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Class (2)


The Royal Messenger who made the oral promise to Kiel was in the service of the Crown Prince.

And the King was unaware of the promise of Kiel’s service.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything right away.

I said I’d leave it to the Viscount, so I am going to wait and see what happens.

The Viscount has not said anything to me.

I will move depending on the outcome of the Viscount’s move.

And if disaster befalls the Viscount Family or Kiel, I, a guest of the Viscount Family will move.

At the end of the lunch break, I thanked Rifol for taking the trouble to tell me about everything I wanted to know.

He has always been a great source of information for me.

I then headed to the ground in front of the Academy building.

In the afternoon, the classes are tailored to each Talent.

If you’re a Swordsman, he/she will take the sword class.

I began to take sword classes.

Before the summer vacation, I used to take a whole bunch of classes, but from now on, I am going to focus entirely on sword classes.

The reason for this is that there’s no point in endlessly listening to something I can’t use, such as magic whenever I took the Magic class.

Furthermore I have Cecile, a Mage, as a companion, so if I ever want to know something related to magic, I can just ask her.

As for the reason for taking the sword class, my party has Kurena and Dogora on the front line.

While the two of them fight as hard as they can on the front lines, I am standing around to cover Cecile and Kiel so that they don’t get attacked by the magical beasts.

In short, it is a position called the middle guard.

Even in this situation, I hold a sword while fighting magical beasts.

It means that there are quite a few cases where knowing how to wield a sword is useful.

I’m going to take a sword class in the afternoon to improve my sword skills.

My goal is to have to have Level 4 by the time I graduate

“Come on! Line up!”

My homeroom teacher, who is a Talented swordsman, is the teacher of the sword class.

There are more than 200 students here, all of whom are Talented Swordsmen.

Next to me are Kurena and Rifol, who is also a Talented Swordsman.

“The summer vacation has ended, but that doesn’t change the content of the class.

After 100 strikes, we’ll have mock battles.”


The students responded with a fervor that made it hard to believe they were the same generation as the first years in my previous life.

At equal intervals, we swung our practice swords.

(As expected, after conquering a dungeon, everyone has changed.

Something about the way they move is different from the way I felt before summer vacation.)

While swinging, I could feel the difference in movement and atmosphere of other students from when I had attended the class before the summer vacation.

The homeroom teacher was also checking everyone’s movements with a stern look.

All the students here have conquered the dungeon during the summer vacation.

However, not all the students conquered a dungeon.

Even my classroom, which had 30 students before the summer vacation, only has 27 now.

I guess they couldn’t complete their summer assignments.

The C-class dungeon is not difficult for those with Talent.

However, not everyone came to the Academy to fight.

“Allen, let’s have a mock battle.”


“Huh, no!”

Rifol asked me to fight against him in the upcoming mock battles.

Kurena, who was probably planning to have a mock battle with me, complained about it.

(No, Kurena.

It’s really hard for me to go up against someone with 3200 [Attack].

Fight against the homeroom teacher as usual.

He came all the way from the Royal Capital just for you.)

Three Summon Squads are still hunting magical beasts in the A-class dungeons.

The number of C-rank Beasts, which increase my[Attack], has dwindled during the lunchtime and I only have ten now, so even taking into account the blessings, my [Attack] is only 1300.

“Hey, hey, what’s going on

As I was thinking about this, my homeroom teacher came in carrying a sword.

It seems that the homeroom teacher, who was also a greatsword user like Kurena, was coming to take Kurena .

Regretfully, Kurena moved a little further away.

Then my mock battle with Rifol began.

The sound of sword clashing against a sword echoed everywhere.

(Rifol’s level has gone up quite a bit.

He is probably Level 35.

His [Attack] is about 800 or so.

Dogora had about 1000 at the same level.)

I anticipated Rifol’s [Attack] by clashing swords with him.

Perhaps this is the level of power for a first year, and this is the strength of the Swordsman Talent.

It takes about 330,000 Experience points to reach Level 35 in Normal Node, and I expect that’s about what one’d get if they keep leveling up in the C-class dungeons.

Crossing swords with Rifol reminds me of Cecile’s brother Mihai.

I wonder what he used to think when he was in the Academy.


“Hey, hey, the teacher’s sword broke!”

“Are you serious”

“Kurena’s sword is broken, too!”


While I was lost in thoughts and fighting with Rifol, a cheer went up a short distance away.

Both of their mock battle swords snapped, unable to withstand the force of the attacks from Kurena and the homeroom teacher, Karuba.

A deafening metallic sound echoed in the ground.

“…Hold on for a second.”

The homeroom teacher returned to the Academy building, clutching a sword that had been snapped off at the base.


I saw the homeroom teacher returning to the Academy building and resumed my fight with Rifol.

I then summoned an Eagle high in the sky and followed him.

“Hey! Karuba, that’s not a sword for a mock battle!”

“What It’s okay.”

“What’s okay”

The homeroom teacher came back with two sharp Mithril swords on his shoulders.

There are about 200 students participating in the swords class, so there are several instructors.

One of the instructors rushed in to stop him.

“It’s too small here.

Kurena, we fight a little farther back.”


Kurena and the homeroom teacher moved to a place away from the other students.

Then they resumed their mock battle.

Both of them wielded their Mithril swords without a care in the world.

Although they were quite a distance apart, I could still hear the sound of their swords clashing.

(Teacher Karuba has a slight edge.

Just a little.

I wonder if it’s because they’re so close in terms of status, and he has a higher skill level.

Kurena’s is still at 5 after all.)

Although Kurena had raised her Level to 57, the homeroom teacher still seemed to have a slight edge over her, who was a Talented Master Swordsman.

Perhaps because the homeroom teacher was somewhat dominant, Kurena looked very happy.

She  was swinging her sword with gusto.

The reason I raid dungeons is to get stronger; even if I don’t get much stronger after one dungeon raid, it’s fun if it leads to getting stronger.

It’s not hard to hunt 10,000 Goblins for me if it results in me getting stronger one day.

But Kurena doesn’t raid the dungeons to get stronger.

She does so, because she enjoys wielding a sword and fighting.

Fighting itself is the purpose of Kurena.

And she finds wielding her sword and fighting with all her might fun.

She also practices sword fighting with Dogora, who has an [Attack] of nearly 2,000, but Kurena takes it easy on him.

B-rank magical beasts are starting to feel weak for her.

A-rank magical beasts are very strong, so she has more fun in the A-class dungeons.

And now there is someone stronger than her.

He was pretty much her exclusive opponent even before the summer vacation, but she’s irresistibly happy that she’s still no match for him.

(I hope it’s okay.

We’ve got about three hours remaining for this class.)

It was the afternoon practical training, which started at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and lasted about three hours.

Kurena and the homeroom teacher looked like they were giving it their all.

About two hours later, a chime rang.

“As expected of someone who has conquered an A-class dungeon…”

The homeroom teacher, breathing heavily, complimented Kurena.

(Hmm I think the homeroom teacher just stared at me.)

Apparently, he thinks that I am the reason why Kurena has become so strong.

“Oh, thank you so much.

I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Kurena was also breathing heavily.

Practice is over now, but she’s already thinking about tomorrow’s practice.


And, Kurena, Allen.”

Everyone was cleaning up and heading back to the Academy building for the end of class.

I was doing the same.

Then, the homeroom teacher called out to us as if he suddenly remembered something.

“What is it”

“The Principal wants to see you two.

Come with me to the Principal’s office later.”

The Principal wanted Allen and Kurena to go with their homeroom teacher to his office.


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