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I asked the Spirit King to grant him a wish if he saved Rosenheim.

As a result of negotiations with the Spirit King, he promised to let my friends change their Talents to higher level Talents.

I, who was unable to change my Talent a higher level Talent, was thinking of giving my sister Muras a Talent.

Originally, I thought that the future battle would be tough for my friends, especially those with fewer Star Talents.

For this reason, I kept thinking that if there was a Demigod or God, I would ask for a Talent change or a Mode change.

Now the war between the Demon King’s army and Rosenheim will have a Talent change quest aspect to it.

If we can manage to win this war, there will be hope for future battles.

And the next morning…

The Tiamo offensive was expected to begin in the next few hours.

There was no attack the previous day, but judging from the information the scout team had obtained about the movements of the Demon King’s army, they would surely attack that day.

“Good morning, Allen.

Come sit here.”

“Good morning, Lady Cecile.

I’m awed.”

“What’s with that tone Do you think I should tighten it”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I was called to testify by Cecile and my friends.

They said that false reports would be subject to censure.

We were in one of the rooms in the building where the Queen lived.

They asked me to tell them about the background and meaning of yesterday’s conversation between me and the Spirit King.

I told him that it was too far-fetched to believe, and that it would be a blessing in disguise to not know about it but they were obstinate to know.

I was summoning something all the time, even when I was conquering dungeons, at the base, or taking classes.

My friends didn’t seem to mind and had formed an awareness that I was like that.

After the talk with the Spirit King the day before, I went to bed almost immediately.

The next morning, even before the sunrise, I was sitting with my friends around a circular table.

I placed a flower pot on the table and began to prepare the blessings.

The purpose was to prepare the necessary number of [Blessing of Heaven] for that day’s war.

“So, what was that conversation you had with the Spirit King yesterday”

There was so much incomprehensible talk about Elmea, the God of Creation, Hell Mode, and changing Talents, but Cecile wondered why that conversation could be established with the Spirit King.

She had never heard anything about it during the Academy classes, which we spent every day at the same base, nor when I was her manservant.

However, as she listened to the conversation with the Spirit King, she felt that there must have been a meaning behind my knowledge of dungeon strategy and my incomprehensible Talent as a Summoner in the first place.

Kurena looked straight at me, wondering what I was going to talk about.

Sophie looked forward to seeing what I would say with her sparkling eyes.

For her, an elf, my presence was becoming a ceiling-breaking big deal after having such a successful conversation with the Spirit King.

Dogora and Kiel were not surprised that something happened to me accepting that I was no ordinary.

They were listening to the conversation between Cecile and me from the sidelines, thinking that they wouldn’t be surprised if they heard a few things.

Formar was worried about Sophie, who had a twinkle in her eye.

(Why didn’t I tell anyone at first Because I didn’t want people to think I was fox-possessed or demon-possessed if I told them I was reincarnated.)

As a lowly serf, I came to this other world.

Of course, if I were to tell them that I had been reincarnated in a position where I was no better than a commoner, they might judge me unreasonably.

That’s why I didn’t tell my parents about it.

(What about now Will I ever get in trouble for not keeping my mouth shut)

I looked at my friends one by one as they stared at me.

(Oh, it’s long gone.

Well, I guess I have enough of a desire to be Allen to my parents.)

To Rodan and Theresia, I wanted to remain as their son Allen.

However, I thought that if I were to tell my friends what I was about to say, they would accept it.

“Oh, I haven’t told you.

I was brought into this world by Elmea.

I became Allen.

To put it simply, I’m from another world.”


Because the knowledge from my previous world had been passed on, the common sense of that time seemed to match the Spirit King’s, and we were able to have a conversation the day before.

“What Huh What are you talking about No, hmm~”

Cecile tried to deny it.

However, there were many things that would make sense if she accepted my current story to the unprecedented speed of the dungeon raids and the unorthodox ideas and actions I had taken so far.

Cecile’s mind was spinning in a different way than mine.

