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Dragon (2)

“It got angry at me.”

“Well, we’re all at fault.”


I attacked the Dragon while it was talking, which angered it.

The Dragon’s anger seems to be directed at the entire party.

I could feel Cecile’s jittery eyes on my back.

This world is not a turn-based game world.

If you do nothing, you will be attacked unilaterally, and if you catch your opponent off guard, you can attack them two or more times in a row.

 (I hope it damages itself to some extent.)

The Dragon-type is said to be the strongest of the bottom floor bosses.

Since we don’t know how strong it is, I wanted to damage it as much as possible before fighting it.

While the Dragon was talking to us, I recreated the cards that I lost due to [Self-Destruct] and [Self-Destruct] them again.

Since my is now Level 7, many of the attack-oriented Awakening skills have increased in power due to the increased status.

E-rank Stone’s awakening skill, [Self-Destruct] has also increased in power.

The effects of Grass summons and Bird summons awakening skills did not change.

The C-rank Bird seems to be much faster now that its [Agility] has reached 1500 due to .

The enraged Dragon bared its fangs and charged at us, walking on two legs.

“Let’s go! Don’t break  our formation.”


Kurena and Dogora grabbed their weapons without fear and plunged into the Dragon.

Cecile continued to cast her magic from a distance.

Kurena’s full force strike struck the Dragon’s leg.

But it barely penetrated it’s flesh.

Even with an [Attack] of over 3000, it didn’t seem to have done that much damage.

Dogora’s attacks didn’t seem to be getting through as well.

Frans struggled to dodge the Dragon’s attacks by hands, fangs, and tails.

(It’s skin is so hard.

This isn’t just [Endurance].

It’s definitely got physical resistance.)

The damage you deal to your enemies is basically determined by your overall [Attack] and your enemy’s [Endurance].

The overall [Attack] can be increased by weapons, skill levels, and magic items such as Power Rings.

But that is not all.

There is something called physical resistance or immunity, just like C-rank Spirit Maria.

Dragons seem to have physical resistance that means any physical damage they receive would be considerably reduced.

It seems that the originally hard Dragon skin reduces even more damage.

After a few minutes of battle, the Dragon’s throat began to glow bright red.

I could see something shiny going up under the skin of the throat.

The Dragon lifted its head and turned its upper body.

“It’s using Breath!!!”

At my order, two C-rank Stones Tekkas were defending Cecile and Kiel at all costs.

And, the remaining two were defending the entire party with their [Self-Sacrifice] awakening skill.

[Self-Sacrifice] makes it so the attacks don’t deal damage to any party members unless Tekka is defeated.

Since [Self-Sacrifice] is a ranged skill, even if there are multiple party members taking damage, they will all be received by Tekka.

The calculation of the damage taken depends on the [Endurance] of Tekka.

The Dragon’s mouth glowed, and a tremendous amount of heat hit us.

(Damn, that’s a long Breath.)

The flames that the Dragon kept spewing turned the two Tekkas using [Self-Sacrifice] glowing bubbles.

Since Kurena, Dogora, and I were inside the Breath, it seemed that two of them had to shoulder the damage of us three.

I summoned two more Tekkas and hurried to cards to make up for the missing summons.

After the Breath stopped, Kurena and Dogora resumed their attacks.

“Still alive!!!!”

Then the Dragon’s throat begins to glow once more.

I thought it would attack again, but this time it didn’t.

(What This is…)

“No! It’s storing its power!”

Some magical beasts accumulate their power and then attack all at once.

Naturally, the damage done to them is greater once they have stored up their power than when they simply attack continuously.

I refer to this as “storing power”.

The time between Breaths was twice as long as the time when it had just Breathed out.

Both Kurena and Dogora continued to attack, but they couldn’t defeat it at all.

Then, the Dragon spewed out a shining Breath.

The range of the Breath was wider than before, and in an instant, both the Tekkas that I summoned and the Tekkas protecting Cecile and Kiel disappeared.

It’s throat glowed even brighter.

The Dragon seemed to have decided that attacking us with its Breath was effective.

Frans are agile and difficult to hit so all of its attacks with tails and fangs have missed.

After a short pause, it used Breath a third time.

I couldn’t Tekkas in time.

I managed to summon enough Tekkas to protect Cecile and Kiel though.

If Cecile and Kiel were to be hit by it’s Breath, they would probably die instantly.

That’s how powerful it was.

Kurena, Dogora, and I took a decent hit from the Dragon’s Breath and were blown away by the flames.

A C-rank Spirit Maria flew towards us from outside of the Breath’s range bringing with her some recovery items.

At this point, the Frans that Kurena, Dogora, and I were on had all turned into glowing bubbles.

The Dragon started glowing for the fourth time.

The Dragon had completely decided to defeat us using its Breath.

(I won’t be able to Tekkas in time.

It can’t be helped.)

“Allen, it’s using Breath again! What are we going to do!”

“Withdraw! Everybody get back in a straight line! We’re in for the long haul!”

I shouted out the new strategy in response to Cecile’s words.


I discarded the option of pushing on and defeating it.

We knew the range and power of the Dragon’s Breath and the speed of its attacks.

From there, we can come up with a new strategy.

I looked at Dogora and Kurena, who were blown up together with me.

“Dogora, Kurena, withdraw! Kurena”

Dogora replied to my words, but Kurena stood vacantly, clutching her sword.

(Oh no! I’ve seen this somewhere before, maybe…)

I’ve seen it before, many years ago.

However, now is not the time to remember such things.

I was about to shout withdraw once more when I heard the sound of a yell.


Kurena shouted loudly.

