they had brought in a reserve army.


First of all, do you think the Demon Generals will fight with this army of 5 million

If the Demon General was participating, the strategy would need to be changed drastically.

"Probably not.

Demons don't work with armies, you know.

All the Demons I've fought have been far behind the lines."

(Alright, so he will stay out of the way of the 5 million troops.

I don't want him to attack us when we're attacking a fortress like Glaster did the other day.)

"I see.

So, do you have a way to defeat it or a weakness"

This was what I wanted to know from Helmios.

In my previous life, I loved to verify everything myself.

However, I was never the type to verify anything on my own without looking at strategy guides first.

I believed that wasting time when there were verification results was a form of self-indulgence.

I believed that it was important to ensure that I had the necessary information and go into battle with the highest possible efficiency.

"What You're going to fight"

"Of course."

"You're probably going to lose, or even get killed."

Helmios assured me that I would not win.

"What does that mean"

"I meant exactly what I said.

You'll never win.

You fought me a few months ago, but you can't even beat me properly.

The Demon Generals are stronger than me."

The strongest human, the Hero Helmios, declared that the Demon Generals were stronger than him.

"Huh So you've never defeated a Demon General before"

"No, I've defeated 2 in the past.

Well, I've been lucky."

"If so..."

"Still, I lost a lot of people I've been with since Academy in those fights.

I'm saying I don't really recommend it, okay If you don't want your friends to get killed, you shouldn't fight against them."

Helmios advised me with a bitter expression instead of his usual smiling one.

"If they were stronger than you, how did you defeat two Demon Generals"

"Oh, that, my Extra Skill that I used against Allen in the Martial Arts Tournament, are suitable for hunting Demons.

Lord Elmea gave me the power to hunt Demons."

(I see.

You mean that God-Killing Sword technique is useful against Demon Generals)

Now that Helmios said it, it all made sense.

Perhaps Helmios' Extra Skill were outstanding against Demons.

"I understand.

Then, can you tell me more about the characteristics and strength of the Demon Generals"

"Of course."

Thus, in a private room in the northern part of the Central Continent, the conversation between B-rank Spirit Ellie and the Hero Helmios continued until the day's siege began.


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