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Nest City (2)

I interrupted the conversation between Sophie and the General and Elders who were in the conference room.

The General, who had lost one of his arms, nodded to himself and Sophie nodded back to him, before replying to me.

“Oh, thank you very much for coming.

We are in the middle of a military discussion, so please join us.”

(Hmm What we need to do now is not have a meeting.)

From what I had heard, there was no point in having a meeting in the future.

Because the situation would change, I would change it.

And there were things I needed to prioritize more.

(Uh, follow me, please.)

I stared at Sophie and Sophie nodded in response.

“Is this a military meeting Would you like me to fix your arm first”

“Oh, thank you, but I don’t care about that.


The General seemed to care more about Rosenheim than his own arm.

“Do as I say, Lucidral.”


He wanted the meeting to move forward for the sake of Rosenheim rather than his own arm.

Nevertheless, the Princess, Sophie, said so, and the General, who had lost one of his arms and was called Lucidral, walked over to me.

On closer inspection, I noticed that the cloth covering the wound on one of the lost arms was oozing red blood and looked very painful.

I pulled out a red peach-shaped object from my .

([Blessing of Heaven])

It was [Blessing of Heaven], a recovery potion created by B-rank Grass’s awakening skill.

It completely heals physical or magical injuries.

Its effective range is 100 meters radius.

Using the [Blessing of Heaven], the Lucidral’s lost arm grew back merrily with a force that tore off the cloth that was covering it.

Lucidral wasn’t the only one healed.

All the injured elves present were completely healed.


Lucidral touched his own injury and checked it.

He was astonished to find that he was fully recovered with no wounds at all.

Even the wobbly Elder who was standing nearby was knocked off his feet.

“Is this some kind of Elven Elixir”

“That’s right.”

(Elves obviously know about Elven Elixirs.

In this world, there are only a limited number of recovery medicines and Recovery Magic that can regrow lost limbs.

It is generally impossible except for Saint Talent Recovery Magic, I guess.)

Lucidral was astonished as he touched his clean, fully healed arm.

He asked me if what I used was an Elven Elixir, and I affirmed that it was.

In this world, there are several ranks of recovery potions.

The Elven Elixir is said to be a precious recovery potion treasured by Rosenheim.

And it is said that the only recovery potion potent enough to regrow lost limbs is Elven Elixir.

Even the Mullerse flower, which saved my father Rodan’s life, a precious recovery herb that cost 5 Gold coins, could not regrow his arm.

If it’s Recovery Magic, it’s said that only a Saint, a 3-Star Talent, can regrow lost limbs.

Kiel, who is a Priest, and has raised his Level and Skill Level to the limit, can’t regrow lost limbs.

“Um, by the way, how many wounded soldiers have evacuated to this city”

“Roughly 100,000.

More if you include the injured refugees.”

(Quite a lot, but from what I saw from the air, that’s about it No.

If only 100,000 survived, that’s pretty low.)

Even though the elves have a small population as a nation, we don’t know how many lives have been lost.

“I can heal all 100,000 of those wounded soldiers.”

“What There is no way you can do that.

We’ve only evacuated those who can’t fight.”

I took out another [Blessing of Heaven] from my .

“One of these will heal the wounded over the city square we just passed.

And I have 1000 of these potions.”

There was a city square that we passed on our way to this building.

(Actually, I have 3,000 of them.

But I’m worried about my stock.

I should be able to restock soon.)

I currently have about 12,000 B-rank magic stones to fight with as summons.

Apart from that, I am also converting the B-rank magic stones I have saved up during my two years of Academy life into [Blessing of Heaven].

“What 1000 No way!”

He couldn’t help but think that there couldn’t possibly be a 1000 of these things in the world.


Take Master Allen’s word for it.”


Lucidral nodded at Sophie’s words.

“Then I will instruct my men to gather the wounded and heal them immediately.

I’ll leave that to my men, so let’s proceed with the meeting.”

(Now we can make a plan based on the assumption that no one is injured, but it’s still not enough.

