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The Rematch Against Doberg


I defeated Kurena.

Kurena’s level was higher than mine, but I didn’t lose.

With unlimited use of with no conditions, of course, I would not lose to Kurena.

Kurena has too little combat experience.

Not everyone will fight fair and square.

Some of the Demon King’s army will probably use trickery and cowardice.

After the match, she was frustrated, but I didn’t want to dampen her resolve.

I hope she can come up with a countermeasure herself.

Thus, the mysterious Summoner named Allen won the Academy Martial Arts Tournament.

The crowd buzzed, wondering who I was, but without an answer, the next match started.

Kurena was not heavily injured, so the next match started rather quickly.

It’s last year’s rematch between the Master Swordsman Doberg and Kurena.

The two of them were already in the fighting arena, facing each other.

Both of them were wielding an Adamantite Greatsword.

(Their weapon is the same.

If Doberg is also in Normal Mode, their Levels should also be the same.)

I am aware that there are very few Hell Mode players in this world.

But it’s not just Normal Mode and Hell Mode.

There is a Hard Mode that requires 10 times the experience for Levels and Skill Levels than the Normal Mode.

I have never met anyone who is in Hell Mode, but I think that there might be someone in that Mode.

“Can Kurena win”

“Mm, I don’t know.

She got beat up so much last year.

Isn’t it difficult”


Cecile asked me a question, which was inadvertently answered by Viscount Granvelle.

It might be a family thing.

Cecile didn’t say that she had asked me.

Viscount Granvelle was also present for this year’s Academy Martial Arts Tournament.

He might have come because he was worried that the Crown Prince would do something.

Or he might have just come to see his daughter Cecile, who didn’t return home for the summer vacation this year too.

This year, he brought his Butler along with the Knight Commander as escort.

I wonder if it is because I didn’t fulfill my role as his servant properly last year.

Not only Cecile and I, but all seven of us, Kurena’s party members were here.

We were sitting in the seats designated for guests and Nobles, since the Viscount was present and Sophie, a member of the Royal Family of Rosenhiem, was also with us.

So, we took up a good amount of space in this place.

(Hmm, the Hero is talking to the Principal.)

I am keeping a watch on the Crown Prince via Eagle this year too.

I found the Hero Helmois talking to the Principal via on Eagle.

The Principal, of course, was also observing the Academy Martial Arts Tournament.

I wonder if they are talking about the upcoming match while looking at Doberg and Kurena’s match.

I turned my attention towards Cecile and answered her question.

“Well, they both have the same level of equipment, so I guess she has a decent chance.”


If Doberg is in Normal Mode, I believe that Kurena has a good chance to win this match.

I gave Kurena two of the stats increasing Rings that I had bought during my two months summer vacation.

I didn’t collect just magic stones over the past two months.

Gale Rings: 1000 [Agility]

In my personal opinion, 1v1 battles are decided by [Agility].

“I am a hunter of magical beasts, a slaughterer of magical beasts.

I am the one who will kill the Demon King.”


Doberg, facing Kurena, grasped his Greatsword and mumbled something.

Kurena wondered what he said, but focused on the battle.

“You’ve come so far in a year.”


The referee had already signaled the start of the match, but the two players were in charge of the pace of the match.

“Come! Let me see what you’ve done all year!”


After that “Yes.” Shout, Kurena quickly closed the distance between her and Doberg, who was on guard.

Kurens’s sword, which has reached a ridiculous speed because of her reaching Level cap and two Gale Rings, easily hit Doberg’s sword.

The sound of sword colliding with sword echoed through the arena.

The two Master Swordsmans’ overwhelming status makes them the most powerful swordsmen in the world.

In a normal year, the guests of honor from each country would know how strong the students participating in the tournament would be.

The participants in the Final Round of the tournament generally have 2-Star Talents, have similar ability values, and are at similar level, then the strength of the students that the Academy is training would be in the similar range.

Unlike last year, the match between a Level capped Kurena and Doberg is on another level, unlike the battles between students and Master Swordsmans in previous years.

Many of the guests were shocked as if their hearts had been grabbed just by the sound of the Greatswords clashing.

“It’s a rather close fight, but Kurena is getting pushed around a bit.

She has a bit of a disadvantage in terms of equipment performance.

After all, there is better equipment than the items one can get at an auction.”

I analyzed the fight between the two aloud.

I wanted to make sure that everyone understood Kurena’s situation.

Kurena was wearing two Gale Rings that cost nearly 3,000 Gold coins apiece at the auction.

But Doberg still seemed to be faster than her.

Doberg seemed to have equipment of higher quality than Kurena’s.

If Doberg was in Hard Mode, Kurena would have most likely been overwhelmed by now, so I think that this level of status difference is due to equipment.

“Huh! What’s wrong with you, Master Swordsman Kurena! That’s all you got!”


The fight began, and within ten minutes, it was clear that Doberg was starting to push Kurena around.

