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Chapter 27: The Sister Who Scolds Me

“On West Street, Boss Yao of the agricultural cooperative has a third son named Yao Xifeng. He is very talented. I do admire him.”

Song Ran almost wanted to interrupt and scream at Shen Mengfang. Nonsense! What is it that you are plotting against me

Boss Yao became a wealthy local landlord, but he was totally illiterate. He named his three sons: Dongfeng, Nanfeng, and Xifeng. He severely lacked culture and was a laughing stock.

And the man, Yao Xifeng, who Shen Mengfang referred to as capable, was actually ignorant and incompetent. Normally, she wouldnt give such losers a second glance.

But Shen Mengfang is such a terrible woman. She actually wanted to introduce Song Ran to such an unrefined character.

Evil intentions, such evil intentions!

Song Ran forcefully kept her anger in check and continued to eavesdrop from behind the door. Song Guoqings voice sounded from within the room. “Yao Xifeng... His reputation doesnt seem good though, and he loves attractive girls.”

“Aiyo, unmarried men who have yet to settle down are all like this. After he marries Ran, he will definitely dote on her. I dont want to make any rash judgments on people who deserve better.”

Song Ran had almost crushed her teeth from grinding them too hard. Shen Mengfang, you watch out!

The noises in the room continued for some time.

Song Guoqing asked with uncertainty, “Is that so”

Shen Mengfang said casually, “Yes, yes. It is certainly so. Old Song, you cant be indecisive about this. You will have no tears left to cry by the time your precious daughter runs off with that broke Team Leader. We are talking about marriage here. They must definitely be compatible.”

“Oh, alright.”

A womans pillow talk is crowned the best weapon in the world.

Song Ran listened in on their entire conversation before she tiptoed away from the bedroom door. She must know her enemys plans in order to defeat her. She had always known that Shen Mengfang harbored ill will towards her. Now that she heard her plan, she could tackle it effectively and painlessly.

That night, her sister Song Xuan came home at nine. Song Ran knew that her sister was in a relationship. Her sister was with a guy whose trashy behavior would come to the surface in the future.

As soon as Song Xuan stepped into the house, Song Ran ran quickly and hugged her. Her sister was pretty and she was also gentle and kind. Precisely because she was too nice, she would be hurt by trash like that no-good boyfriend of hers.

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After Song Xuan placed her bag down, she stretched her hand and patted Song Rans head while saying, “Where did you go last night You never saw how worried Dad was and how Shen Mengfang was trying to frame you with her bitchy talk.”

Song Ran was like a puppy who would follow wherever her sister went. In her previous life, her sister had passed on for more than a decade. Her heart hurt while thinking about how much she missed this person before her. And that was why she was acting so clingy.

“Aiyo, why are you always following behind me. You are blocking my way and its annoying, you know”

Yup, this is my lovely sister, who scolds me. Isnt this great

After they washed up, the sisters put on their pajamas, which were of the same floral design, before they lay on the huge bed.

Song Xuan nudged her and said, “Its getting late. You should go back to your room and sleep.”

Song Ran hugged her sister tightly and said, “Nope, I want to sleep with you.”

Song Xuan shook her head and pinched her cheeks before she said, “When did you become so clingy”

Song Ran smiled without saying anything. The night wind blew in and the curtains billowed open from the breeze. Her sisters gentle voice sounded beside her ears. She felt like it was a lifetime ago since she had heard it.

After some time, Song Xuan flicked her forehead and said, “Daydreaming again Im asking you a question”

Song Ran recovered from her daze and asked, “What”

“You havent told me where you were having fun last night Did you go to Wen Huihuis house

Song Ran was playing with her hair when she smiled and said, “You will be surprised after hearing about it.”




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