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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: In Defense

After walking for half an hour, the two of them finally saw blocks of small brick buildings with red tiles. Wen Huihui was standing outside the courtyard of Song Rans house with a perturbed look on her face.


Song Ran smirked as she held Gu Jinghangs hand and made her way back without any rush.

The moment Wen Huihui saw them, she immediately ran to them in exasperation. “Song Ran, what are you guys doing When did you get off the bus Why didnt you call me Dont you know how anxious I was when I disembarked and didnt see you”

Song Ran remained calm as she peered at her. “I went shopping with Jinghang. Whats the big deal Can you stop making a huge fuss out of everything”

Wen Huihui gnashed her teeth. “I was worried about you.”

Song Ran said jokingly, “Youre not my mom. Stop being overprotective.”

Wen Huihui could only swallow her resentment. She was trying hard to suppress her boiling anger, but on the surface, she pretended everything was alright by joking with Song Ran, “You simply love to pull a prank.”

Back in the courtyard, Song Rans stepmother, Shen Mengfang, was sipping her coffee beside a small table under the camphor tree. As soon as she spotted Song Ran and the rest, she immediately screamed in a high-pitch voice, “Aw, Ran. Where have you been Your dad is very worried about you!”

Song Ran glanced briefly at her. Without saying a word, she pulled Gu Jinghang into the house.

Shen Mengfang grabbed Gu Jinghang. Using the dialect in Haicheng, she asked him, “Did you abduct our Ran”

Song Ran turned to the woman before her. “He doesnt understand dialects. Aunty Shen, can you speak Mandarin”

Shen Mengfang snorted as she chuckled. “Aw, youre jumping to his defense even before youre married”

Song Ran dismissed her with a smile. “Isnt it right to defend my own boyfriend Im not like Aunty Shen, who defends other men.”

Song Ran knew all too well the nasty deeds that this woman was doing and would do in the future.

Since she was reborn again, she would do all that she can to prevent this woman from squandering the Song familys assets.

For a moment, Shen Mengfang was slightly stupefied. But she regained her senses very soon. Sounding fierce, she said, “Ran, what do you mean by this Who am I defending You better make it clear.”

Song Ran chuckled. “Didnt you defend your younger brother Running back to your own family every now and then. Doesnt that count as defending other people”

Shen Mengfang was clearly relieved. She was about to say something when Gu Jinghang shielded Song Ran from her attack with his body. “Ran, lets go inside and check on your dad first. Im afraid he might be worried.”

Shen Mengfang followed them happily back to the house, gloating. This lass did not return for a night, and Song Guoqing was fierce. Song Ran was also a proud person. Hence, Shen Mengfang knew that agrand performance awaited her.

Song Ran released Gu Jinghangs hand just as she entered the house with him. Her dad was sitting in the living room with an upright posture and an intimidating look on his face.

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Before Song Ran could speak, Wen Huihui quickly stepped forward and said with sincerity to Song Guoqing, “Uncle, Ran stayed over at the research institute with Team Leader Gu. Dont hold it against Ran because...”

“Nonsense! You are not married yet, and you... Dont you feel shameful” Song Guoqing burst out angrily as he cast a cold look at Song Ran.

Song Ran stared at Wen Huihui and sighed to herself. Wen Huihui, you were so eager to put in good words for me, just because you wanted to shove me into hot waters. How heartless you are.

The gloating expression on Shen Mengfangs face was getting noticeable. This lass was rebellious by nature. She detested her fathers lecturing the most. Hang on, a war is about to erupt.

Get on with the quarrel, so that she could get going with her pillow talk.

Wen Huihui was also gloating as she waited for the father and the daughter to battle it out.




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