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Chapter 23: Additional Uploads

Shen Mengfang cursed silently. Did this crafty girl learn from a master Could the master be this honest looking Team Leader Gu who usually had little to no words

No, no. This Team Leader Gu did not look that sophisticated.

Shen Mengfang could not wrap her mind around it. Just then, Mother Wu placed a huge plate of Chinese mitten crab onto the dining table. Shen Mengfang had lost a few times that day, so she thought she could try to smooth things over by pleasing the young girl first. As she picked the largest crab and placed it into Gu Jinghangs bowl, she said hypocritically, “Team Leader Gu, please have some crab. Country folks like you rarely have the chance to try this dish.”

Gu Jinghang thanked her politely. Yet Song Ran naturally frowned and said, “Our Team Leader Gu has a name. He is called Gu Jinghang. And what do you mean bycountry folks”

Shen Mengfang was already scolding her in her heart. Little slut, have some pride while I leave it for you. I am already lowering my status to please this poor boyfriend of yours. Are you trying to walk all over me

He was clearly a poor and old-fashioned man from the countryside. Except for his good-looking face, he was a good-for-nothing. Why would Song Ran treat him like a gem

She obviously could not say this out loud. She used an apologetic tone and said, “Haiz, Ran. You know, I dont have any ill intentions. Thats just the way I talk.”

Gu Jinghang tugged Song Rans hand lightly under the table, indicating that she should not fight with her family over him.

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Song Ran pulled her hand away and patted the back of his hand so that he would not worry.

She said calmly, “Aunty Shen, you are not from Haicheng either. I thought you came from Ningcheng Should I label you ascountry folk as well I dont mean to be rude either.”

Shen Mengfang panicked as she looked at Song Guoqing, asking for help. “Old Song, look at her being so impertinent.”

Song Guoqing was seated at the main seat beside Song Ran and she quickly covered his eyes with her hands while she mouthed the word “Motherf***er” to Shen Mengfang.

Previously, Shen Mengfang had always won the arguments since she was in a superior position. However this time, she was so agitated from fury that she jumped and pointed at Song Ran while saying, “Old Song, she insulted me.”

Song Ran released her hands which were covering her dads eyes as she innocently asked, “How did I insult you”

Shen Mengfang rushed to Song Guoqing and complained tearfully, “She cursed at me. She saidMotherf***er.'”

With guests around, Song Guoqing felt disgraced and his face sank in. He glared at Shen Mengfang sternly and said, “You are talking rubbish. Ran is maybe a little stubborn, but she would never curse.”

Song Ran stared at Shen Mengfang and smiled slyly. Her dad was right that she had a good upbringing. Although she used to quarrel with Shen Mengfang, she would always argue with facts and logic. She had never cursed or spoken rudely before.

Her dad would never believe what Shen Mengfang said.

The one whose surname is Shen – you lose.

Shen Mengfang suddenly felt like she had fallen into a perfectly laid out trap. She hurriedly grabbed Wen Huihuis hand and said, “Huihui, say it. You are seated opposite her. You would have seen it the most clearly. Did Ran curse earlier on”

Song Ran smiled while looking at Wen Huihui and she said, “Yup, Huihui would have seen it the most clearly. Go ahead and tell my dad.”

Wen Huihui cursed silently to herself. Did she have a choice Song Ran was staring daggers at her. Could she speak the truth

Hehe. Absolutely not!

“I have been friends with Ran for many years and I have never heard her curse. She isnt that kind of person. Just now she merely stuck out her tongue at Aunty Shen.”

Shen Mengfang could not contain her anger anymore. She pointed her finger at Song Ran furiously, then she shifted over to Wen Huihui before saying, “You guys are ganging up on me. What... what intentions are you harboring”

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