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At the end of July, Kurena was able to pass her third Liberal Arts exam.

Since everyone except Kurena had no problems with the exam, it went smoothly for us.

My devilish training for Kurena in this aspect has not changed from last year.

Kurena had no intention of studying on her own.

I wonder what the three new students were thinking as I tied her to a chair and made her study.

Sophie and the others have already conquered 3 B-class dungeons and even 1 A-class dungeon.

Of course, I have B-class dungeon maps with me in the Grimoire to show the way, so it’s faster to conquer them than to find the way from scratch.

The newcomers didn’t expect to be able to conquer B-class dungeons so quickly after coming to the Kingdom.

And the five of us, me, Kurena, Cecile, Dogora, and Kiel, have finally finished conquering our 4th A-class dungeon, so we have only one more to go.

We will conquer our 5th A-class dungeon during the summer vacation next month since there are only 4 A-class dungeons in the Academy City.

We’ve already discussed where to go.

Our training for Extra skill is still going on.

It seems that activating them is a matter of the mind.

I hope we can master it.

Mayor Rodan’s village is progressing quite well.

We’ve already finished pulling out the trees in the area that will become the village.

Now we are building a fence around the village to protect it from the Great Boars that come in droves in the fall.

The Boar-like C-rank Beast is still helping with the cultivation, carrying wood in its mouth and digging up the soil with its snout.

In order to make the most of the two years of tax exemption, I am also helping so that we can immediately start focusing on field crops next year.

Today, my homeroom teacher told me to go to the Principal’s office after class.

Kurena and I were the ones called.

I had a bad feeling about this, since the same thing happened last year where only the two of us were called.

Since the party members were also allowed to attend, all eight of us headed to the Principal’s office with our homeroom teacher.

Knock Knock


The homeroom teacher knocked on the door and after getting a reply opened it.

The Principal seemed to be on time today.

And beside him was a young man who looked familiar.

“Hello, Allen.

How have you been”

Helmios the Hero was also in the Principal’s office.



It’s been a long time.”

“No, no.

We’re close, aren’t we Helmios is fine.”

“No, no, no.

I have no friend who is a Hero.”

The Hero Helmios spoke to me in a familiar way.

The 8 of us, the Principal, the homeroom teacher, and Helmios sat down at a round table in the Principal’s office, where more than a dozen people could hold a meeting, since the sofa where we sat last time was not enough for everyone.

Helmios was smiling at Allen.

“Sir Principal, what can I do for you”

Without looking at Helmios, I asked the Principal what he wanted.

(We won’t be able to make it in time for today’s daily round of the bottom floor boss, so make it quick.

I’ll probably decline your request either way.)

“Oh, I called you here today to recommend you for the Academy Martial Arts Tournament in October.

The nominations are Allen and Kurena.”

(I knew it.

Last year they called us just before the October Tournament, but this year they’re calling us before the summer vacation.

Is it because last year we conquered the A-class dungeon during the summer vacation)

“On that note, Kurena will participate in the Tournament.

I would like to decline.”

I gave answers on my as well as Kurena’s behalf.

Sophie looked at me with a look that said, “Why”

“You want to ask why I am declining”

“Well, yes.

Is it because there is no reason to show your power”

“Hmm… did you hear about the Spirit King’s prophecy from Lady Sophiarone”

(Did you ask Sophie to join our party just to get her to tell me about the prophecy No, the Principal doesn’t have that kind of authority.

So it’s the other way around)

I think about who wants me to participate in the Academy Martial Arts Tournament at all costs.

“Yes, I’ve heard that the Spirit King sleep talks often.”


Helmios burst out laughing at my words.

He seemed to agree with me.

The Principal and Sophie gave a bitter smile.

“We don’t know the true meaning of those words, but you might save the world from the Demon King.

We really want to know the power of a Summoner.

What if I told you that knowing your power here would be good for the world”

(Oh The Principal has changed his tone.

I mean, he clearly mentioned the Demon King.

Last year, he didn’t mention the Demon King at all.)


I don’t think so.”


I explained my thought process.

My power or rather Talent Summoner cannot be called powerful or weak with one look like some other Talents.

Therefore, for the sake of the world and to know the Summoner’s power, it is necessary to disclose all of my abilities in detail.

If Sophie is right, and the existence of the Spirit King’s prophecy is true, then the disadvantages of making it public are greater than the advantages.


“Yes, sir.

There is a risk that information could be passed on to the enemy.”

(I’m growing stronger.

