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Sure enough! She had caught the Boss.

She was a brilliant little genius!

Standing beside Zhuang Xian, Lily looked at the group of women and then at Mrs.


After clearing her throat, she said, “We, Lanwei, are partly responsible for causing such an awkward situation and misunderstanding.

However, you cant just leave like this!”


Liu turned around and looked at the beautiful foreign woman.

There was a group of people behind her.

They were all dressed in exquisite and gorgeous uniforms, indicating their identity.

They were all senior managers of Lanwei.


Chen even saw a man with the Shop Managers badge.

Seeing the Shop manager following the foreign woman respectfully, the two of them had already guessed that the foreign beautys identity was not simple.

In the next second, the Manager of Lanweis store addressed Lily respectfully, directly confirming their guess.

“Department Head Lily, let me handle this matter!” The Manager bowed and said.

Others might not understand the seriousness of this matter, but he could already feel that his position as the store manager was beginning to shake.

She looked at him indifferently and nodded slightly.

She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

After seeing that he did not have any unusual reaction, she slowly restrained her excitement.

She knew that she needed to hide her identity at times, just like now!

The Shop manager strode over to Lin En and Zhuang Xian and gave them a deep 90-degree bow.

He bent down and said in a clear and sincere voice, “Five distinguished members, please accept my sincere apologies! Im very sorry that I didnt serve you well.

Its my dereliction of duty as the Shop Manager.

Everyone present was shocked by the Managers sudden action and apology.

Everyones eyes widened, and they looked at them in confusion.

This was Lanweis real Shop Manager.

How could he be so humble as to apologize to the Zhuang family

Oh my God! What was going on

Lanwei had always been proud and aloof, and it had its style.

Nothing like this had ever happened before!

If it were to be spread online, it would cause a sensation in the entire City of Hs food and beverage industry.

This was big news.

Lin En was shocked by the Managers sudden action and didnt come back to her senses for a long time.

Zhuang Ming spoke in a calm and seasoned voice, “Get up and talk.”

The store manager straightened his back and said sincerely,” “Thank you,” he said.

As soon as he said this, the silent crowd suddenly came to life again.

Everyone was a little surprised and whispered strangely.

The store manager ignored everyones discussion and said to Zhuang Ming gently, “Mr.

Zhuang, please wait for a moment.

We will arrange lunch for you immediately.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at the people around him and said, “Dear distinguished guests, listen to me.

What happened just now was indeed a misunderstanding.


Zhuang Ming and his family did not cut Mrs.

Chens queue.

They are the most distinguished 3S members of Lanwei and have priority to enjoy all the services provided by Lanwei.”


Chen, as our waiter said, you must wait for the table you booked because its not time yet! Were not bullying you because of our restaurants size.” The Manager looked at Mrs.

Chen and explained seriously.

Everyones eyes turned back to Mrs.


Their eyes were full of surprise and astonishment.

She had just deceived them! They even helped her to scold a few innocent people.

These people from the Zhuang family were super members of Lanwei.

This was too strange!

This rich business person, Mrs.

Chen, might not know about the membership system of Lanwei, but other people did.

Buying a Lanwei 3S membership would cost a lot of money! No, thats not right.

Money alone cant buy this!

Under everyones disdainful gaze, Mrs.

Chens face turned red with shame.

She tried to recall what she had just done, and cold sweat instantly broke out.

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