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Chapter 24: Chapter 25 – Tipsy Eyes

“Enough! Are you done” Song Guoqing scolded Shen Mengfang.

Shen Mengfang was stupefied. In the past, Song Guoqing would reiterate what she said to that little bitch because Song Ran could never endure her sarcastic remarks. Whenever Song Ran got angry, she would be reprimanded by her dad.

This time, the situation was turned around. Shen Mengfang became the unreasonable one.

She was a little flustered and did not dare to continue the fight. The more she did, the more she would lose.

Immediately, she softened her attitude. “Oh, Im sorry then. I mustve made a mistake.”

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Song Ran looked down and pondered to herself. Shen Mengfang was a flexible person who would recognize her chance and strike at the right time. What a ruthless character.

But then again, how could she deceive the world when she took over all the Song familys assets if she was not ruthless

She lifted her eyes and smiled at Shen Mengfang. “I guess Aunty Shen has a prejudice against me. Dont wrong me again in the future.”

Shen Mengfang smiled awkwardly. “No, of course not.” Ill change strategy, and cease fighting with this little bitch. Its time to think of other ways.

Gu Jinghangs mind felt at ease. He had been so afraid that Ran would lose out to Shen Mengfang, and he would not be able to help her. But judging from the situation, she had done an excellent job. Her arguments were well reasoned and organized so much so that Shen Mengfang had nothing to say from the opposite end.

Song Ran was a changed person. She was less harsh and reckless and knew when to soften her attitude. She knew when to act naive and play innocent to win her dads affections.

Team Leader Gu felt consoled.

While having their food, everyone had different thoughts at the dining table. In any case, Song Ran was animated, and she could not stop offering dishes for Gu Jinghang to try. “Eat more. This is the mudfish from Jiangcheng and the purple yam from Huicheng. This is healthy stuff. And this is the swimming crabs from Lake Tai. Its very delicious. You must have more.”

Gu Jinghang smiled at her. “Dont just give it to me. You should eat some too.”

The two women opposite the table could not stop rolling their eyes. Still, they did not dare ridicule or tease them for fear of getting into trouble again.

After the meal, Gu Jinghang had a few drinks, and he looked slightly tipsy. Upon seeing this, Song Rang felt a pang in her chest.

They continued to chat until 2:30 pm before Song Ran told her dad, “Jinghang has to mark his attendance at five this evening. I need to send him off now.”

Wen Huihui volunteered, “Ran, the weather is hot outside. You can stay here while I walk Team Leader Gu out.”

Song Ran knew Wen Huihui could not wait to sneak out with Gu Jinghang. She must never give her the chance to do so.

Song Ran raised her eyebrows and put on a smile. “No matter what, Im sending my Jinghang off.

“Lets go, Jinghang. Ill send you to the bus station.”

The two of them exchanged a smile and headed outside. Wen Huihui followed behind them with a sullen face.

The three of them strolled out of the residence area, passed by a small alley, and off to the opposite road. The bus stop was right before a small provision shop.

Wen Huihui continued to follow behind them when Song Ran spun around and looked at her. She pretended to be surprised. “Huihui, arent you taking the bus from the opposite side Why are you following us”

Why What Why Since yesterday, she could not find a spare moment to spend with Gu Jinghang alone. Song Ran was guarding him too carefully. Wen Huihui still had a lot to say to Gu Jinghang.

Gu Jinghang had already forgotten how indifferent Song Ran used to be towards him. Wen Huihui had to jog his memory and stop him from getting lead on by Song Ran.




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