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Tang Tianyuan was naturally not stupid enough to believe that Xianggua was just giving a report.

"What were they mumbling about"


"This servant is not clear about it either.

Thinking that it was maybe Madam’s wanting to know the Young Master's current situation in detail, Xihulu didn't quite understand, so he was specially warned."


Tang Tianyuan thought to himself: Xianggua and Xueli served him every day, so his feeling for Tan Lingyin may have been noticed by them.

Even if they didn’t, Xianggua had never liked Tan Lingyin, so just a few words to Madam were enough to ruin Tan Lingyin's reputation.


Tang Tianyuan's face became more and more gloomy.

He really raised a group of good servants! They really knew how to drag their own master down!


Huanggua was very observant.

Seeing his Young Master's expression dropped, he repeatedly defended Xihulu, "Master, Xihulu is very loyal to you.

He was just confused by Xianggua jiejie."


"Oh" Tang Tianyuan did not understand.


Huanggua laughed out loud, "Xihulu is fond of Xianggua jiejie!"


It turned out to be so.

Tang Tianyuan himself was in the stage of unrequited love, and couldn't wait to warm the bed for his sweetheart every day.

Now that he found out Xihulu liked Xianggua, it kindled a sense of sympathy. 


Tang Tianyuan's expression softened a little, "Since he likes her, I’ll match him with Xianggua." It also saves him from the maid from harming him.

But Xihulu was given to him by the Madam, and he had to report this matter to his mother first.


Huanggua didn't expect the Young Master to be so generous.

He hesitated and replied, "But Xianggua jiejie said that Xihulu was a toad wanting to eat swan meat."


Tang Tianyuan was a little puzzled, "How is she a swan"


Huanggua whispered, "She plans to be a concubine in the future."


Tang Tianyuan suddenly slapped the table hard.



Huanggua jolted.

He took a peek at his Young Master's face, it was already as dark as the bottom of a pot.


Tang Tianyuan's heart was now full of Tan Lingyin.

For someone talking about concubine nonsense, was a blasphemy to his affection.

He said coldly, "I don't want to hear such words again."


Huanggua hurriedly smiled, "Yes, yes, this servant understands."


Tang Tianyuan's emotions still did not improve even after sending away Huanggua.

He didn't want to take things in the worst direction, but his intuition told him that Huanggua's speculation was not incorrect.


Not in the mood to work, Tang Tianyuan simply went back.

He found Xianggua, and asked bluntly, "You chatted with Xihulu for a long time a few days ago.

What did you have him tell Madam"


Xianggua was stunned for a moment before she quickly replied with a smile, "It's just a matter of everyday life.

A mother is always worried when her son travels afar.

Madam will always ask in detail.

I was afraid that the Xihulu would not understand, so I added a few more words.

Does the Young Master think it's inappropriate for me to do so"


Tang Tianyuan stared into her eyes, "Don't play smart."


Xianggua's expression darkened, but she smiled again, "This maid was never very handy and quite slow to react.

This maid never dared to be smart." Her words were said in a peculiar way.


"Since you are slow to react, I'll explain it to you clearly.

You don't have to mention Head Commissioner Tan to the Madam.

Neither you or if you are using someone else; whether it's in Tongling or the capital."


Xianggua suddenly said, "No wonder the Young Master is speaking so mysteriously, it turned out to be because of Head Commissioner Tan.

Don't worry, Head Commissioner Tan is loved by everyone.

This maid dares not to put any faults on her.

It's just that the matter between you and Head Commissioner Tan is known to the whole county government.

If someone talked about it, this matter can’t be blamed on this maid."


What, so everyone knows! Tang Tianyuan was a little depressed.

Everyone knew, but Tan Lingyin still couldn’t figure it out What an idiot! He said to Xianggua, "As long as you watch yourself." It didn’t matter if all of Tongling knew of this.

The key was the two or three people who often returned to the capital to deliver letters.


Seeing her Young Master so obstinately persistent, Xianggua persuaded, "Forgive this maid for overspeaking, Young Master.

The Young Lady from Si Residence will be welcomed in by the end of this year.

You and Head Commissioner Tan’s relationship have always been so unclear.

What would Young Lady Si think of you And what would Si Residence think of the Tang Residence"


Tang Tianyuan was a little peeved, "Shut your mouth.

It is not up to you to decide what your Young Master does."


Xianggua was also very angry, she straightened her neck and replied, "The slave is only giving loyal advice.

Please listen even if it is not what Young Master wants to hear.

Before leaving, Madam asked this maid to serve you well.

If there is anything inappropriate happening, this maid can't pretend to be blind.

If Young Master doesn’t like it, please inform Madam and send me away."


Although these were just words spoken from anger, it was a wake-up call for Tang Tianyuan.

He said, "I see you like to play ‘whisper to one another's ear’ with Xihulu very much.

How about I match you with him and you two keep doing that every day"


Xianggua's eyes turned red.

Tears fell as she cried, "If you think I'm stupid, think I'm annoying, you might as well just kill me! Why must you humiliate people like this!"


"How strange How did I humiliate you So it’s humiliating to be paired with a servant Are you trying to climb up into a concubine"


With her innermost desire exposed, Xianggua’s face flushed red.


Tang Tianyuan was not one to be trifled with.

He usually treated his servants mildly and created an easy-to-please image, but that's just because of his good temper.

He was cruel and ruthless; if he had schemed against outsiders, there would never be any remains left.

So it was impossible for him to be plotted against in his own home.

At this moment he sneered, "If you want to be a concubine, just say it.

I won't stop you."


Xianggua raised her head  and looked at him in shock.

Her lips trembled with excitement.


"You are one of Madam’s maids, so if you want to be a concubine, it only makes sense to be sent into the Master's room.

I will write a letter to Madam tomorrow to have sent you back."


As if struck by lightning, Xianggua fell to the ground with a thud.

She held Tang Tianyuan's trousers and pleaded, "Young Master! This maid has served you for the past few years! Think of all this maid’s contribution or toil, please don't be so heartless."


Tang Tianyuan pushed her away, "Don't think I'm blind.

You call others heartless, but refuse to look at what you are doing yourself.

Let me tell you this indisputable fact, Head Commissioner Tan will be your master in the future.

If you dare continue to mock her, bully her, or speak ill of her behind her back and destroy her reputation, I'm not afraid to make it happen.

You better watch yourself."


Xianggua cried and nodded “yes”.

She lowered her head and wiped her tears with a handkerchief, hiding the surging hatred in her eyes.


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