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Chapter 17: Such Honesty

Wen Huihui nudged Song Rans shoulders again and said softly, “The people behind are talking about you two.”

Song Ran did not even bother turning her head around as she said, “Im not committing any crimes like theft or murder. Let them say whatever they want. I dont really care.”

Wen Huihui was faced with another cold rejection. She gritted her teeth and mumbled, “You are too stubborn.”

After a few stops, the seats on the bus were filled and it became crowded. In this day and age, there was no air conditioning or curtains to block out the sun. As the temperature gradually increased, beads of perspiration started forming on Song Rans forehead.

As the bus slowly stopped again, an old granny boarded from the middle door and stood next to Gu Jinghang. When Gu Jinghang noticed her, he immediately stood up and said, “Granny, you can take my seat.”

The old granny continually thanked Gu Jinghang. Song Ran looked at him and gave him a big smile. People often say that when people with special needs board the bus, they would look out for the most friendly person on board and stand next to them in hopes the person they chose would give up their seats for them.

Indeed, Gu Jinghang looked very kind. Previously, whenever he took public transport, he probably often took the initiative to give up his seat too.

Other people would pretend to be asleep when they see the elderly board the bus rather than be so considerate. He was different and was indeed a fool.

Song Ran spoke softly to the white-haired granny, “Granny, you can sit here.”

The granny smiled kindly and said, “Is he your boyfriend Little girl, he is a good guy. You are so lucky.

Song Rans cheeks turned red and she replied shyly, “Yup, he is my boyfriend. He is indeed a nice guy.”

While chatting, they switched their seats. Song Ran raised her head to look at Gu Jinghang and waved at him. Gu Jinghang leaned over slightly and Song Ran whispered, “The journey is quite long. Are you tired”

Gu Jinghang shook his head and waved his hand. Why would he be tired When he was younger, he had to travel to town without a bicycle so he would walk ten miles on foot. Standing for such a short time meant nothing to him.

Song Ran lowered her head and smiled again. He was indeed an honest guy.

Gu Jinghang had gotten used to Song Rans change in attitude. He smiled as he stared at the top of Song Rans head.

Life is filled with great happiness and extreme sadness. Just yesterday afternoon, he believed that it was all over between him and Song Ran. He thought that Song Ran would break up with him because she looked down on him.

Yet now, he was so moved by Song Rans gentle gestures that he felt like his insides were filled with honey, emitting a sweet scent.

The people from the past are right. There is a saying that the heart of a woman is like a needle in the deep ocean. Because of the sudden change in Song Rans attitude towards Gu Jinghang, this goes to show how a womans heart is wide and expansive, immeasurably difficult to gauge and comprehend.

Team Leader Gu was at a total loss because he was not sure what he did that made Song Ran change her attitude towards him so suddenly, but he was extremely thankful for their relationship which felt like he had lost and regained everything all at the same time. He made a silent promise to himself to be nicer to Song Ran. A tab bit nicer, just so she would not think of leaving him.

After two more stops, a pregnant lady came on board. While she was still pretty far away, Song Ran jumped up immediately and said, “Big Sister, Big Sister, you can have my seat.”

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Gu Jinghang could not help but burst out laughing. He lowered his volume and whispered into Song Rans ears, “No one is competing with you to offer their seat. Why are you in such a rush”

Song Ran dashed forward. She was beside the lady in an instant, helping the woman to her seat.

She turned around and looked at Gu Jinghang while smiling sweetly at him as she said, “Jinghang, arent I great Shouldnt you be complimenting me”

The late summer sunlight was vibrant and it shone in her beautiful eyes.

Looking into Song Rans small face before him, this immediately got Gu Jinghangs heart racing.

Gu Jinghang was a little lost and he turned red from trying to control his racing mind. Luckily, he was slightly tan so people could not tell that he was blushing.

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