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The fierce battle continued on the south side of the Fortress LaPolca.

The 5,000 troops ascending from the eastern stairs, with the help of summons, had finally reached the top of the outer wall. 

They aimed to sweep up and take possession of the magical beasts on the outer wall in the form of a pincer movement with the 3,000 soldiers led by the Spirit Mage Gatoruga, who climbed up from the western stairs. 

Taking the outer wall would have allowed us to attack the magical beasts from the highest point in the fortress in a way that they wouldn't be able to defend against. 

The capture of Fortress LaPolca was in its final phase. 

In the meantime, the battle between me and my friends and the Demons continued. 

Glaster, the Demon who ruled the Fortress LaPolca, said to Yagov, also a Demon to open his Extra Gates. 

And Yagov's body shook like a shimmering flame. 

Then, from the wall of the blown up and shattered building, he plunged toward Dogora at once. 

He raised a large fist, closing in on Dogora. 

(The Demons have Extra Skills! , and come out, Mirror.) 

1 B-rank Dragon disappeared in an instant, and a B-rank Stone appeared sandwiched between Dogora and Yagov.

B-rank Stone raised its large, shiny, round, mirror-like shield to meet Yagov's attack. 

Yagov continued to put all his strength into destroying the large shield. 

The large shield was cracked, but the power of the attack was completely killed. 

And with a flash of light, Yagov was blown away. 

(Oh! That's how the Hero bounced back.) 


Glaster shouted at Yagov as he was blown away. 

"[Fires of Wrath], [Nine Consecutive Bites]!" 

However, I was not going to let the opportunity pass me by.

I made my remaining two summons use their awakening skills. 

I had a summon standing by with the assumption that B-rank Stone would blow Yagov away. 

Yagov smashed into a building but wasn't even given a chance to get up before being attacked by both of my summons. 

"You have defeated 1 Demon.

You have acquired 6,400,000 experience points." 

(Hmm, the Demon gave me some experience.

It's 80% due to the division, but it's more like 8,000,000 if soloed.

Anyway, they can use Extra Skills.

But I guess they call it the Extra Gate among the Demons.)

The amount of experience I got after defeating Yagov was more than what I would have gained by defeating a Dragon. 

"Khh! YOU!!!" 

"Well, two more to go." 

Glaster was furious, but I flatly told him that two more were left.

"Who are you You're not an elf, are you" 

(Why is he asking that now) 

"Oh I'm not going to answer that.

You need to worry about your own life before you worry about mine." 


Glaster and I started a conversation, which caused my friends to stop fighting. 

Nephtila also listened carefully to our conversation. 

"I'm not going to let you flee.

You've made a mess of Rosenheim.

You'll pay for it with your death." 

"Nu ..." 

(To be honest, it would have been better if you had run away.

It would have been better for me that way.

Ellie would have been able to follow you and I would also be able to easily gather information on the Demon General Razel.) 

Ellie had been gathering information while making tea near Glaster and the other Demons at the Fortress LaPolca.

I had not yet sent them to the Demon General Razel, who was said to be in the Capital city of Fortenia, and who was in charge of the invasion of Rosenheim. 

If they found out that Ellie appeared in both Fortress LaPolca and Fortenia at similar times, they might have somehow find out that I was conducting espionage. 

Along with the three Demons led by the fleeing Glaster, Ellie was ideally suited to invade Fortenia. 

However, the enraged Glaster arrived with Nephtila and Yagov in tow. 

(Well, it's such a loss.

The responsibility of this loss would be too much for you to bear.

But I have no sympathy for you.) 

"You'll have to deal with this one, Dogora.

His [Attack] is ridiculously high.

If you don't avoid his attacks, you'll die." 

"Yeah, okay.

I'm sorry about earlier." 

Dogora held up his Great Axe and apologized to me for having to be protected from Yagov's attack. 

Thus began the battle after Yagov was killed. 

We surrounded and started attacking Glaster, who was wielding a Greatsword while keeping our distance. 

(I will let everyone deal with Glaster while I take down Nephtila, who's lurking in the background.) 

I had decided that Nephtila would be the next opponent I was going to kill.

Nephtila was the next target, who was healing Glaster while protecting himself from a safe position and using magic to attack. 

Nephtila, too, seemed to have no time to use attack magic as he concentrated on healing Glaster, who was under heavy fire from my friends.

He was desperately using Recovery Magic on Glaster. 

(I will show you what makes me, a Summoner different from other vanguards and rearguards in this world.) 

A vanguard carries a weapon and attacks in close quarters.

A rear guard uses magic to attack from long distance.

This type of fighting style was common. 

I was a Summoner, and according to Hero Helmios, my status type was similar to that of a Great Mage.

I was completely a rear guard. 

"Dora-Dora, Kelorin." 




I summoned them further behind Nephtila, who was hiding behind Glaster. 

