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Chapter 26: I Like You Too

Song Ran solemnly nodded. “Yes, I know. We exchanged numbers when we first met. I still remember it.”

When the bus stopped before them, Gu Jinghang boarded the bus reluctantly. He sat on a seat by the window and stuck his head out. Feeling uneasy, he shouted, “You must give me a call.”

The bus slowly moved while Song Ran followed it as she waved to him. “Dont worry, I will call you.”

Gu Jinghang still felt unsure as he repeated his phone number again loudly. “Ran, have you memorized it Have you”

“Yes, dont worry.”

The bus slowly drove off while Song Ran stood on the spot for some time. She felt overwhelmed as she hugged the parasol trees beside her and knocked her head against the trunk gently. While she did this, she was laughing and screaming. “Ah, Song Ran. You really came to life! Wonderful! Oh god, thank you...”

The uncle from the provision shop was awakened by her voice. He looked at her as though she was some kind of lunatic. Song Ran banged her head on the tree a few more times before she left, smiling away.

The uncle sighed and pondered to himself. What a fine and pretty girl. But is she mentally unsound

Song Ran took a stroll back. Every landscape and house was precious in her eyes. She took her time to appreciate the beauty of each moment.

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She realized that her mindset and her reflex actions were that of an 18-year-old, even though she had been born again.

For example, her heart throbbed just like a young girl in love when she saw Gu Jinghang.

She thought she would be devastated and have an aged mindset after she was reborn. But this was totally not the case. Instead, she was full of vitality.

When she returned home, the house was quiet. Her dad was probably taking an afternoon nap. She kept her thoughts to herself as she crept to the second floor and stood outside of her dads room.

Song Ran could hear Shen Mengfangs voice from the inside. “Get up. How can you sleep at this time”

It seemed like her dad had fallen asleep after having the wine. Song Guoqing then replied to her in an unclear voice, “Why are you shouting”

Shen Mengfang asked, “How can you sleep Do you really intend to marry Ran to that poor team leader”

Song Ran gnashed her teeth as she knew that Shen Mengfang would definitely try to sow discord behind her back.

Song Guoqing sounded displeased, “Do you think I like that Team Leader Gu He came to our house with that Zhuyeqing wine. What an unrefined thing.”

“Thats right. I wonder what he did that has Ran fallen head over heels for him. Look at how Ran treats him like some kind of precious treasure. That kind of man is unreliable.”

Damn you, Shen Mengfang!

Song Guoqing spoke again, “What do you suggest Since Ran likes him so much, I cant be forcing them apart.”

Shen Mengfang answered. “In my opinion, lets find a husband of good background for her so that she can pay less attention to Gu Jinghang. What do you think”

Song Guoqing said, “Ran is only 18 and just started her third year of high school. Initially, I objected to the idea of her uncle introducing her to a boyfriend. Who knew Her uncle insisted that Team Leader Gu was a man of good character and pushed for him.”

“Thats right. Ran is still young, and Team Leader Gu is a whole new world to her. But as her elders, we should not be impulsive. Dont you think so We should introduce her to another guy, and Ran will probably lose interest in Team Leader Gu very soon.”

Song Ran gnashed her teeth. Shen Mengfang, just you wait!

Song Guoqing asked, “Do you have any suitable candidates in mind”

Song Ran stuck her ear to the door for fear of missing a single word.




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