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Chapter 25: Orange Soda

Song Ran would often lose her temper. Although she exhibited a meek and pleasant front, no one was sure that she would not return to being an icy cold princess like before. Has Gu Jinghang not suffered enough

Wen Huihui smiled while pretending to be calm and said, “Ran, you have seen us off up until here. This is far enough. You should go back home quickly.”

She had to grab any opportunity she could to speak to Gu Jinghang. Although her efforts may not pay off, it was better than staying silent.

As long as she saw a glimmer of hope, she would hold on to it. She would not give up fighting for a good man like Gu Jinghang.

In the late afternoon, they were the only ones at the bus station. Song Ran held onto Gu Jinghangs arm as if no one was watching and she said justly, “I want to watch him board the bus.”

Wen Huihui turned pale and she teased intentionally, “Aiyo, are you so unwilling to separate from him”

Song Ran turned her head slightly to look at her as she said wittingly, “Yup, I just cant bear to leave my Jinghang. You should leave. Your bus will be arriving soon.”

Wen Huihui probably suffered internal injuries from attempting to contain her burning anger. She figured that she most likely would not be able to get the chance to have a private conversation with Gu Jinghang that day. So she had no choice but to bid farewell to Song Ran and reluctantly walk to the bus station on the other side of the road.

From Wen Huihuis view, the two love birds standing opposite her were so compatible – so damn compatible! The guy, tall and good-looking. The girl, cute and submissive. As the guy looked at her with loving eyes, the girl could not stop smiling.

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Although she did not want to admit it, Gu Jinghang and Song Ran were an ideal couple who were made for each other.

Wen Huihuis bus arrived soon after. She gave them one final glance before she boarded the bus.

Song Ran pretended to wave goodbye to Wen Huihui who had found a seat on the bus. Right after, she turned to Gu Jinghang and said, “In the future, you cannot meet with Wen Huihui alone in private.”

Gu Jinghang felt a sense of guilt wash over him instantly. He was so upset yesterday that he hadnt thought to reject Wen Huihui when she appeared at his dorm room with wine and had let her into his room.

He really should not have done that, and he was filled with regret.

Team Leader Gu had a good attitude and he promised to change. “Sorry Ran, I know it was my fault. I shouldnt have interacted with Wen Huihui privately without you around. I... I will never do that again.”

Song Ran looked around her surroundings and realized that there was no one else at the station, except an uncle selling soda, who was dozing off. She quickly caressed Gu Jinghangs face and said, “Jinghang, remember this: I like you. I like you very, very much.”

The rays of the sun at three in the afternoon shone past the leaves and branches of the parasol tree and onto her face. The scent of orange soda from the provision shop lingered in the air...

Team Leader Gu had a heart made of steel, but it was melted by the words of the person standing before him and his heart was beating fast, emitting a sweet scent too...

Gu Jinghang controlled his urge to pin her to a tree and start kissing her fiercely and instead said with a hoarse voice, “I... I like you too.”

Song Ran was instantly as red as an apple.

Team Leader Gu forced himself to remain composed as he asked in a rough voice, “Ran, when are we meeting again”

Song Ran looked up towards him and said, “Will next Sunday be okay Let me think about where I want to go. Ill give you a call when I have decided, okay”

Beep! Beep! The bus drove slowly towards them from afar. As he was about to leave, Gu Jinghang could not bear to let her go. Song Ran had been so sweet and protective of him that he really wanted to fit her into his pocket and bring her along with him.

“Okay. Do you know the number to reach the receptionists office in the research institute”

Song Ran nodded and said, “I know it.”

Gu Jinghang was still worried and he asked again, “Are you sure that you know it”

He had his reasons to be worried. After all, Song Ran had never once given him a call.




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