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The General reported that everything was ready, and 5,000 elves, led by me, followed the tail of the army that had already started marching.

These 5000 men were all soldiers with Two-star Talent.

The remaining 1,600 or so soldiers with Two-star Talent were at the front of the already departed army.

Not long after we started, we saw a heap of earth.

This was the soil that G-rank Beast summoned dug up while preparing the tunnel to Fortress LaPolca.

In the meantime, I used it as camouflage for the elven army.

The entrance to the tunnel in the mountainside was also blocked with rocks, which Kurena and Dogora quickly cleared away.

Thanks to their high [Strength], they were able to do it without difficulty.

The tunnel was large enough for two people to enter side by side and it led into the Fortress LaPolca.

When the elves heard about the plan, they shouted, "Oh!".

They realized the reason why they hadn't been told about the plan until the last minute, and also realized that their actions would change the outcome of this battle.

Through the General, the mission was quickly communicated.

Then, the roles were assigned to each of them.

"Let's go, then.

And follow the orders."


I took out a light magic tool and led the way through the tunnel.

It was a straight path, but if we went straight, we'd end up with a steep footing, so it was inclined.

Naturally, there were several vents.

Everyone walked into the tunnel without hesitation.

"Sophie, we've opened up this tunnel for the mission, can we have the Spirits fill it in later"

"Of course, Master Allen.

However, for the near future, it might be better to just fill in the beginning and end of the tunnel."

If the Demon King's army attacks from the north, the tunnels leading from the south gate of Fortress LaPolca to the south side of Rosenheim will continue to be useful, she said.

Looking behind me, I saw a Spirit Magician emitting a ball of light from his hand among those who were lighting up with their magic tools.

(They borrow random power from Spirits, right)

One-star Spirit Wielders and Two-star Spirit Magicians borrow the power of Spirits.

Spirit Wielders borrow power from Spirits.

In contrast, Spirit Mages borrow power from the Great Spirit.

The scale of magic they can use was completely different.

Normal Mode allows one to learn 6 skills, but it uses 2 skill slots to increase statuses.

The remaining 4 skill slots would be filled with Spirits of 4 attributes from the more than ten types of Spirits that exist, such as Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Wood, Lightning, Light, Darkness, and Space.

It seems that the same Spirit Wielder can have any 4 attributes.

However, it seems that the probability of Spirits unlocking attributes of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water was very high.

Sophie also had 4 attributes being Fire, Earth, Wind and Water.

Someone who could borrow power from the Spirits of Water and Wood could use Recovery Magic.

Some who could borrow power from the Spirits of Earth and Wind, could use Defensive Magic.

[Name] Sophiarone

[Age] 48

[Talent] Spirit Magician

[Level] 60

[Strength] 723

[Mana] 1621 1600

[Attack] 598

[Endurance] 657 1000

[Agility] 844

[Intelligence] 903 600

[Luck] 840

[Skills] Spirit , Fire , Earth , Wind , Water , Child Spirit

[Extra Skill] Great Spirit Manifestation

Skill Levels

[Spirit] 6

[Fire] 6

[Earth] 6

[Wind] 6

[Water] 6

She was equipped with Rings that increased her [Mana] and [Endurance] by 1000.

As I walked through the tunnels, I thought that I had heard more and more stories about Spirit Magic and Spirit Magicians since I came to Rosenheim.

After hours of walking, we arrived at our destination, a dead end.

That was it.

When I shined the light of the magic tool, the color was different on the wall and ceiling of the dead end.

The dead end was cobblestone, and if we pushed it aside, we would be inside the Fortress LaPolca.

Even without focusing my attention on the sounds around me, I could hear something larger than a human flapping about.

I began summoning Fish species summons and buffing the army.

I repeatedly used  and  and used Fish summons' special and awakening skills.

At the same time, the elves, with the help of the Spirits of Earth and Wind, began to strengthen the troops and me with Spirit Magic.

"All right, let's go.

Thieves and south gate guards, come with us."


"Occupy Wall Force, follow Gatoruga.""


The strongest man in Rosenheim, the Spirit Master Gatoruga, was also participating in the attack on Fortress LaPolca.

Since we were going to split up into several units, I entrusted him with the unit that would occupy the outer walls.

"Yeah, I got it."

Gatoruga, who had been leading the way into the hole with me and my friends, also replied.

Gatoruga seemed to have softened his response to me considerably after witnessing me in the Tiamo siege.

I checked the clock on my magic tool.

It's almost 12 o'clock.

(We're right on time.)

