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Chapter 13: My Jinghang

Wen Huihui had an awkward expression on her face when she said, “I care about Team Leader Gu all for your sake. Alright, Ran After all, Team Leader Gu would be your anchor for the rest of your life. Wouldnt you want him to be well”

Hmph, she really can speak a ton of rubbish the moment she opens her mouth. This woman was full of pretense. If Song Ran hadnt been reborn again, she would not have been her match and she certainly would have been pushed around.

Song Ran looked at her with a fake smile on her face and said, “Of course, I wish for him to be well. Its just that Jinghang has 24 days of home leave a year, so he might as well use it, right Im the most important person to him. Is it too much to ask him to take a day off for me”

Wen Huihui felt a little guilty as the corner of her mouth trembled. Song Ran had always been eloquent. How could she beat her in that department

She forced a smile and said, “Of course, its not too much. Since Im here, lets go to your house later on so I can lend you a helping hand, okay”

Song Ran raised her eyebrows while smiling and said, “Sure.”

There were a few reasons why she was keeping things civil between her and Wen Huihui. First, Song Ran did not have concrete evidence. Second, outsiders have always viewed them as best friends with a relationship stronger than money. If she suddenly turned this into a messy situation, people would only think that Song Ran was the one being unreasonable.

They would also notice the huge change in Song Rans attitude and this will raise their suspicions.

Otherwise, the problem would backfire. There was still a long way to go and she did not have to rush into things. She had plenty of time to slowly unveil the mask Wen Huihui had been hiding behind all this time.

Gu Jinghang hurried to finish the bowl of porridge which was still a little hot. Song Ran was sitting opposite him and holding onto a piece of tissue. As she looked at him with tenderness and love, she said, “Dont rush. Eat slowly.”

Wen Huihui, who was standing at the side, did not know what to do and she felt extremely unwanted.

Gu Jinghang did not listen to Song Ran as he continued gulping down the huge bowl of porridge. Song Ran reached out her hand to help him wipe off his sweat as she nagged, “I told you to eat it slowly.”

She walked over to his side, held his chin and instructed, “Open your mouth.”

Team Leader Gu grumbled, “Why”

“I need to check something.”

Team Leader Gu obediently opened his mouth. His teeth were great. Despite having just eaten preserved vegetables, there was nothing stuck to his teeth. He had two rows of white and neat teeth without a single decay, but the inner lining in his mouth was burnt.

Song Ran knew that it was because of the hot cup of water he drank yesterday. She said unhappily, “See, the skin inside your mouth is peeling off even more. It was because you were rushing to drink the hot water yesterday. Would you be more careful next time”

Wen Huihui gritted her teeth and said, “Ill wait for you guys outside. Hurry up.”

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Song Ran let out a devious smile. Behind her was the golden sunlight of the first morning of the seventh month. Gu Jinghang could see the fine hairs on her face coupled with her sly smile. She was so beautiful that Team Leader Gus heart was beating fast.

“Okay, we should go too.”

Team Leader Gu was staring at Song Ran passionately and did not make a move towards the door. Song Ran waved her hand in front of his eyes and said, “Hey Blockhead, time to go.

Gu Jinghang recovered from his daze and rubbed his nose shyly before he said, “Yup, lets go.”

Song Ran said with a smile at the corner of her mouth, “I noticed that you have been watching me a lot lately. Havent got enough of me yet”

Gu Jinghang scratched the back of his head. He looked into her eyes sincerely and said, “You look so good. I wouldnt be able to get enough of you no matter how much I look at you.”

Song Ran mumbled shyly, “Hmph, loquacious.”

Gu Jinghang hurriedly said, “Ran, dont be mad. I... I... I...”

Song Ran laughed out loud and she said, “You are truly a blockhead. Im not mad. I like to hear you say that I look good.”

Wen Huihui was standing outside the doorway with her back facing the couple. An annoyed expression was fixed on her face. She took a few more steps forward to avoid hearing more of their cheesy conversation.

Just as she was taking two steps forward, Song Ran took hold of Gu Jinghangs arm as they walked out of the room together.




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