This is an evacuation zone.)

What is the most important thing to do now

That is, to go to the front line where the battlefield is, to rebuild the front line and stop the invasion of the Demon King’s army.

“I agree with you that we should let your men start collecting people.

However, I would like to have a substitute summon participate in the military council instead of myself, and we will rush to the city of Tiamo.”

I entrusted a 1000 [Blessing of Heaven] to the elves.

I could see that there were injured people everywhere, but I didn’t know exactly where and how many injured people there were because I had just arrived in the city.

E-rank Bird Eagle can’t see inside the building from above.

It takes a lot of manpower and a lot of time to heal the wounded with a minimum number of [Blessing of Heaven] required.


“I’m sorry, but we may be able to save Tiamo from falling and save her Majesty.

SO, we’d like to leave now”

“That’s very kind of you, but I’m sorry.

It would take a month to get to Tiamo by carriage, even if we hurried.

A Magic Ship might be able to get us there in time, but if we approach Tiamo in something that big, we’ll fall prey to the Demon King’s army.”

“It’s too late,” continued Lucidral.“The city is already surrounded by the Demon King’s army, and we can’t even get close to it”, he said.

(Even a Magic Ship will fall, but does that mean that the Demon King’s army can shoot down flying enemies I need to gather information on the Demon King’s army from this meeting.)

Based on what Lucidral just said, I realized my lack of knowledge on the Demon King’s army.

“Ellie, you know what to do.

Make sure to collect all the information we need.”

“Yes, Master Allen.

I will collect the information required~Death.”


The elves shuddered in surprise when I suddenly summoned the B-rank Spirit Ellie.

I summoned Ellie to gather information.

I also used , and Ellie can say I want her to say as well.

(Oh, let’s summon Poppo as well.)

I also summoned F-rank Bird Poppo for contact.

F-rank Bird’s Awakened skill, “Transmission,” can instantly convey what I want to say to any target within a range of 100 kilometers, not only in words but also in images.

Poppo will prevent Ellie from playing a message game and taking too long to communicate, or changing what I want to say or hear.

Sophie was instructing the Elders and the Generals, including Lucidral, to listen to my summons.

“Everyone, let’s go to Tiamo then.”


There was already no one to oppose me.

When I walked out of the building used by the Council, the sun had already set completely.

Many elves had gathered, perhaps having heard that Princess Sophie had returned.

Some were in tears and asking for help, some were offering words of gratitude, and some were crying out for help to escape.

The streetlights made of magic tools dimly illuminated the thoughts of the people.

“Allen, are you going to ride that summon”

In the meantime, Dogora was checking how to get to Tiamo.

“Yeah, of course we’re going on Griffin.

Come on out, Griffs!”



Seven giant Griffins appeared, reaching five meters in length, with the limbs of a lion, the head of a hawk with wings, and the tail of a snake.

Standing on its hind legs, its wings spread out, its body reached the roof of the building.

After that, everyone straddles one at a time with their legs folded and bent over.

“I’ll be sure to save Her Majesty the Queen and the people of Tiamo, so I’ll leave Nest to you.

Give them instructions to return to the front as soon as possible.”


With the crowd and the soldiers unable to comprehend the situation, Sophie gave her orders.

As the soldiers gave an elven salute, the Griffins began to flap their wings.

We left the ground and flew north, gaining more and more altitude.

“… Was the Spirit King’s prophecy true”

As Lucidral watched Allen and the others disappear from sight, he muttered quietly and began to act.

(Please make it in time!)

“Everyone hold on tight because we’re going fast!”

“‘All right!”

“Griffs, use [Soar]!”


The Griffins got faster and faster.

The D-rank Bird Hollow that had been following it for its night flight was unable to keep up with Giffins’ speed.

To begin with, there was almost a 3000 difference in [Agility] between B-rank and D-rank Birds.

I used to bring Hollow back out in front of us, updating the area that I could see with his night vision.

Within a few hours, I could see many bonfires surrounding the city, a few lights in the center of the bonfires, and a city with many buildings


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