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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Painting His Profile

The sky lightened up, and Gu Jinghang was awakened by the bright sunlight. He furrowed his brows. With one opened eye, he peered at the verdant banyan trees outside of the window, befuddled.

Everything that happened last night seemed unreal as though it was clouded by mist. He was dreaming, wasnt he Ran would only treat him so well in his dreams.

However, his reveries were disturbed by the sounds of snoring next to him. Startled, he turned around and saw Song Ran. Her head was tilted, and her eyes were closed. She was sound asleep, her head leaning against a wall.

Suddenly, his heart went soft. Even his breathing came to a stop.

Without delay, he got out of bed, forgetting all about his slippers as he walked to her and carried her in his arms. The cement floor was so cold and she was such a fragile person. She wouldnt be able to continue her sleep without catching a cold.

It was real. Whatever happened last night was real. Gu Jinghang hugged the girl in his arms and placed her gently on the bed. The lass was frowning slightly in her sleep as though something was bothering her in her dreams.

Gu Jinghang recalled the happenings of last night as though he was counting the number of treasures he had. The corners of his mouth were upturned without him even realizing it.

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The look when she leaned her weary and sweaty body in his arms, the look when she watched him with her watery eyes, and the look when she said she was going to get him medicine for his fever.

All these touched his heart. Oh gosh, how did Song Ran become such an adorable person all of a sudden

Even though he did not know what happened to her, he was so fond of her current attitude that he could not bear to separate from her.

He calmed himself and decided to make a trip to the cafeteria and bring some breakfast back to have with Song Ran.

With a clang, Song Ran was awakened by the sound of the closing door. Her eyes flew open and her heart sank when Gu Jinghang was out of her sight. Out of panic, she gave chase in her bare feet.

She pulled the door open, hugged Gu Jinghang from the back, and let out a cry of fear. “Gu Jinghang, are you going to desert me Are you”

At this time, several researchers passed by Gu Jinghangs door and watched them with unreadable expressions on their faces. Some of the guys even whistled, chuckled, and teased them. “Wow, Team Leader Gu. Its early in the morning, and youre having a hanky panky with our sister-in-law. Do you want us to die out of jealousy”

Gu Jinghang pretended to be angry as he stared at them. “You talk too much!”

The crowd dispersed as they laughed.

Gu Jinghang hurriedly spun around and carried Song Ran back to his room. He closed the door and cupped her weepy face as he asked in a gentle voice, “Ran, whats wrong with you”

Song Ran remembered the dream she had where Gu Jinghang was going to desert her just to marry Wen Huihui. As the sadness in her dream overflowed to reality, she could not stop crying.

“Are you going to desert me Are you going to marry Wen Huihui Gu Jinghang, you cannot do that. I love you more than she loves you. Shes only in love with your title, but I love you for who you are.”

Her cries were so devastating that it wouldve made anyone weep upon hearing it.

Team Leader Gu was confused. He was unable to follow Song Rans train of thought as he wiped away her tears. His voice was incredibly gentle, as he said, “What silly things are you talking about How could I desert you Why would I marry Wen Huihui”

Song Ran finally came to her senses. Oh, right. She was reborn again.

Gosh, she had egg on her face. She just embarrassed herself in front of Gu Jinghangs subordinates, crying out desperately for Gu Jinghang to never leave her while hugging on to him tightly. Those men from the research institute were probably going to have the time of their lives teasing her.

Oh gosh, Song Ran. Cant you stay calm

She threw herself in his arms, wiping her tears and snot on him. Then she smiled. “I... I just had a nightmare.”

Gu Jinghang stroked her head. With a voice full of fondness, he ed, “What a silly thing.”

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