Before he could even turn around, Nephtila was hit by a brutal attack. 

(It's easier to attack now that there's only two of them.

I'm sure he also has an Extra Skill.

Let's take him down quickly.)

"Dora-dora, use [Fires of Wrath]." 

I used  on the previous Dora-Dora and Kerolin and re-summoned them. 

A number of buildings caught in the cross-fire were reduced to charcoal. 

The B-rank Beast, similarly re-summoned, awaited at the end of Nephtila's burned body and activated it's awakening skill [Nine Consecutive Bites]. 

Although I was far away from the enemy, I used my summons to unleash a close-range physical attack without pause. 

Summoners are rear-guards, but there are both vanguard and rear-guard types of summons. 

It didn't matter if the opponent was a rearguard or a vanguard. 

The strength of a Summoner is that he/she can attack by exploiting the weaknesses of each. 

However, there seemed to be no stopping Nephtila, who continued to cast all-out Recovery Magic on himself, even as he was attacked by my summons' awakening skills and other attacks. 

"Everyone, this guy is pretty stubborn.

But I won't let him cast Recovery Magic on the old man, so make sure you reduce his strength.

If he activates his Extra Skill, back off." 


I said in a loud voice and my friends replied.

Nephtila, the rear guard had low [Endurance], who I thought I could defeat quickly, persisted unexpectedly, so I revised my strategy. 

"Oh, yes, the Liberator.

The Liberator has emerged among humans..." 

"Hmm Liberator" 

Glaster noticed something about the situation and spoke up.

I asked myself, not understanding the meaning of the words.

"Oh, so that's why we lost.

You guys, no, you are the reaseon..." Glaster then glared at me. 

Glaster glared at me, but his earlier rage had suddenly subsided and he was somewhat calm. 

"Hey, old man, what's a Liberator" 

"I was considering my position since you were just humans.

But it's a different story if a Liberator is involved." 

Glaster's body began to flicker like a shimmering flame as he said that. 

"Nephtila! I will bide my time here.

Tell the Demon General Razel that the Liberator has been released!" 


Nephtila was astonished.

Glaster asked him to deliver information about what happened here in exchange for his life. 

It seemed that they were acting on the assumption that they would not be able to defeat us even if they tried. 


"Yes, yes!" 

(Oh, that's not good.) 

Nephtila showed his back and started to run away as fast as he could.

Nephtila had knowledge of the battle against me and my friends. 

"Kurena, activate your Extra Skill, now!" 

"Yeah, I got it!" 

Kurena also activated her Extra Skill and fired back at Glaster, whose body was flickering like a shimmer as he headed straight for me.

Darkness leaked from Glaster's Greatsword. 

"So, you're a Master Swordsman." 

Their swords clashed with each other as Kurena tried to keep Glaster from reaching me. 

Glaster was more than equal to Kurena, whose status had been raised by her Extra Skill. 

(Even the current Kurena can't hold him back If the enemy uses Extra Skill, you can't predict them at all.

I mean, Nephtila runs away too fast.)

I left Kurena to deal with Glastar, who had activated his Extra Skill, and tried to go after Nephtila, but Glastar stood in my way. 

I used my summons to attack Nephtila, but was unable to stop him as he continued to cast Recovery Magic on himself with all his might, and in the blink of an eye, he was completely out of sight. 

If I had sent any more summons into pursuit, they would just run straight into Fortenia.

So, I decided to concentrate on defeating Glaster. 

But without support of any Recovery Magic, Glaster was completely beaten down by me and my friends.

He was on the verge of collapsing to the ground, staring at us, when he squeezed out. 


How about that We win.

You, you, you were going to have a certain death.

Don't think you can match the Demon General Razel with that kind of power..." 

Glaster's body turned to ashes and disappeared.

He was defeated and was about to disappear, but his face was twisted with joy. 

"You have defeated one Higher Demon.

You have acquired 32,000,000 experience." 

"Your experience value has reached 10,000,000,000 billion/10,000,000,000.

Your Level has increased to 65." 

"Your [Strength] has increased by 50, [Mana] by 80, [Attack] by 28, [Endurance] by 28, [Agility] by 52, [Intelligence] by 80 and [Luck] by 52.

The  seal has been broken".

Even though I earned 32,000,000 in experience, it was hardly a complete victory. 

(Looks like I've broken the seal of .) 

"He got away." 

"Well, it's no use.

We'll just have to switch it up.

It looks like the elves have completely taken over the outer wall.

Let's go back and concentrate on hunting magical beasts." 

When I said that, we joined the elven army that occupied the top of the outer wall to eradicate the magical beasts, and participated in the battle to clean up the magical beasts. 

Thus, after defeating the two Demons and wiping out the magical beasts, Allen and the elven army were able to take back Fortress LaPolca.

However, Nephtila, who had escaped, went to tell the Demon General Razel about Allen.


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