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Poppo (1)


It’s been a month since we conquered our first B-class dungeon.

It’s early August now.

One thing that happened in the past month was that Kurena passed her Liberal Arts exam successfully.

All of us took the exam and all of us passed, but we had a celebration for Kurena’s success.

Kurena looked happy for the celebration.

I hope we can celebrate her passing the exam next February, too.

We’ve conquered another B-class dungeon in due time.

Now we only need to conquer one more B-class dungeon to enter A-class dungeon.

I came to the Academy City not knowing what dungeons really were, but I think I’m progressing fast enough.

Kurena is now able to defeat B-rank magical beasts single-handedly, and I think she’s growing stronger too fast.

After a month-long hiatus, I started requests for D-rank magic stones in July.

200 C-rank magic stones can be collected in a B-class dungeon per day.

Dividing the Summon Squad into three teams, that’s 600 C-rank magic stones per day.

We are also actively collecting treasure chests.

The Summon Squad also actively defeats Mimics.

They don’t know if a treasure chest is Mimic or not, so whenever we find a treasure chest, we hit it with Maria’s [Psychic] anyway.

I found out that each floor has a limit of roughly 200 magic stones per day.

Apparently, there is a limit to the speed at which magical beasts can re-spawn, so 200 is the limit for a single floor.

The respawn time of magical beasts in the dungeon is not constant, so the summons spend all day to defeat 200.

As a measure to hunt for magical beasts that exceed the upper limit of 200, I try to look for magical beast summoning traps along with treasure chests; when surrounded by C-rank magical beasts, even C-rank summons can get beaten up somewhat, but if I succeed, I can gain about 1,000 C-rank magic stones.

The locations of the traps and treasure chests seem to change at midnight, so it’s crucial to find the magical beast summoning traps as soon as possible before the date changes.

Magic stones and money earned in a month due to Summon Squad alone.

34,760 C-rank magic stones

Treasure chest rewards: 425 Gold coins

I can request 310,000 D-rank magic stones after converting these C-rank magic stones.

The Adventurer’s Guild staff gave me a grim look and asked me to keep it down to a maximum of 10,000 D-rank magic stones per week.

It seems that 50,000 magic stones is the limit for monthly requests.

Since I usually take all the magic stones our party obtains from the dungeon, I bought what the party needed with the rewards from the treasure chests that the summons collected.

I needed a carriage for the activities at the base and a magic watch for the dungeon because I couldn’t tell the time, so I got them together.

Each cost 50 Gold coins.

Thanks to this, we have a stable in the garden, and our 15-year-old servant is taking care of it.

This will make it easier for me to keep track of time when we hole up in the dungeon during the summer vacation.

I am currently flying in the sky.

(Oh! There it is.

Or rather, how far.)

I can see the same thing I saw from the sky before with G-rank Bird Chappy.

It was the Kurena Village.

I used to come here via Chappy every month, but today I came with F-rank Bird Poppo that looks like a pigeon.

Our summer vacation, which lasts for two months, has started but instead of going back home, we decided to stay and conquer the dungeons.

I want to raise my level and skill levels and challenge the A-class dungeons as soon as possible.

One of my goals is to get a Mana Recovery Ring, which I believe I can get in the A-class dungeon.

I’m not going home, but I’ve come back to Granvelle territory for some business.

In addition to that, I’d like to give a status report.

In addition to that, this is also flight training for Poppo.

I arrived at my parents’ house.

When I went into the house, Rodan, Theresia, Mash and Muras were there.

They were eating some sweet potatoes, and it seemed to be lunchtime, so everyone was there, which was just fine.

“I’m finally back.

It was a long way.”

A pigeon went in front of them and spoke in my voice.


The sweet potatoes spilled out of Muras’ hand.

(All right, it seems like they can hear me.)

Poppo can also speak like Chappy.

However, unlike Chappy who can speak in other people’s voices, Poppo can only speak in mine.

F-rank Bird Poppo’s Special Skill [Transmission]

It can deliver my words in my voice to targets in a radius of 3 kilometers.The target can be selected, and the others cannot hear it.Distance and obstacles do not change the volume of the voice.

F-rank Bird Poppo’s Awakening Skill [Messenger]

It can deliver my words in my voice to targets in a radius of 100 kilometers.The information being delivered can be anything that I am seeing or hearing to just my voice(Video is also possible)Distance and obstacles do not change the volume of the voice.Cooldown time is 1 day.

It’s a ridiculously useful skill.

It is clearly a skill designed for a wide range of battlefields.

My is now Level 6, and I have learned


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