“Well! It means that the God of Creation, Elmea, found me to save this world!

“No, Elmea never said anything to me.

He just told me to enjoy the world.

In fact, I haven’t heard from him at all.”

“Of course you won’t.

Gods only watch over, they don’t interfere.

The Spirit King doesn’t usually talk to us as well.”

(Oh, I see.

I guess that means that Gods don’t interfere in the human world.

The Spirit King is a Demigod, so he is tolerated a little.

That’s why he can be a little flexible, but he couldn’t help the elves directly from the Demon King’s army.)

The fact that he went out of his way to care for me in the form of a prophecy might have been because he had foreseen the situation where the elves would be cornered by the Demon King’s army.

“I see.

That’s why you always look so happy!”

Kurena remembered how I always seemed to be enjoying himself.

It was the same when I was a serf and when I was at a dungeon.

Dogora nodded, seeming to agree with her.

Dogora had also thought that I was living happily day by day, wondering what fun I was having.

“It’s true that I admire your dedication, Master Allen.

And now you are trying to save Rosenheim from the Demon King’s army.”

Sophie seemed to think that I was found by the God of Creation, Elmea, because I had the qualities to save this world from the Demon King’s army.

“By the way, how old were you in the other world”

Cecile was curious about how I came to be here, but she was also curious about my previous life.

“35, I think.”


“Well, that makes you my age.”

“Well, yeah.”

(How did Sophie manage to get into an Academy where 13-year-olds are supposed to attend at the age of 48 Well, I guess through the power of connections.)

If I were to add the number of years I had lived as Allen to my age when I was Kenichi in my previous life, Sophie and I would be the same age.

I had always thought it was a coincidence.

“Oh, I should tell you this, too.”

“What else Tell me everything.”

“I’ve never met a Demon King that I couldn’t defeat before.

It’s common sense in the original world to defeat the Demon Kings whenever you find him.”

In the original world, the Demon King was a target for extermination once he was discovered, I said.

(It’s common knowledge among gamers, but it wouldn’t hurt to say so.)


The others wondered what kind of world I came from.

“Good for you, then.

Now we can update everyone’s Talents.”

“Well, I guess that makes me a Great Mage.


(Cecile was giggling.

(Cecile was giggling.) I guess I’m just happy to be born a mage after all, to be able to become a great mage.

(Let’s see, what will everyone be like)


Dogora: Axe Knight, Kiel: Priest, Sophie: Spirit Wielder, Formar: Archer


Cecile: Mage


Kurena: Master Swordsman

“Well, the Grand Mage has 3-stars.

I wonder what the 4-star Talent is.”

“What What are you talking about You were probably too sleepy to listen carefully.

The Spirit King said that he could only raise someone’s Talent by 1-star and only upto 4-stars.”

Cecile and everyone else understood my explanation about the Talent and the number of stars that represented their rarity.

“What Did he say you could only change Talents once”

(I’m glad the Spirit King was so sleepy at the end that he didn’t know what was going on.

I was so nervous when he started saying he could read minds.)


“Naturally, I’ll ask him to change your Talents again once you’ve raised your Level and Skill Level.

In Academy City, we will start in a C-class dungeon.

It won’t take you guys more than a year to reach the Level cap this time, and you won’t have to do it while attending the Academy.”

“Hey, that’s ….”

“Cecile, we just need to keep our promise.

We’ll all be raised to the upper limit indicated by the Spirit King.”

“That’s just it.” I assured her with a wicked look.

I was thinking of changing everyone to a 4-star Talent.

That’s why I didn’t talk to the Spirit King about how many times he could change Talents.

“Yes, you’re right.

The Spirit King would have said so if it was impossible.

Then, I think I can become a Spirit Mage too.


Sophie was giggling, too.

Sophie also said that since he didn’t mention the number of times, it must not be a problem.

“Well, now that we’ve talked.

Let’s start preparing for war.

Make sure you win and complete the requirements for the Talent change quest!”


The others were desperately trying to keep in tune with Allen’s vigorous stand.


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