What if the Demon King learns about me and thinks, “This guy may be dangerous in the future, but I can kill him now.” I can’t take that risk without a reason.)

I put forward a plausible case and declined the recommendation to participate in the tournament.

In the first place, I don’t know what kind of information network the Demon King’s army has.

“Mmm, that’s true.

Isn’t it difficult to not show any power at all”

“No, no, I’ll be able to demonstrate my power on the battlefield.”

I have no intention of hiding my power.

If I had a reason to use my power in public in the past, I would have done so.

It’s a simple matter of not using it when it’s not required.

“You insist on declining”


I’m sorry.”

“‘You said last year that there was no profit in participating.

Is that another reason”

“Well, yes.”

The Principal sighed and looked at Helmios.

Apparently, it was some kind of signal.

Then, Helmios started fiddling with something on the fingers of his right hand.

Then, something rolled onto the table.

I looked at it and found that it was a Ring.

“Oh no! My precious Mana Recovery Ring fell!”

He said deliberately, and hurriedly picked up the Ring lying on the table and put it on his finger.


“Thank goodness.

I nearly lost the Ring the Spirit King made for me as a thank you for saving the Elven troops.

I have to take good care of it.”

I watched the little play that Helmios started with a blank expression on my face.

The Principal said in a small voice, “It’s the Spirit King.”


I heard you’ve been going to the dungeon.

Are you looking for something I, as your senior, may know about a few more things.”

“No, thank you.”

(I don’t remember having a senior like this.)

“I see.

By the way, Mana Recovery Rings don’t appear in A-class dungeons, or even S-class dungeons as a matter of fact.

Is there something you’re looking for”

“What How can you be so sure”


You’re not telling me anything, so why should I tell you”


(Well, I had a feeling you would say that.

I won’t forgive this Hero.

Did he come here just to show off that Ring I don’t think so though.)

“Don’t stare at me like that.

I’m nice so I’ll tell you.

Digragni can’t make Mana Recovery Rings.”


“I checked with him and he said it might be possible if he became a Demi-God, but not now.

That’s too bad.

Oh, you might be able to get an Orichalcum weapon if you work hard enough.

I’d better stop.”

He said he had confirmed it directly with the Dungeon Master, Digragni.

Merle gasped at those words.

I looked at Merle and wondered if he was that easy to meet.

(The Adventurer’s Guild is leaking information.

It’s still a world without privacy.

Should I stop)

“Should I stop”

“You’re going with these eight, right If you go into an S-class dungeon with your current party, you might not get wiped out, but some of you will die and you’ll have to turn back.”

Helmios declared that it is impossible for us to conquer an S-class dungeon.

It seems that Helmios has already appraised the eight of us.

“So what’s your point”

“I’ve discussed with the Principal that the winner of this year’s tournament will have to fight me.

If you beat me, I’ll give you this Mana Recovery Ring, okay”

(I see.

Assuming that this self-proclaimed Hero is telling the truth, in order to obtain the Mana Recovery Ring, I need to either defeat the Hero or ingratiate myself with the Elves and ask the Spirit King for help.

Which is more certain No, neither of them are certain.

In a situation like this, I should consider doing both.)

I began to consider my options.

Everyone was looking at me, while I was thinking, which is unusual for me.

“Assuming I participate, can I make two conditions”

“Hmm What is it”

“Does this mean that Master Doberg will not be coming this year I’m sure Kurena is looking forward to fighting Master Doberg.”

“Oh, yeah.

Doberg will be there.

He’s going to fight the runner-up of the tournament.

What’s the other condition”

It seems that Helmios had interrupted the original plan for Doberg to come as usual.

“I want to find out if that Ring is real.”



I borrowed the Mana Recovery Ring from Helmios.

I used my skills rapidly to reduce my mana all at once and try it on.

(I am recovering 1% of my maximum mana per second, 60% per minute I want this.

I want this.

I can gain skill experience and I don’t have to worry about my mana in battle at all.

“Heh, Allen, you can tell how much magic it recovers, can’t you”

It seemed that Helmios knew what I was doing.

(Hmm, well, so much the better.

I got a lot of valuable information this time.)

“Well, what do you think It’s real, isn’t it”

I returned the Ring to Helmios.

“So, is this profitable enough for you to enter the tournament, Mr.


“Yes, I will be participating in this year’s tournament.

By the way, are we free to bring our own weapons and items”

“Of course, you should be as prepared as you can.

You have two months to prepare, so best of luck.”

(So, I can use recovery items in battle.)

This is how Allen ended up participating in this year’s Academy Martial Arts tournament.


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