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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Hes Flustered

Moreover, she wanted to accompany him even if all they had between them was silence. Just by standing beside him, looking into his dark and soulful eyes, she felt that this all made up for her past life regrets.

“Dont you want to go back” his voice was hoarse as he asked tentatively.

“Well, can I... just stay here for a night”

He reached out and stroked her head. “Did you have a row with your family Your dad lectured you”

Even though she had broken his heart, he was still gentle with her for fear that she might feel slighted.

She kept quiet, and he took her silence as consent. She had always been proud, and she must have been feeling upset about being reprimanded.

“Then lets return to my dorm, shall we”

Song Ran nodded with tears in her eyes, looking pitiful.

Gu Jinghang wondered to himself, he was the one getting into trouble. Why was it up to him to console this lass

But what should he do She was the girl that he chose, and he should continue pampering her.

He picked the clothes that were hanging on a rope and wiped the remaining water droplets off his body with it. With his back facing Song Ran, he half-squatted before her. “Ill piggyback you in.”

Song Ran looked at his broad back with more tears rolling down her cheeks. She slowly stood up.


Gu Jinghang turned around with anxiety. “Whats wrong”

Song Ran pouted and said, “My feet are numb from squatting.”

Gu Jinghangs face visibly relaxed. He turned his back facing her again with a more obvious curl at his lips.

“Get on.” He patted himself on the shoulder.

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Song Ran hesitated before she finally climbed on his back. His body had cooled down after pouring several large buckets of well water over himself.

Since he was topless, Song Ran had nowhere to place her hands. As a result, she could only let them dangle uncomfortably around his chest.

Gu Jinghang piggybacked her back to the dormitory.

The frogs and the crickets took turns croaking and chirping under the banyan trees, sounding cheerful while the cicada seemed to be out of strength, as they only harmonized once in a while.

Song Ran felt like she was dreaming again. She lowered her head and bit Gu Jinghang on his shoulder.

His warmth felt very real and so was her bite. Even the slight jerk and the muffled sounds coming from Gu Jinghang were realistic.

Everything was real, and she was not dreaming. Song Ran let out a giggle again.

Gu Jinghang did not have the foggiest idea. He was really confused because Song Ran was acting really odd today. There was something extremely strange about her.

But he was used to giving in to her and coaxing her. There was nothing else he could really ask for when she was willing to stay close to him and even took the initiative to look for him. Hence, he did not dare probe further.

If his questions turned her back to her usual self, that was not worth the loss.

Even though he quite fancied her haughtiness, her current gentleness was even more appealing.

Hence, he let her be as she cried and giggled like a silly thing on his back.

The current Song Ran was simply adorable.

Things that she said earlier that afternoon were probably not from the bottom of her heart. She was not the kind of girl who only had eyes for wealth while showing her disdain for the poor. She just liked to shoot her mouth off.

Moon was shining brightly on Gu Jinghang and Song Ran who were both wearing a smile on their faces as they entered Gu Jinghangs single room.

It was late at night. Song Ran was lying on Gu Jinghangs single metal-frame bed with eyes wide open.

How could she possibly fall asleep There were so many things running through her head. For her entire past life, she had remained unwed, for she was a stubborn person too. She was certain that Gu Jinghang had betrayed her. Hence, she had used her entire previous existence to show thisunfaithful man how one should remain loyal and keep ones chastity when one was in love with somebody.

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