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Chapter 2: Back To The 80s

Outside the window, the cacophony of cicadas filled the air. The old electric fan continued to squeak loudly as it turned. In the big room, the windows were left ajar and the aqua blue curtains billowed open from the breeze coming in.

Someone was lying on the princess bed. Due to the heat, she was frowning. Despite the whirling of the electric fan, she still felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Song Ran opened her eyes. She held her chest tightly, taking short breaths.

She looked around her, but Wen Huihui was nowhere in sight. Did she leave after angering her

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She peered around, studying the layout of the room. When she saw the calendar on the wall, she was stunned.

23rd of July, 1988.

Was this a dream What was she doing here

On this exact day, Wen Huihui had set up a trap to snatch away her man.

From then on, Gu Jinghang had a meteoric rise and Wen Huihui naturally rode on her husbands success.

The Song family who used to be extremely wealthy had their assets cleaned out by people with wicked intentions. The family fortune suffered a reversal and they were unable to recover.

Song Ran tried hard to recall what had happened. Chronologically, this seemed to be about the time when Wen Huihui had approached her about her feelings towards Gu Jinghang.

Gu Jinghang was introduced to Song Ran by the supervisor of the research institute, which was opened by her uncle. She actually liked him a lot, but she was a pampered child. Furthermore, Wen Huihui was constantly pushing them together, exclaiming how their lives in the future would be exponentially better if Song Ran and Gu Jinghang got together, but it seemed that Gu Jinghang had intentions to do just that just so that he could rise to a higher social position.

That was why she had said what she said. “He is merely a poor guy from the village. So what if he is the team leader”

Without knowing it, she had fallen into Wen Huihuis trap. Yup, Wen Huihui was her best friend and she had always gone out of her way to be nice to Wen Huihui. She had never done anything to entail Song Ran to have her guard up around her until very recently.

Gauging by the time, Wen Huihui had left for about two hours. It was five in the evening. Roughly, this would have been about the time she would have taken the opportunity to drug Gu Jinghangs wine, just so she could become his lover girl.

No, I cannot let her have her way!

Song Ran grabbed her small handbag which she had placed on her dressing table and dashed out of the house without thinking twice.

Her life had begun slowly going downhill at this point. Hence, she must do everything in her power to rewrite history.

Gu Jinghang was a nice man, and she should not have been so arrogant. She should not have been so cold to him after realizing what had transpired between him and Wen Huihui and ignored him for good.

He wanted to explain things. Despite knowing that she looked down on him, he still wanted to be with her, making grave attempts to salvage their relationship.

However, Song Ran was proud like a peacock. Since he had an affair with another woman and still had the guts to come back to her, she despised him from the bottom of her heart.

Just like that, she had pushed Gu Jinghang another step closer to Wen Huihui.

Wen Huihui was too conniving. She calculated and waited for this day because she knew it was her ovulation period. One month later, she had a doctor check-up and told Gu Jinghang the news that she was pregnant.

Gu Jinghang was a responsible man. Since his heart had been broken by Song Ran, he accepted his fate and married Wen Huihui.

Song Ran carried her handbag and rushed out. Her sister was shouting at her from downstairs, “Isnt it scorching hot outside The sun is so bright. Where are you going”

That was her elder sister. She wanted to hug her very badly and tell her that she missed her a lot.

However, she had more urgent things to focus on.

“Im going out for a while.”

“Girl, Mother Wu cooked some green bean soup. I have cooled it for you. Have some before you go.”

“Nope, Sister. Im going to be late.”

She rushed out of the house and onto the roads without turning back.

Wow, the 80s sunshine was so beautiful!

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