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A dense undead aura surged from the other party.

Clearly, this was a high level undead creature.

It was a lich!


The figure slowly opened its eyes.

His golden eyes were especially dazzling in his pitch-black face.

“Who are you Wheres Moreton”

The gaze of the summoned lich instantly landed on Ao Yun, his expression somewhat puzzled.

Ao Yuns body instantly tightened.

When this guy targeted him, Ao Yun felt an extreme threat.

This guys combat strength was definitely very powerful.

Without hesitation, Ao Yun looked at the lich in front of him and said, “Honorable lich, Moreton is dead.

Im his best friend.

I followed his last wish and spent a large amount of my blood essence to summon you.”

Ao Yun especially emphasized the words “a large amount of my blood essence”, wanting to close the distance between the two of them.

Black fog surged on the lichs face in front of him.

He looked at Ao Yun and said, “Call me Lord Netherworld! How did Moreton die”

Ao Yuns face twitched.

Then, he cursed the lich in his heart for being so shameless.

However, he smiled and said, “Lord Netherworld, I dont know how Moreton died.”

“However, there have been human experts around recently.

It might be them!”

No matter what, he had to divert this guys attention first.

At the same time, Ao Yun was also anxiously waiting for the powerful aura from before.

Previously, he had only leaked some aura and the other party had already come to check a few times.

Now that the undead aura was so dense, it was definitely impossible for the other party to not come and take a look, right

The lich who called himself Lord Netherworld looked at Ao Yun in front of him and was slightly silent.

Black fog surged on his face, and it was unknown what he was thinking.

“Ill believe you for the time being.

Stay at the side and dont disturb me!” After a moment of silence, the lich looked at Ao Yun in front of him and said.

Ao Yun heaved a sigh of relief and his tense body relaxed.

“Dont worry, Lord Netherworld.

Go ahead and do your thing.

I definitely wont disturb you.”

Ao Yun grabbed the Dark Elf Princess Yuna and retreated to the sacrificial array inside, indicating that he would not disturb the lich.

The lich glanced at Ao Yun and then waved the staff in his hand.

The array under him trembled again.

The array that had been silent because he had summoned this lich seemed to have been activated again and directly lit up.

Then, a large amount of undead aura seeped out.

Undead knights began to appear from the array.

Ao Yun raised his eyebrows.

This guy could actually activate the array and summon his subordinates.

However, it no longer had anything to do with him.

Ao Yun did not dare to use the sacrificial formation yet.

After all, if this lich took advantage of him using the sacrificial formation to attack him, he would be finished.

Ao Yun was waiting.

He could only use the sacrificial formation when the person who had sensed the aura previously came and fought this lich.

It had to be said that Ao Yun was still very cautious.

Ao Yun did not wait in vain.

About a minute later, lightning flickered outside the cave.


A bolt of lightning directly slashed towards the cave.

At the same time, a powerful aura directly appeared.

It was Lei Shuo!

When Lei Shuo rushed over, he discovered that this undead power was becoming richer and richer, so he sped up.

When he arrived, he saw a large number of undead knights leave the cave.

Moreover, the undead aura inside was still increasing!

A summoning formation or a teleportation gate to summon undead creatures

Lei Shuo instantly made a judgment.

After the Void Gate opened, every year, a large number of demon beasts and foreign races had traveled over.

However, the number of demon beats that came through was still consistent.

Coupled with the killing of humans and the killing of demon beasts by foreign races, humans could gradually stabilize the situation.

However, some high level demon beasts would constantly look for opportunities to summon their own kind through summoning formations or teleportation doors.

They were a huge threat.

Moreover, many spatial cracks had also appeared.

Many demon beasts and foreign races would also appear.

The balance that humans had been maintaining previously was about to be broken again.

Was it the undead creatures this time

Lei Shuo did not hesitate and directly shot a bolt of lightning towards the hole below.

No matter what the other party was, since he had encountered it, he would directly erase it!

A large amount of black fog suddenly surged out of the cave entrance.

A large amount of undead power formed a pitch-black shield that blocked the lightning.


With a crisp sound, the pitch-black shield formed by the undead power directly blocked Lei Shuos lightning.

Lei Shuo raised his eyebrows and then saw a pitch-black figure appear at the entrance of the cave in front of him.

Sensing the dense undead power emitted from the other party, Lei Shuo frowned.

It was a lich.

Moreover, its level was not low!

Lei Shuo stretched out his hand and lightning condensed in his hand, quickly forming a lightning spear.

Without any hesitation, Lei Shuo grabbed the Thunder Spear in his hand and directly rushed towards the lich below.

The lich below raised his hand, and dense undead power surged out, directly enveloping Lei Shuos body.

Then, the dense undead power instantly froze, turning into a black ice crystal that froze Lei Shuo inside.


However, in less than a second, cracks appeared on the black ice crystal.

With a crisp sound, the black ice crystal suddenly shattered.

Lei Shuos figure rushed out and directly headed towards the lich below.

The lich screamed, and the huge sound wave directly rushed towards Lei Shuo in front of him, making Lei Shuo frown and stop.

The sound wave seemed to be corporeal, making it somewhat difficult for Lei Shuo to descend.

Moreover, the sound wave was even interfering with Lei Shuos mind, making Lei Shuos head somewhat dizzy.

A large amount of lightning suddenly surged out of Lei Shuos body, directly covering Lei Shuos body and blocking the invasion of the sound wave.

At this moment, many undead creatures had already appeared beside the lich below.

There were pitch-black undead knights, undead swordsmen with large swords, and necromancers with staffs.

Two Netherworld Dragons even appeared beside the lich.

Sensing that Lei Shuo was troublesome, this lich did not dare to delay and directly used its strongest combat strength.

The two undead dragons were the first to attack and directly rushed towards Lei Shuo.

Several undead knights arrived on the Netherworld Dragon and pounced towards Lei Shuo under the lead of the Netherworld Dragon.

The necromancers below began to chant undead magic, prepared to condense undead power and attack Lei Shuo.


Lei Shuo snorted coldly.

Lightning flickered on his body, as if it had formed a lightning armor on his body.

His body directly fell and rushed out.

Lei Shuo arrived beside a Netherworld Dragon and directly threw a punch at it.

As soon as this Netherworld Dragon opened its mouth, it was punched in the neck by Lei Shuo.

It wailed, and a huge hole directly appeared in its neck.

Lightning flickered in it, carrying out the subsequent damage.

The undead swordsmen on the Netherworld Dragon attacked.

They gathered strength and slashed at Lei Shuo.

Lei Shuo glanced at these undead swordsmen.

Two bolts of lightning directly shot out from Lei Shuos eyes and instantly pierced through the bodies of these undead swordsmen.

These undead swordsmen directly turned into dust in the lightning and dissipated with the wind.

Taking a step in the air, Lei Shuo welcomed the other Netherworld Dragon again.

At this moment, in the cave, Ao Yuns opportunity finally came.

Without any hesitation, Ao Yun directly placed the Dark Elf Princess Yuna in his hand into the sacrificial formation.

Unable to wait to activate the sacrificial formation, Ao Yun stood in front of Yuna.

His ritual to become a divine dragon had begun!

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