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Allen Vs.

Helmios (2)

Holding an Orichalcum sword and wearing an Orichalcum armor, Helmios was floating in the air.

The audience gazed at the Hero in the Golden armor floating in the air.

He is the strongest human and the hope of humanity in a world that is about to be destroyed by the Demon King.

It took even my breath away, as if I had just witnessed the existence of a myth.

(He used Recovery Magic, but I wonder how much damage he took.

Anyway, I’ve come to understand his status.)

I finished my analysis of Helmios’ status.

Equipment such as weapons and armor have the effect of increasing [Attack] and [Endurance] respectively.

It does not change the status of the person itself.

In addition, accessories such as Power Ring may have the effect of raising the status itself, since the Grimoire shows the effect of increasing status.

Total status of Helmios (Status, Increase by Talental Skills, Equipment)

Attack 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)

Endurance 10400 (2400, 3000, 5000)

Agility 8400 (2400, 3000, 3000)

(His status even without anything else is already the highest possible in that category, but he is still fully equipped with the best weapons, armors and accessories.

Just how much does he want to win)

I feel that Orichalcum armor and weapons have the same effect of increasing status by about 5000.

“Oh, God, that’s dangerous.

Helmios shouted in frustration from a position considerably higher than the arena where I was standing.

“What The match isn’t over yet.

I can still fight.”

“Ha ha.

What are you talking about You can’t hit me anymore.

I can fly pretty fast, you know”

Helmios was floating quite a bit higher than my B-rank Dragon.

“What are you talking about I’m just so grateful that you’re flying above everyone.”


I smiled and put my right hand in front of me.

“Kabeos, [Self-Destruct].”

With my words, 10 E-rank Stones Kabeos appeared in the air at once, surrounding the Hero.

Then all at once they turned bright red and exploded.


I could hear screams from the audience along with the BOOM caused by the explosion.

I knew that the audience would not be harmed, but they probably didn’t know that.

As long as no one was going to die, I was not going to let up my attack, no matter how much the audience screamed.

The second and third year students, who were at a higher level, were completely unaffected by the little blast, and the Knights had started evacuating the Royalty and guests as soon as the Dragon appeared.

I had already decided not to injure the audience by fighting near the center of the 50 meter long and wide arena.

Then, as the smoke blew away, Helmios revealed himself.

“I’m in a lot of pain, you know”

“I did tell you I was going to beat you up.”

(Okay, he used Recovery Magic again.

It’s safe to assume that this attack also worked.)

I summoned 10 more strengthened Kabeos.

Before Helmios could react, they blew up again.

“Everyone please calm down!” 

After I used the [Self-Destruct] technique for the second time, I heard an announcement made by the magic tool, which was pretty late, to the entire noisy arena.

However, the announcement was barely audible due to the people screaming.

( is very useful.

I can’t wait to unseal .)

I watched the explosions and flames and was impressed by the I unlocked when my reached Level 7.

Up until now, , , and all took about 0.5 second per use.

A summon being ready for battle at a rate of less than 1 second was very fast, but when my reached higher levels I was able to summon higher ranked summons, that time kept increasing.

It takes a long time when I factor in needing to use and several times for one summon if they don’t belong to Insect or Beast species.

I also need to use and


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