""We're on time.

Then let's go!"


With a shout, Kurena and Dogora each lifted one of the cobblestones and flipped it over vigorously.

Then, with me in the lead, we leapt into the Fortress LaPolca, which was overrun by magical beasts.

"Dora-Dora, Kerolin, Alipon, Mirror, Tekka, come out."

We came out of the western corner of the south gate of the quadrangular-shaped Fortress LaPolca.

There was a staircase in front of me that led up to the outer wall, but I didn't pay attention to it as I ran towards the opening of the south gate in the middle of the south wall.

The Thieves and the south gate guards, a total of about 2,000 elven soldiers, followed me one after the other.

The magical beasts immediately noticed that we had come out of the hole and attacked.

I summoned all of my summons at once, and the B-rank Dragons and B-rank Beasts kicked away the magical beasts that were around us.

The B-rank Insects protected the elves by surrounding them, and the B-rank Stones protected them from the long range attacks of the magical beasts with their large shields.

C-rank Stones were using their awakening skill [Self-Sacrifice] to protect the elves from the attacks of the magical beasts that B-rank Insects and B-rank Stones were unable to protect them from, allowing the elves to get out of the hole safely.

The elven soldiers who entered inside the fortress started moving quickly.

Me and my team proceeded along the inside of the south wall and made unlocking the south gate our top priority.

The Thieves and the south gate guards followed closely behind me.

(There are indeed a lot of magical beasts in there.

I can't deal with them, but seriously, please...)

Kurena and Dogora, who were in the lead, kicked away the magical beasts, but there were quite a few magical beasts not only on the outer wall but also inside the fortress.

I had checked the day before to find a place where there were relatively few magical beasts, but they kept coming.

Then, the wands and hands of some magical beasts began to glow.

That was a magical unit of the Demon King's army, equipped with robes and wands.

These magic troops were hiding behind the outer wall and healing their fellow magical beasts on the outer wall.

And they were also attacking the elven troops from a distance through the outer wall.

(It's time.)

It was at that moment that the magic troops set their sights on us running along the wall.

Along with the shining light, countless arrows of light hit the magic troops.

The elven soldiers had started attacking from the moment we stepped out of the hole, but they were incomparable to the attacks that poured at us from the fortress and we were being pushed back.

The clock on my magic tool pointed to 12 o'clock.

"Yes, the timing was perfect!"

"Allen, that went well.

But what's the timing"

Cecile was also pleased, but didn't seem to understand the word "timing".

The countless glowing arrows slaughtered the magical beasts inside the outer wall.

"Run to the gate while you still can! Run along the wall or you'll be collateral damage!"


I had incorporated the Extra Skill of the elves into my strategy.

Their cool time was basically 1 day.

I banned the use of Extra Skill after mid-day the day before to prevent the soldiers from using them as they wished.

And since the day before, I had been giving information about where the magical beasts were, especially regarding the magic troops.

Furthermore, even during the run, the location of the magical beasts hidden behind the outer wall was captured by the E-rank Bird and I knew very well where they were, and a B-rank Fish was telling the elf General exactly where they were.

5,000 soldiers did not all activate their Extra Skill at once.

The Archers and Spirit Magicians, each with about a hundred men, formed a unit and attacked the enemy units in turn.

The Two-star Extra Skill increased in power with the effects of the Fish buffs, and defeated quite a few magical beasts.

They were also using their Extra Skill to provide cover fire to the 3,000 members of the outer wall Talent force who had come up the stairs to retake the top of the outer wall from the Demon King's army.

Thanks to them, we made a lot of progress toward the center of the outer wall.


We, who had been able to advance using the Extra Skills as cover fire, and the south gate guards began to form up.

Behind us, dozens of Thieves unlocked the south gate and opened it.

The opening of the gate was the signal.

An army of 45,000 elves, 100 meters in front of the south gate, began to march.

"Our allies are coming! Keep those magical beasts away from them!"

Mine and Gatoruga's words overlapped.

We had to provide cover fire for our allies to get through the south gate safely.

Then the 5,000 elven troops sequentially activated their Extra Skills in units of 100 to wipe out the magical beasts on the outer wall that were attacking the elven soldiers running towards the south gate, as well as the magical beasts approaching the south gate.

We bought enough time for our allies to get through the gate.

The elven troops coming through the gate quickly begin to form up near the south gate.

"They're through the gate! Defend the formation!"

""Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!""

A huge formation begins to form in front of the gate.

The battle of Allen and the elven soldiers who had retaken the south gate continued.


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