Doberg also looked like he was fighting for his life.

Doberg used a feint and tossed Kurena.

The difference in combat experience between him and Kurena was showing itself.

“… Kurena is starting to lose.”

Cecile looked worried about Kurena.

Dogora didn’t participate in the conversation, but was intensely staring at the fight between the two.

“I think Doberg is starting to read her moves.

On top of that, it feels like she’s getting pushed back because she can’t read Doberg’s moves.”

(Oh no, there’s too much difference in player skills.

This is…)

Player skill can be summed up in one word: “Combat Experience”.

In a fight, you need to position yourself according to the situation, stand your ground, choose your skills, and read your opponent’s attacks in an instant.

You also have to make sure that your own movements and aim are not read.

Such player skills cannot be acquired overnight.

Within ten minutes of the match, the difference in decades of combat experience between Kurena and Doberg began to really show.

Under the guidance of the homeroom teacher, Kurena was being taught how to stand her ground, but the difference between the two was so great that she was being outmatched.

Honestly, I think she’s going to lose.

Kurena was blown away by Doberg, who hit her all over her body and she fell face first.

“What’s going on Get up! That’s it!”

(Oh! This is it!)

As she was blown away, Kurena’s body began to glow.



(Oh! You succeeded! Go, go, go! Is she conscious this time)

Kurena’s Extra skill, [Limit Break] was activated.

The homeroom teacher has been teaching Kurena how to use Extra skills for over six months now.

The success rate is low and she has yet to fully succeed.

They say that will is the most important factor of any Extra skill.

They say that if you are inexperienced or your mind is too weak, you will be swallowed by your skill.

When this happens, it is triggered as a last resort and the urge to fight becomes intense.

Kurena approached Doberg with tremendous force from where she was blown away.

Doberg was the first to be blown away by a sideways swing of her Greatsword.

“Guh, what is this power This is yours!”


Kurena didn’t answer, but swung her Greatsword with a shout.

(Oh, no, she’s completely consumed.)

Doberg has suddenly gone defensive.

The difference in status between them was so great that his combat experience was useless.

He couldn’t take Kurena’s attack and was blown away.

The crowd was also in an uproar, not expecting such a fight.

Doberg’s strength to even grip his sword was being taken away by Kurena’s attacks.

Kurena’s Greatsword swung towards him from above.

He used his own Greatsword to block it, but the arena under Doberg’s feet shattered under the impact.


However, this was not the end of Kurena’s attack.

She kicked Doberg in the stomach, leaving him no time to defend himself.

Kurena’s kick contained her [Attack] of over 7,000 within it, and Doberg who received the kick was blown away, bouncing to the edge of the arena.

“”Did she win””

The seven of us said in unison.

I didn’t think she would win, but I was very happy that she did.

Doberg pulled himself up into a small sitting position.

(What Is he going to say something Is he giving up)

I could see via Eagle’s [Eagle Eye] that Doberg was mumbling something in an uncanny manner.

“Am I going to lose No, Classis.

Rest assured.

I will not be defeated.

I will not be defeated.

I will not be defeated by anyone!”

Doberg’s body began to glow like a shimmering flame as he mumbled at the point where he was blown away.

(What Is he using his Extra skill too]

“No! Kurena! Doberg is going to activate his Extra skill!”

(Can I make it Kurena’s Extra skills haven’t worn off yet.)

Doberg ran towards Kurena as fast as he could from where he was blown away.

“Haaaa! Guard break!!!”

With a shout, he swung his Greatsword down in a big swing towards Kurena.

Doberg’s Adamantite Greatsword shone brightly.

He then slashes through Kurena’s Adamantite Greatsword like it was butter as she tries to parry it.


The shock of her Greatsword being cut, and then Doberg’s Greatsword being swung straight at her, made Kurena freeze.


However, the Greatsword didn’t reach Kurena.

A young man with light blue hair clutching a Golden Sword easily stopped Doberg’s sword.

(Huh Helmios)

It seems that the Hero Helmios, who was in the audience, sensed Doberg’s abnormality and stopped him.

“Oh, God, Doberg.

You were about to kill her, weren’t you”

“No What about me”

“It’s not like you to be consumed by your skills.”

“Huh, have I been consumed Against a little girl…”

Doberg dropped his Greatsword and collapsed on his knees.

He was so shocked that he was looking at his hands and waning.


Doberg, are you all right”

Kurena looked into his face with concern.

She seemed even more shocked by his expression.

“Oh, yes.

You win, Kurena.

I’m sorry about your Greatsword.

Here, take it.”


Doberg forcefully handed Kurena his Greatsword.

Doberg then left the arena with the help of Hero Helmios.

Thus ended the rematch between Kurena and Doberg.

Although it seemed doubtful that Kurena had won in the end as she watched Doberg leaving the arena while clutching Doberg’s Greatsword.


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