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Stamp Card


The bottom floor boss, an Armor-type A-rank magical beast, was not killed by my Meteorite (Provisional).

It was coming towards us while emitting smoke from its body.

The ten B-rank Orc Kings that surrounded it had been blasted to death though, so there was only one magical left to defeat.

“Let’s go!”


The bottom floor boss was still alive.

With Kurena’s call, Kurena and Dogora rushed towards the bottom floor boss on Fran’s back.

The boss swung it’s Claymore down a few meters to meet Kurena, who was coming at it at 300 kilometers per hour.


“Kurena, are you okay”

Kiel panicked.

Kurena blocked the attack with her sword, but the boss’s Claymore, which must have weighed several hundred kilos, shattered the floor and buried Fran’s feet.

“It’s okay! Whoo-hoo!”

Kurena activated her skill, and her sword turned bright red.

The boss’s Claymore was repelled and its upper body was flung back.

Fran, with its strong legs, seemed to be safe.

In the meantime, Dogora slammed his axe into the ground with all his might.

Because the target was so large, we concentrated all of our attacks on the upper half of the boss.

(Okay, Kurena stopped the attack, so this is going to stabilize the fight.)

Kurena was able to withstand the attack of the bottom floor boss and found a way to win.

Even though the bottom floor boss is strong, it’s only a matter of time.

We all attacked it for a few minutes continuously.

The bottom floor boss collapsed into a heap without uttering a groan.

“You have defeated 1 Great Warrior.

You have acquired 480,000 experience points.”


To our amazement, the bottom floor boss quietly turned into a purple magic stone the size of a softball.

(Our levels are fine but it still took us some time.

This will not be enough on the battlefield where there will be a lot of A-ranks around.)

I reflected on this alone as I looked at everyone’s status.

Everyone except me has reached Level 56.

Excluding any buffs applied while fighting, their status is as follows:

[Name] Kurena

[Age] 12

[Talent] Master Swordsman

[Level] 56

[Strength] 2280 900

[Mana] 890

[Attack] 2280 900

[Endurance] 1600 900

[Agility] 1540 900

[Intelligence] 910

[Luck] 1115

Skills: Master Swordsmanship , Slash , Flying Slash , Crimson Lotus Break, Thunder Sword , Bold , Swordsmanship

[Extra] Limit breakthrough

[Experience] 11,231,560 / 20,000,000

Skill Level

[Master Swordsmanship] 5

[Slash] 5

[Flying Slash] 5

[Crimson Lotus Break] 5

[Thunder Sword] 3

Skill Experience

[Slash] 150/100,000

[Flying Slash] 300/100,000

[Crimson Lotus Break] 100/100,000

[Thunder Sword] 400/1,000

[Name] Cecile Granvelle

[Age] 13

[Talent] Mage

[Level] 56

[Strength] 960

[Mana] 1620 600

[Attack] 615

[Endurance] 1006

[Agility] 951 600

[Intelligence] 2230 600

[Luck] 896

Skills: Mage , Fire , Earth , Wind , Water , Wisdom , Kumite

[Extra] Small Meteorite

[Experience] 11,194,060 / 20,000,000

Skill Level

[Mage] 5

[Fire Magic] 5

[Earth Magic] 5

[Wind magic] 5

[Water Magic] 3

Skill Experience

[Fire Magic] 550/100,000

[Earth Magic] 600/100,000

[Wind magic] 200/100,000

[Water Magic] 100/1,000

[Name] Dogora

[Age] 13

[Talent] Axe Knight

[Level] 56

[Strength] 1234 300

[Mana] 668

[Attack] 1625 300

[Endurance] 1069

[Agility] 676

[Intelligence] 450

[Luck] 731

Skills] Axe Knight , Full-Body , Axe Throw , Explosive Strike , Avalanche Crush , Axemanship

[Extra] Body and Soul

[Experience] 11,183,260 / 20,000,000

Skill Level

[Axe Knight] 5

[Full-Body] 5

[Axe Throw] 5

[Explosive Strike] 5

[Avalanche Crush] 3

Skill Experience

[Full-Body] 700/100,000

[Axe Throw] 300/100,000

[Explosive Strike] 600/100,000

[Avalanche Crush] 400/1,000

[Name] Kiel

[Age] 13

[Talent] Priest

[Level] 56

[Strength] 735

[Mana] 1399 300

[Attack] 558

[Endurance] 785

[Agility] 895

[Intelligence] 1233 300

[Luck] 1123

Skills: Priest , Heal , Resolute , Cure , Magic Wall , Faith , Swordsmanship

[Extra] God Drop

[Experience] 11,297,230 / 20,000,000

Skill Level

[Priest] 5

[Heal] 5

[Resolute] 5

[Healing] 5

[Magic Wall] 3

Skill Experience

[Heal] 200/100,000

[Resolute] 800/100,000

[Cure] 500/100,000

[Magic Wall] 300/1,000

“Oh! I found a treasure chest! It’s a treasure chest from an A-class dungeon.

