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I woke up on the cobblestones.

When I looked around, I saw my friends watching intently at me.

“He’s up.

He should have taken the Wide-Eye Potion after all.”

(Oh, I fell asleep because of the Sleep trap.

I’ve been waiting for this.)

I realized what happened to me.

We were in a small room on the sixth floor of a B-class dungeon.

The dungeon was very large and long, so even though I said a small room, it was about the size of a 25 meter pool.

Everyone around me looked worried.

The reason why everyone was worried was because I was the only one who hadn’t taken precaution against Sleep.

“Maria, did you use the [Condiments]”

“Yes, ~Death!”

“How long did it take me to wake up”

“It didn’t take more than ten seconds!”

(10 seconds is pretty quick.

It’s easy to get back into the fight right away.)

“Allen, what’s wrong”

Kurena peeked at me worriedly.

“No, I’m fine.

I just need to run some experiments on this trap, if that’s okay”


I get it.”

“Oh, Experiments, huh Okay, Kurena.

I need a little help with my training.”

“Yeah, I got it!”

Cecile agreed, as saying, “Another experiment, huh.” I have done a lot of experimenting in the dungeon, and there were a lot of things I didn’t know about C-rank summons and


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