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“Elegant, beautiful, with long pointed ears and flowing hairs.

Could this be a Stone carving of an Elf woman” Su Jing was surprised.

In the Lord of the Rings Universe, the Elves are not your fairytale elves with small stature and pointy hats. 

They were slender, beautiful, and smart.

They are good at poetry, literature, music, sculpture, forging, etc. 

Everyone single one of the Elves are artists and a large number of them are proficient in combat, there is no other way, they are born smarter than humans, and they are immortal. 

They do not get sick, only fire, sharp blades, or extreme sadness can kill them.

Even a stupid person can become a master if he trains and polish his skills for a hundred years. 

One can only imagine how amazing Elves are who had honed their crafts for thousands of years and some of them are even older than that, not to mention that they are smarter than humans so nobody can imagine their skill and talent in something.

Therefore, the various decorations in the Elf family are exquisite to the extreme.

They look like works of art and stone carvings are no exception.

Just this stone carving alone can crush any stone carving he got from the Law of the Devil Universe.

If the most beautiful sculpture before Su Jings eyes really came from the Elf family then Im afraid it would not be a work of art there, but just a casual decoration, just like the sculptures one would find in many parks or roadside around the world.

Su Jing continued to rummage through the stone garbage heap, and after a while, he found another piece of stone sculpture that was tattered, but the carving on it was perfect. 

This shows that there may be other Elf Stone Sculptures in this pile of stone garbage.

Su Jing will find out the perfect carving pieces and put them in a pile so that they can be repaired by the Little White Mouse easily. 

Although it cant be seen like this, it is useful when repairing, so he cant just throw any of them away.

Although Su Jing really wants to repair them right away but considering the spirit force of the Little White Mouse, he cant be too rushed. 

He hopes from the deepest part of his heart that the ability of the Little White Mouse will increase several times, or that he may gain more rats with the Repair Stand.

It is a very useful repair.

Su Jing left the stone garbage heap alone for a moment, he walked to the wooden garbage heap next to it and continued sorting out the wooden garbage. 

After turning it around for a while, he saw a huge trunk, which was more than three meters in diameter and around five or six meters long.

There were pieces of golden leaves on the connected branches.

Su Jing was stunned for a moment before he carefully observed the huge trunk.

The more he looked, the more surprised he became.

He chose a relatively small branch with a diameter of fewer than two centimeters and broke it with force. 

This kind of force was enough to break a branch of ten centimeters in diameter.

However, this branch was only bent a little without breaking, and after releasing his hand, it returned to its original shape without any deformation. 

Su Jing was pleasantly surprised to see this and muttered to himself: “This seems to be a Mellorn Tree.”

The Mellorn Tree is a plant in the Lord of the Rings Universe that originally grew on the Undead island of Valinor and was later brought to Númenor.

These trees grew under Galadriels care, and Lothlórien got the name of the Golden Forest. 

The leaves of the Mellorn Tree turn yellow in autumn but do not fall through the winter.

By spring, the golden leaves fall and cover the entire ground, and the trees grow new green and silver leaves with golden flowers. 

No Mellorn Tree grows anywhere else in Middle-earth, except for the one from Shire – whose seeds were given to Samwise Gamgee by Galadriel as a gift.

Su Jing was so excited because he suddenly thought of Legolass Elf bow, the string of his bow was made of Elfs hair, and the bow was made of the wood from the heart of Mellorn Tree. 

The reason why Legolas was able to hit a hundred shots with his bow, even shooting two or three birds with one arrow, and even shooting an arrow through the head of a mammoth as huge as a high-rise building, in addition to his superb archery skills, it was because of the help his bow.

Su Jing had previously pulled out Elfs hair from Elfs clothes, and now he has Mellorn Tree so he can make an Elf bow.

Su Jing wanted to know what level he would reach if he shot an arrow by an Elfs bow combined with his spiritual force.

Although for the time being, the Super Universe Garbage Station has a spatial barrier and seems to be in no danger.

However, Su Jing understands what it means to take precautions for a rainy day, there is no telling what will appear in the future, and there may be some dangerous lifeform that can break the spatial barrier.

In addition, Su Jings various industries and businesses are booming, which is equivalent to playing with fire, because he even makes it impossible for many people to do anything, and he even steals other peoples jobs, so how can others bear it 

Because most people cant fight so they can only tolerate it, but there is no guarantee that no one will take the risk, even a cornered animal would bite when out in a life-threatening situation. 

If he and his businesses continue to develop then it will even attract the greed of people in other countries.

At that level, it would become impossible to have no danger.

At present, Su Jing is very strong, but he is not strong enough to call himself invincible. 

Ordinary people cant hurt him, ordinary guns cant hurt him, but what about an army officer with a submachine gun, a rocket launcher, or even a more powerful thermal weapon 

Even if Su Jing cant beat them alone and can escape, but what about his family, wife, and friends

In short, being strong is not a bad thing.

Therefore, Su Jing never gave up on his efforts in becoming stronger, hoping that he could become stronger and stronger until one day, no one in the world would be ab;e to threaten him.


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