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Chapter 21: So Strange

Song Ran adjusted her emotions as she went to sit beside her dad. She wrapped her hands around his arm and said coquettishly, “Dad... I know Im wrong.”


What was going on

Shen Mengfang and Wen Huihui had the same expression on their faces. They stared at Song Ran in disbelief, shocked that Song Ran gave in so easily.

Song Ran continued, “Dad, dont worry. I stayed late at the research institute with Huihui yesterday. That is why we had to sleep there for a night. Huihui and I slept in Jinghangs room while he stayed over at his colleagues place. Huihui, am I right”

Wen Huihui was at a loss when she heard her name being mentioned and her mind was a mess. This was totally not what had happened. Song Ran had disregarded her upbringing and hung out with Gu Jinghang for a night.

How could she use Wen Huihui as an excuse

Song Rans drastic change had caught her unprepared.

She wanted to explain that the events Song Ran described did not occur that way, but she did not dare to. She did not dare to go against what Song Ran had said when Song Ran had hinted that she should perfect the lie.

Wen Huihuis smile was rather unnatural when she said, “Yes, Uncle. I was just about to explain it to you. Ran stayed at the research institute with me. I didnt get to tell you about this earlier on.”

Song Ran stared at her with a thoughtful smile on her face, which made Wen Huihuis face tingle. Wen Huihui had covered for her seamlessly. Should Song Ran believe in her

Song Ran remained calm and collected. She leaned her head onto Song Guoqings shoulders and said cutely, “Dad, you heard that right. Huihui and I were having fun last night and we missed the last bus. Thats why we stayed at Jinghangs place. I know its my fault, I wont do it again next time.”

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When Song Guoqing saw his daughter acting like a child, his anger was reduced by half. Although he was still confused at Song Rans change in attitude, he decided to let go of the matter since Song Ran had apologized.

“Alright. Do take note of the time the next time you are out, okay If you are not coming home, give us a call and inform us, understand”

Song Ran answered obediently, “Yup, got it.”

Song Guoqing said gladly, “Alright, its getting late. Lets eat.”

Shen Mengfang was looking at Song Ran from head to toe as she continued to brood over what had just happened. Why is the wolf cub not fierce today How did she become so obedient

Strange, so strange!

Song Ran waved her hand and Gu Jinghang walked forward. As he anxiously handed the two bottles of Zhuyeqing wine to Song Guoqing, he said, “Hi Uncle, I bought two bottles of wine for you.”

The look of loathing on Song Guoqings face was clearly visible. When other people visit him, they bring along Maotai or Wuliangye. Yet, this poor guy comes in with Zhuyeqing wine. He obviously does not think highly of his daughter.

Song Guoqing stared at him in silence and made no attempt to accept the gift. Dense beads of perspiration started forming at the corner of Team Leader Gus forehead.

Shen Mengfangs unconcerned voice pierced the silence. “Wow, how could you come over to our house and offer us Zhuyeqing wine Team Leader Gu, you are not taking our Ran seriously.”

Gu Jinghang was sweating even more profusely and gave Song Ran a look. Song Ran merely laughed lightly and said confidently, “Aunty Shen, you are being too snobby.”

She was using her to scold her dad indirectly. While she openly accused Shen Mengfang of being snobbish, she, in fact, meant that if her dad did not accept the gift, he would be equally snobbish.

Song Guoqing smacked his lips and remained quiet.

Song Ran continued, “I told the salesperson at the agricultural cooperative that my dad has high blood pressure. He recommended Zhuyeqing wine, and Jinghang was just trying to be filial towards my dad, unlike you Aunty Shen. You are only thinking about getting the most expensive item and neglecting my dads health.”




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