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Chapter 14: Statements

“Rei died because of you.

That’s just how it is.”

“Don’t ** with me! How does that even make sens-“

It was Rei who stopped Roig from talking any further.


“Huh! Wh…what are you… doing! Shit! Ohh!”

Rei’s roar ran through Roig’s body, causing him to shudder.

Rei was an existence that could overwhelm five Minotaurs.

The serious roar echoed throughout the room and the whole guild was thrown into a small uproar.


“Wait a sec… isn’t that the dog that is always with Land… was it always that strong”

“I know! It blended in with the group so we had only ever noticed Land.

They’re with an S-ranked party!”

“If that’s true… is that why Roig isn’t moving!”

It was seemingly possible to feel something from the roar alone.

And now, everyone’s attention moved from Rei to Roig. 

“Roig can’t even move his arms or legs from just that roar”

“I was a little surprised, but well, with that as his opponent…”

“Rather, he’s in quite the mess.”

“Oi oi, he can hear you.”


Naturally, Roig could hear what they were saying.

His face had become deep red, but still, Rei glared at him and didn’t budge.



Rei used his silent pressure to control Roig’s threatening glare with next to no effort.

Rei held enough power within himself while in his spirit form that you could say he was already a special class beast.

Roig was receiving that pressure head on.

Well, if you considered his situation, you would understand why he had lost the ability to say anything or even move his body.

“Nevertheless Land… there’s some truth to Roig’s statement just now.”


Fade recklessly called out like he was becoming desperate.

“Even, if he had stayed silent about the matter, I can make an appeal to the guild.”

“Make an appeal”

“That’s right.

You exposed the party to danger by not communicating properly.


“Fade… do you understand what you’re saying to me”


I was astonished.

“You exposed the party to danger by not communicating properly.” That statement should have had more impart on Fade, seeing as he was the leader.

“I see… once I heard Land-san’s story, I decided to disregard your previous story.”

“Wait! What about our side of the story!”

“I think you all talked enough before Land-san came.

You said that Land-san wished to sacrifice himself.

You all tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen.

You let Land-san regularly take the initiative to handle a variety of tasks.

He was giving up his life for the rest of you.

You wanted to tell the entire guild that Land died in this way.

That’s all, right”



Nina kept talking to keep control of the situation and keep Fade in check.

“If these statements were to now be treated as lies, the guild would need to list you as adventures that make false reports.”


That may effectively be a death sentence.

Giving false reports to the guild is a felony.

You wouldn’t be able to do activities with the guild, and you’d lose the S-rank status that you had established all in an instant.

In fact, it may even turn out that the guild puts you on a wanted list and hangs up a poster of you with a bounty.

“If we look at your guys’ claim, Land-san’s claim, and the current situation, we should be able to make a comprehensive judgment.

If you have any objections, I can listen to them from here on.”

With that, Fade hung his head and didn’t look at us anymore.

“Well then, let’s go.”

When there was finally no one who would object, Nina-san and I went into the reception room from behind the guild’s counter.


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