Or is it a crate”

Kiel reacted to a treasure chest that appeared a little behind where the bottom floor boss was standing.

Unfortunately, this time it seemed to be a wooden one.

I thought the probability of getting a Golden one was about 1%, but it’s probably about 0.01%.

“Whoa! It’s a Heliocane Axe!”

When he opened the chest, he found a Heliocane Axe that was obviously bigger than the chest.

I don’t know how it works, but sometimes something bigger than the treasure chest comes out.

“Axe, then.


I guess you’re done with Mithril weapons.”

“Huh! Are you sure”

My words made Dogora ask if I was sure.

The axe would probably sell at about 300 Gold coins.

The reward for defeating the bottom floor boss of the A-class dungeon is going to be at least 100 Gold coins.

“We were talking about improving everyone’s equipment from dungeon drops after all.

If we get a big sword, it’s for Kurena.

If we get a wand, it’s for Cecile; if we get a rod, it’s for Kiel; if we get a rapier or a regular sword, it’s for me.”

We have already discussed this beforehand.

In this world, the strength of the weapon is based on the material.

The power of the weapon increases with the hardness of the material in the following order: Copper, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Heliocane, Adamantite, Orichalcum.

Since everyone is currently equipped with Mithril weapons, we have discussed that when we get better weapons, they will belong to those who can use them.

At that time, the receiver wouldn’t pay any money or compensation to the other members.

This is true even if the weapon or armor is made of Adamantite or Orichalcum.

(Even these weapons and armor may be too weak against the Demon King’s army.

We’re talking about tens or hundreds of thousands of troops with Mithril weapons after all.)

I think that the Demon King’s army is too large to be able to prepare a reasonable number of troops and still have the right weapons and armor.

The reason it took us so long to defeat the bottom floor boss this time could also be attributed to the weakness of our weapons.

By the time we get to the battlefield, we’ll all have at least Adamantite weapons.

As I was thinking that I would like to have Orichalcum weapons and armor if possible, something cube-shaped appeared in front of us.



What appeared in front of us seemed to be the Dungeon Management System that manages the dungeon, which we always meet when entering and exiting the dungeon.

“Congratulations on conquering the A-class dungeon, Party: Abandoned Gamers.”

(Oh, we haven’t been called that in a while.

Don’t be shy, me!)

“I am the Dungeon Management System.

I’m here to issue you a Certificate of Conquest for this A-class dungeon.”

Then a black card appeared in front of our eyes.

The card was as black as a business card, and had a small inscription on it that looked like an unfamiliar crest.

“”Certificate of Conquest””

I picked it up and traced the engraved crest with my finger.

(Hey, I’ve seen something like this before.

That’s the one, isn’t it)

While I was thinking about other things, the explanation of the cube-shaped object that called itself the Dungeon Management System and the reactions of my friends continued.

“What good is it if we have the Certificate of Conquest”

While I was thinking about it, Cecile asked the question on my behalf.

“You have one engraving on your Certificate of Conquest this time.

If you increase the number of these engravings to five, we will exchange it for a Certificate of Eligibility to enter the S-class dungeon.

“”S-class dungeon!”

“Oh! A stamp card!!!”

“Whoa! Allen.”

While everyone else was surprised at the existence of the S-class dungeon, wondering if there was an even more difficult dungeon, I related the explanation to my previous life.

Cecile was taken aback by my reaction, saying that I had started again.

This was common in my previous life.

If you complete a number of quests, dungeons, and conquests of the same rank, you will be qualified to challenge quests of higher rank.

There was a kind of stamp card where you could get a stamp for every one you completed, and I remember trying my best to collect those stamps.

I don’t know why there is such a thing, but I remember that there was a strong theory that it was to prevent users from clearing it right away or to buy time for the next version update.

It seemed to be in the form of a stamp card, since it was a mark again.

I decided to ask the Dungeon Management System, who suddenly appeared, for more information.

This is how Allen and his friend conquered their first A-class dungeon.

And also how they obtained one of the engravings required to enter the S-class dungeon.


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