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Chapter 7: She Bit Him

She was so silly. By doing that, she had aggrieved those closest to her and gladden the hearts of her enemies.

Song Ran had little patience for the confessions of suitors so that when Gu Jinghang offered her an explanation, she refused to listen.

She built tall walls around herself and locked herself in.

When Wen Huihui saw this, she had probably taken the opportunity to hide somewhere to laugh at her quietly.

Ah, Song Ran, why are there such fools like you in this world

The moonlight was beautiful. Song Ran lay on her side and looked at her man on the floor. As she was watching him, there were so many thoughts and emotions welling up in her mind. She was really touched.

The single person dorm room had a good environment. The space contained a small living room and a bedroom. However, the floor was made out of cement. Gu Jinghang did not lay anything on the floor underneath him. This would eventually cause a great deal of discomfort over time.

What a fool. Gu Jinghang is a big fool. What is so great about Song Ran that he was willing to do so much for her

“Ran...” It was quiet and still in the room. His voice was anchored deeply into her heart.

“Hmm...” She whispered.



“Ran...” He was mumbling blurrily. It was then that Song Ran realized that he was talking in his sleep.

Song Ran thought to herself, my name is on your lips even as you sleep. You must really love me. What is it that you like so much about me

“Ran...” Coupled with his disorderly breathing, Gu Jinghang was still calling her name repeatedly.

That was when Song Ran realized that there seemed to be something off with Gu Jinghang. She quickly reached for his forehead, and she was so surprised that she let out a scream.

It was too hot. His forehead was burning up. He had a high fever.

Song Ran could not remain on the bed. She quickly got up, turned on the lights, and knelt beside Gu Jinghang. She shook him lightly and said, “Jinghang... Jinghang...”

Gu Jinghang forced his eyes open. His throat was burning. That night, he had gotten himself drunk after drinking too much wine. His body was undergoing a lot of stress after soaking it in a few buckets of cold water and now sleeping on the cement floor.

Even if he was made of steel, he would not survive all this torture.

“Jinghang, go sleep on the bed.”

Gu Jinghang put up a tough front and said, “Its fine, its fine. Im afraid of the heat. Ill sleep on the floor. You should take the bed.”

Song Ran instantly got mad. She raised her voice significantly and shouted, “You dont listen to whatever I say anymore.”

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Gu Jinghang was most afraid of angering Song Ran. When he saw that Song Ran was staring at him angrily with both hands on her waist, he was a little confused about why the young girl was so mad.

“If I sleep on the bed, where will you sleep”

“Why would I sleep Do you have medicine here” Song Ran helped Gu Jinghang onto the bed. Her voice became more gentle, but there was a hint of needling.


Song Ran shook her head. This grown-up man really cannot take care of himself. He was making her really worried.

“You dont know that you have a fever”

Gu Jinghang was a young and strong man who worked out regularly, so he rarely fell ill. He was healthy and rarely showed symptoms of a mild cold or fever, so obviously, he did not know that he was sick until it was too late. He certainly did not have any medicine laying around the house.

“I dont have any medicine,” he said as he looked at her helplessly.

Song Ran shook her head again and let out a sigh.

“Will there be any medicine at the next dormitory building”

Gu Jinghang scratched his head and said, “The people living in this block are all grown men, I think... They would not have any medicine either.”

“What about the next block”

“They are all married guys.”




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