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Chapter 5: This Is Love

Song Ran was a proud little peacock. If Gu Jinghang hadnt looked for her, she would never have brought herself to this institute compound.

Just when Wen Huihui was on the verge of sealing the deal, this lass was clearly acting out of character by barging into the room.

What was so urgent that she had to disturb them like this

Song Ran had a difficult time supporting Gu Jinghang, whose entire weight was on her. She smiled at Wen Huihui. “I miss Jinghang. Cant I come over and see him”

Wen Huihui smiled awkwardly at Song Ran. She fiddled the corner of her garment with embarrassment. “Why... why not Of course, you can.”

Gu Jinghangs breathing was getting ragged. Song Ran knew that he was not feeling well. She stroked the back of his head and tried to soothe him.

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“Can I be alone with my boyfriend”

This was as good as chasing her off. Wen Huihui flustered as she looked at the man before her. He had been drugged by her, and Song Ran had broken in, in the nick of time.

Wouldnt this just be like sending Song Ran off to bed with him then

Song Ran was so full of herself. Without such an opportunity, she would never agree to such things before marriage. In that case, she would have the chance to win Gu Jinghang back again.

“Ran, its getting late. Leave with me and let him have a good rest.”

No matter what, she had to take Song Ran away. Given Gu Jinghangs character, he would marry her immediately if they slept together. Besides, it was Song Ran that he loved.

If that were to happen, she would lose all her chances.

Song Ran could not take it anymore as she hugged Gu Jinghang and leaned against the wall. This long-legged man nearly crushed her.

“No.” Wen Huihui was aghast as soon as Song Ran spoke. The person before her seemed to change right in front of her. “No, Jinghang seems very unwell. I have to stay and take care of him.”

Wen Huihui was anxious as she went to help Gu Jinghang. “He just had a few drinks in him. Lets help him to his room and let him rest.”


Yet, Gu Jinghang shoved her away instinctively. The remaining bit of his rationale had him blurting out, “Ran is asking you to leave.”

Wen Huihui was on edge. Didnt he hear it himself earlier that afternoon That Song Ran said he was a poor country bumpkin, and she didnt like him

Whats with the confusion now

She asked earnestly, “Jinghang, did you forget what you heard today”

She did not dare be any clearer since Song Ran was present.

Even so, Song Ran knew everything. Before she could utter a word, Gu Jinghang was already speaking breathlessly, “Regardless of what she said, shes Ran. Shes here for me, and thats enough.”

Tears welled up in Song Rans eyes. Gu Jinghang is the best in the world.

Wen Huihui wanted to say something.

“Enough! You may leave.” Gu Jinghang was forcing her to leave.

If Wen Huihui continued to stay there, Song Ran might notice something was amiss. With little to no choice, she glanced briefly at the duo before her. Reluctantly, she set her teeth and stalked out.

A waste of effort. What a pity.

Song Ran lifted her foot and closed the door behind her.

When she looked up again, she met Gu Jinghangs eyes, which were impenetrable and unclouded. Though they were mixed with emotions, clarity shone through them.

The incandescent lamp danced behind him while the summer night breeze blew in with the right amount of sweetness.

This is love. Love that flushes the cheeks and makes the heart skip a beat.

Gu Jinghang suppressed the unsettled emotions within him as he dashed out of the door. He was afraid that he might hurt her.

Song Ran hurriedly followed behind him.

Chapter 6 -He Wants Her


“Ran, are you perspiring” Gu Jinghang asked in an extremely rough voice. He was trying his best to control himself and Song Ran knew that.

His vision wavered. His tall nose was covered with a dense amount of sweat. While he stared at her, he stuck out his tongue and licked his lower lip uncontrollably.

The woman before him, who was like a little fox, was extremely seductive.

“Hmm, the weather outside is pretty warm. Gu Jinghang... Hmm... hmm... You...”

Gu Jinghang grabbed her waist with his strong arm. He wrapped his other arm around the back of her head to prevent her from knocking into the wall.

He wants her!

Every drop of blood within him was boiling vigorously!

He shut his eyes. His heavy breaths landed on her nose. She tasted something foreign in her mouth and it made her extremely jittery.

The Jinghang she knew always carried himself with proper conduct. He would always restrain himself and observe tradition, being someone who deeply valued honesty. The way he suddenly turned aggressive made her feel at a loss.


His tongue entered her mouth directly and hooked onto her little tongue as he was making huge efforts to draw the sweetness from her.

“Hmm... Jinghang...” Song Ran was lowering her body more and more, but luckily Gu Jinghang was holding onto her waist.

She was so lost that she had forgotten how to breathe.

Gu Jinghang lifted her up right away and went straight into the room. In the room, there was only an iron bed and a study table which was painted light brown.

The bedsheet and quilt cover was arranged neatly on the bed. The squarish windows were opened widely. The cold wind brushed against the curtains and entered the room, but it was not enough to extinguish the fire of love between the two people.

Gu Jinghang put her onto the bed lightly and went on top of her. The iron bed sank a little and creaked loudly.

Gu Jinghangs eyes looked like they could burn holes through her and his cheeks were red. Song Ran knew that the drug in his body must have taken effect.

She stared at the man before her nervously as she placed her tiny hand in front of his chest. Gu Jinghang bent down and buried his face on her neck. She instantly felt his moist and warm breath on her face and she got so scared that she shut both eyes tightly.

It had been her rash decision to run here. It never crossed her mind that after Wen Huihui had left, she would have to deal with Gu Jinghang in this state alone.


What a dangerous and frightening sight Gu Jinghang had become.


With Gu Jinghang in such a state, will she be able to handle it

The mans body was tough and hot like a burning red stone. He bit her lightly with his teeth and she was shaking.

“Jinghang... Jianghang...” She moaned softly. This strange feeling was far too unfamiliar.


However, if this were to make him feel more at ease, she was willing to receive his warm kisses no matter how afraid she was.

She was going all out.

Suddenly, Gu Jinghang lifted his head, as if he was awakened by her voice. Song Ran caressed his face and asked, “What... whats wrong”

Gu Jinghang looked lost as he said, “I must have scared you. I dont know what is going on either. I... I dont know what is wrong with me.”

Song Ran bit her lower lip as she touched his face gently and said firmly, “Im fine. Jinghang, its... its okay.”

Although she said it that way, she blushed with rosy cheeks when Gu Jinghang looked at her passionately.

Gu Jinghang got off her in an instant and rushed out of the room.

Bang! The sound of the door being slammed shut vibrated throughout the room.

He left.

He actually left

Song Ran was stunned. He could actually control himself

She quickly adjusted her messy collar and rushed out of the room after Gu Jinghang.

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