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Chapter 16: Saving His Money

After they sat down, the bus conductor began selling the tickets. When he came up to Gu Jinghang, Gu Jinghang fished out some money from his pockets. Before he could even say three tickets, Song Ran did it for him. “Two tickets to Tianzifang.”

As soon as her voice trailed off, she turned around and smiled at Wen Huihui. “Huihui, get your own ticket. My Jinghangs wage is low. I have to save his money for him.”

Wen Huihuis fingers trembled as she peered at Gu Jinghang. Just as she expected, Gu Jinghang followed whatever Song Ran said, acting out of blind devotion. He looked up at the bus conductor. “Two tickets to Tianzifang.”

Wen Huihui gritted her teeth and stared at Song Ran. “But Im going to your house now, putting in good words for you.”

It was a habit of hers, spending Song Rans money, and she was caught off guard when Song Ran suddenly turned thrifty.

Song Ran feigned innocence. “I didnt ask for your help.”

Wen Huihui felt her facial muscles twitch as she grumbled to herself, “Damn, Song Ran. You must be out of your mind.”

Even though she was complaining to herself, she had to resign to her fate, taking out a square handkerchief. With reluctance, she extracted a fifty-cent coin from the cloth and handed it unwillingly to the bus conductor.

After that, she fixed her death stare on the back of Song Rans head. Perhaps it was because ill will had previously been directed at her that now had Song Ran raising her guard up with those around her.

Hmph, Wen Huihui snorted secretly to herself. Given their years of friendship, she could simply coax her by injecting a few words here and there in the next couple of days.

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Tiansong Line was a bus route that covered urban and rural areas. Since Gu Jinghangs research institute was located in the outskirts, taking the bus to the city area would take at least two hours.

Song Ran grabbed Gu Jinghangs hands as she leaned against the window. Gu Jinghang used his palm to shield her head. With a gentle voice, he asked, “Is the sun too hot for you Do you want to change seats with me”

Song Ran peered at him. “Im alright. The bus is moving, and theres wind. So its not that hot.”

“In that case, dont lean your head on the window. The road is bumpy. Doesnt it hurt”

Song Ran looked at him cunningly. “If I dont lean on the window, where else can I lean onto”

Team Leader Gu looked around before he fixed his eyes on Song Ran. With an ill at ease yet determined look on his face, he said, “You... you can lean on my shoulder.”

Song Ran immediately rested her head on him while Gu Jinghang looked around him with a guilty conscience. Song Ran looked up at him. “Whats the matter Is our Team Leader Gu afraid of others pointing fingers at him”

Gu Jinghang sat up straight and said with a bit more conviction in his voice, “Let them do it.”

Song Ran chuckled as she lowered her head. “Yeah, let them do it.”

Wen Huihui, who was right behind, could not bear looking at them. She poked Song Ran on her shoulder with her finger, and Song Ran twisted her neck around to look at her. Sternly, Wen Huihui said, “Ran, watch your behavior.”


Song Ran scoffed secretly to herself. You look prim and proper on the outside, but you tried to seduce your best friends boyfriend with drugs. Wen Huihui, how hypocritical are you

Song Ran beamed as she looked at her. “In what aspect Were in a proper relationship. What kind of era are you in, Huihui Stop acting like an old-fashioned person.”

Wen Huihui internally criticized Song Ran to herself. What era Is this era that open-minded

Didnt other couples hold their hands and kiss secretly in the park How can Song Ran rest her head on Gu Jinghang in broad daylight

Since when did Song Ran become so open-minded

The bus drove off, making a few stops while the passengers behind them began to whisper their remarks about Song Ran and Gu Jinghang. In that era, the people were relatively innocent and straightforward, who basically dated secretly. Only thugs and lowlifes would not mind physical intimacy in the public arena as they paid little attention to anyone but themselves.




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