Then her whole body flickered like a shimmering flame, as if the light had been refracted.

Then, with that shout, Kurena plunged into the Dragon.

The Dragon set its sights on Kurena and spewed out a huge Breath.

Kurena was engulfed in those glowing flames.


I panicked and tried to use a recovery item.


However, the next thing I saw was a Greatsword cutting off one of the Dragon’s arms.

Kurena plowed through the Breath without a care in the world.

Kurena’s movements were like a different person’s from before.

Fresh blood sprayed from the Dragon.

It screamed and tried to kill Kurena, who was a fraction of its own size.

We regrouped our formation without Kurena and hurried to summons.

I don’t know how long this power of Kurena’s will last.

(Can we beat it What’s her status now What She recovers 1% of her health per second)

Kurena’s status has never been higher.

The burns from the Breath that she had been exposed to all over her body were healing at an incredible rate.

Kurena’s status, excluding my summon’s and Kiel’s buff were as follows: (When her mana is full)

[Name] Kurena {Recovering Health}

[Age] 13

[Talent] Master Swordsman

[Level] 58

[Strength] 2360 3900

[Mana] 922 3000

[Attack] 2360 3900

[Endurance] 1654 3900

[Agility] 1594 3900

[Intelligence] 942 3000

[Luck] 1155 3000

Skills: Swordsmanship , Slash , Flying Slash , Crimson Lotus Break , Thunder Sword , Bold , Swordsmanship

[Extra] Limit Break

[Experience] 9,073,027 / 40,000,000

Skill Level

[Master Swordsman] 5

[Slash] 5

[Flying Slash] 5

[Crimson Lotus Break] 5

[Thunder Sword] 5

Skill Experience

[Slash] 68,750/100,000

[Flying Slash] 75,200/100,000

[Red Lotus Break] 82,000/100,000

[Thunder Sword] 69,900/100,000


The Dragon’s tone of voice was getting worse and worse.

The Dragon, bleeding from all over its body and deeply cut, snapped and flipped Kurena off with its thick tail.

Kurena bounced up and ran towards the Dragon from where she was blown away.

Apparently, it thought it had blown Kurena away enough to a safe distance.

The Dragon’s throat began to glow brighter than ever.


However, the Breath did not charge up in time as Kurena ran at once from the position where she was blown up.

Kurena thrust her Greatsword at the glowing throat.


A large amount of fire erupted from the Dragon’s throat.

The Dragon, enveloped in flames, collapsed helplessly.

(You have defeated 1 Heavy Dragon.

You have acquired 1,600,000 Experience points.)

(1.6 million, that’s 2 million if I defeat it by myself.

That’s two or three times more than the other bottom floor bosses.)

The Dragon then turned into an A-rank magic stone.

“Kurena, are you okay”

We moved closer to Kurena.

Whatever was coming out of Kurena’s body has already disappeared.

“Yeah, I defeated the Dragon!”

(No, your extra skills are too good.

No wonder the Deputy Commander got beaten up.)

I pitied the Deputy Knight Commander who was beaten to a pulp by the five-year-old Kurena who accidentally activated her Extra skill.

Kurena’s Extra Skill

Restores 1% of health per secondIncrease all stats by 3000

“Oooooh!!!! Look, a Gold chest!!!!!”


Kiel noticed that a Gold chest had appeared.

The Gold chest looked much more brilliant than the Silver chest.

The first Gold chest we found after months in A-class dungeons made us very happy.

Kurena opened the Gold chest and found a single Ring inside.

“A Ring! Maybe it’s a Mana Recovery Ring!”

I was pleased to see that Kurena found a Ring.

(The Ring is here.

I hope this is a Mana Recovery Ring.)

“Kurena, you have consumed some mana, try it on.”

I asked Kurena to put on the Ring, because she had consumed some mana while fighting the Dragon.

She said “Yes,” and equipped the Ring.

I checked her status in the Grimoire, but her mana didn’t show any change.

“Allen, what is it

“… It doesn’t look like a Mana Recovery Ring.

Just equip it to Dogora and see.”

Disappointed, I checked its effect.

When Dogora equipped the Ring, he let out an,”Oh,” and his health recovered 1% percent of his health, and soon he was fully healed.

“This is a Recovery Ring…”

(Guu…, regrettable but okay.)

“I’m sorry for you.

But it’s good.

Now there’s hope for you.”

Cecile followed up on me, who was depressed.

She said that if we can get a Ring that can restore health, then we will definitely be able to get a Ring that restores mana.

“But that’s because we defeated the Dragon.”

Cecile seemed to have noticed something.

“Yeah, I guess so.

Then wouldn’t a White Dragon work too”

Dogora also realized what Cecile was trying to say.

“Yes! Let’s go kill the White Dragon sometime.”

Kurena said as she looked at me.

“No, we’re not going to defeat the White Dragon yet.”


Allen said that he would not defeat the white Dragon yet.

Everyone, who had thought that Allen would be the one who would want to defeat the White Dragon the most, shouted in surprise.


“This victory was thanks to Kurena accidentally activating her Extra Skill.


There was a lot of luck involved in this victory.

I’ve already explained to everyone about Extra skills.


“If we defeat it before Kiel restores his Family, it might make it difficult for Kiel to become a Lord in the future.”

With or without the White Dragon, the contract requires five years of service in the battlefield.

At that time, if the Crown Prince had already become the King, would he easily give up the Royal territory without the White Dragon It might cause us some trouble.

Allen said that he wanted to keep the Royal territory unpalatable because of the presence of the White Dragon.

When Kiel understood what Allen was trying to say, he thought that his father had chosen the wrong person to fight.


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