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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Seeing Jinghang Again

The sounds of his footsteps were getting closer. Song Ran turned around in shock to see that the security guard was right behind her.

She hurriedly raised her hand to knock on the door. Gu Jinghang, open up. Open the door. Let me in.

She did not dare speak for fear that Wen Huihui would not open the door if she knew that it was her, so she could only scream Gu Jinghangs name silently in her heart.

The wary voice of Wen Huihui sounded from inside the room, “Whos that”

Once the security guard had caught up with her and was standing right beside her, he said, “Sister, you cant break the rules within our research institute. Please follow me.”


This caused Song Ran to knock more aggressively on the door. Becoming even more desperate, she finally spoke, “Gu Jinghang, its me. Im Song Ran. Please open up.”

She could hear messy footsteps from within the room. However, that sound slowly disappeared. It appeared that Wen Huihui had carried him further into the room.

Darn it!

The security guard was nudging her arm as he said, “Miss Song, please follow me. If anyone finds out about this, I would be in big trouble.”

Song Ran could not be bothered about anything else. She started knocking on the door loudly and even used her foot to kick it. She must let the people behind this door know that she was not going anywhere.

“Gu Jinghang, open the door. I have something to tell you. Quickly, open up.”

There was silence in the room.

Soon dusk fell and it was gloomy inside the building. Song Rans heart was also sinking slowly, silently.

She refused to give up as she continued screaming for Gu Jinghang, but the more desperate she became, the more her cries fell on deaf ears.

Will she be able to save their relationship in time

Just when she was about to be dragged away by the security guard, the door creaked open. A ray of light shone from within. This light was like a beacon of hope lighting up the dark world within Song Rans heart.

She broke free from the security guard and rushed towards the door.

The door opened up even wider and Gu Jinghang was standing right in front of her. As he stood there with the orange sunlight behind him, he looked like an angel.

Song Ran rushed over. When she saw Gu Jinghangs bright red cheeks and his unfocused eyes, she quickly hugged him tightly, supporting his entire weight with her body.

“Ran... Ran... Ran...” A gruff and confused voice sounded beside her ears.

Song Ran hugged him even more tightly. She rubbed his back with her hands as she comforted him and said, “Im here, Jinghang. Im here.”

Gu Jinghang felt feverish and he looked like he was about to lose consciousness. Despite that, he did everything he could to open the door for her and let her be by his side.

Such a nice man. How could she bear to lose him

She could never let Wen Huihui succeed in her evil plan.

“Yes, Jinghang, its me. Im Ran. Your Ran. Im here. Im here...”

Gu Jinghang leaned onto her as he held the back of her head with his hand. He remained silent, taking in deep breaths of air.

Song Ran was ecstatic as she turned to the security guard behind her and said, “Your Team Leader Gu is here. Are you convinced now Ill let him speak to the supervisor afterward.”

The security guard nodded his head and left quietly.

When Song Ran looked up again, she saw a look of panic and lost expression cross Wen Huihuis face.

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At that time, both Wen Huihui and her were only 18 years old. Song Ran was naive, but Wen Huihui was cunning and crafty.


In her last life, this woman had taken everything away from her.

In this life, she would be wiser and not let this woman before her steal away what was hers.

“Ran, what are you doing here” Wen Huihui tried hard to conceal the anxiety in her voice.

She was panicking. Was she afraid now that Song Ran was there Did Song Rans presence mean that her plans were now thwarted




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