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Chapter 19: The Kid Who Wants Candies

Gu Jinghang stopped by a shop that sold cigarettes and alcohol and said, “Your dad drinks. Im going to bring two bottles of wine over to your house.”

Song Ran stopped him and said, “Theres no need to buy anything. I... I was young and foolish to have wasted so much of your money.”

Gu Jinghang looked at her with sincerity in his eyes and said, “Thats not called wasting money. You were just spending money based on your quality of life. You shouldnt be thrifty just because you are with me. Ran, as long as it is within my financial ability, I will definitely do my best to provide you a good life.”


Song Ran could not speak and tears were pooling in her eyes. She suddenly knelt onto the ground and started sobbing loudly.

Gu Jinghang was shocked. He immediately knelt beside her and while holding her face, he asked, “Ran, whats wrong”

Song Ran was still crying as she said, “Which part of me makes you want to treat me so nicely I dont deserve you... Boohoo... Im really not worthy of you!”

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Gu Jinghang was heartbroken as he wiped her tears and said, “Silly girl, what nonsense are you talking about”

Song Ran was crying for quite a while and the passers-by were giving her glances. There was even a kind aunty who came forward to pat Gu Jinghangs shoulders. She said, “Is it because your sister wants something and you refuse to buy it for her Just get it for her. I see that she has been crying for a long time.”

Song Ran burst out laughing. The aunty actually thought that she was a little kid crying for some candies.

She quickly held Gu Jinghangs hand and they entered the shop. The aunty stood behind them and said while shaking her head, “This brother is no good. His sister has been bugging him for so long, and yet he refuses to buy anything for her. Tsk tsk.”

Inside the shop, Gu Jinghang scanned the racks back and forth. He pointed towards an item that had exquisite packaging and he asked the salesperson, “The Luzhou old wine... How much is it”

“Ten dollars for a bottle.”

Gu Jinghang licked his lips while nodding his head and he said, “Okay, Ill get two of that.”

“How much does a bottle of Zhuyeqing wine cost” asked Song Ran.

“Oh, that. Two dollars for a bottle.”

“I want the Zhuyeqing wine. Two of them please.”

The salesperson glanced at her and said, “Little girl, the Luzhou old wine tastes more silky and mild. You get what you pay for.”

Gu Jinghang also said softly, “We are getting this for your dad. It cant be too average.”

Song Ran smiled brightly at the salesperson as she repeated herself, “We want two bottles of Zhuyeqing wine. Thank you.”

The salesperson said in an eccentric tone, “Little girl, you cant differentiate between the premium goods.”

Song Ran laughed and asked, “Isnt this good as well If not, why are you even selling it”

The salesperson felt rebutted and he could not argue further. He could sense that this young lady was not to be messed with, so he quickly handed them the two bottles of Zhuyeqing wine.

Song Ran held Gu Jinghangs hand and they left quickly. Gu Jinghang looked at the Zhuyeqing bottles that he was holding and said with uncertainty, “Will your dad like this liquor”

Song Ran waved her hand and said, “My dad isnt someone who is so self-interested. It will be fine as long as you send your regards. Its the thought that counts.”

Song Guoqing was actually a self-centered person. He did not think highly of this potential son-in-law which the brother-in-law had introduced. He was a poor guy from a village and he even works in a research institute. Even if he could move up the ranks and become the director, he wouldnt earn much. Its merely the title that sounds nice.

The couple walked towards Tianzifang from the agricultural cooperative. On their way there, Gu Jinghang overwhelmed Song Ran with a barrage of questions: “Is it too hot Are you tired Can you walk any further If you cannot walk, I can carry you.”

Song Rans soles were aching yet her heart was filled with sweetness as she replied, “Nope, nope. Im not tired at all.”

Gu Jinghang raised his hands and plucked two big aspen leaves from the branches. Using it to cover Song Rans head, he said, “Tell me when you get tired.”

“Yup, I will.”




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