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Academy Martial Arts Tournament 2


Everyone except me moved to the fortress city of Feldra and proceeded to conquer the A-class dungeon during the summer vacation.

Although I wasn’t present, since the number of people in our party had increased, we conquered in less than two months.

The Level of the newcomers was rising at an incredible rate.

I also conquered the 5th A-class dungeon a few days later than others.

Though the Dungeon Management System didn’t appear after we defeated the bottom floor boss.

It was probably because we had three new members in our party.

In order to get our 5th Certificate of Conquest, I think we need to remove the three new members from our party through the procedure at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Then, beat the bottom floor boss again, and we would gain the 5th engraving on our card.

But we have already talked about it and have decided to enter the S-class dungeon with the five of us.

We returned to the Academy City at the end of September and have been trying to conquer the newcomers’ 3rd A-class dungeon.

At our current pace, all eight of us will finish conquering 5 A-class dungeons by December.

I collected as many magic stones as I could in two months.

I collected nearly a million E and D-rank stones, but was limited to 100,000 C-rank magic stones due to their high price.

The market price of magic stones has risen by about 10% in the Kingdom due to my requests, but it will settle down soon.

The price of magic stones returned to normal in October.

I was able to raise my to Level 7.

was already Level 7 before my meeting with Hero Helmios, but now my


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