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The Show Is Released

Upon hearing this, Yu Zhenling felt both troubled and confused.

Meng Fu managed to get into Tianle Media because of the connections of the Jiang family. Now that the contract had been terminated, Yu Zhenlings social circle in T City would certainly find out about this. Yu Zhenling did not sit down. Her fingertips trembled with fury when she heard Jiang Xinrans words.

From the first day Meng Fu had entered the entertainment industry, Yu Zhenling knew that she would get into trouble. She pursed her lips and said nothing.

After Jiang Quan recovered from the shock, he found it a pity that Old Masters effort in arranging Meng Fus entrance into Tianle Media had been wasted. It wasnt that a career in showbiz was not feasible. It was that Meng Fu was hopeless and that she could only rely on her showbiz work to get into art colleges before enrolling into a good university in the future.

Nevertheless, his mood relaxed soon after. “Thats also good. She can go back to studying at the high school. She should be able to focus on her studies now.”

As he said that, Jiang Quan called Meng Fu and told her to come home.

Jiang Xinchen threw away the pen in his hand and glanced at Jiang Quan. There was a smile on his face. “Dad, which high school do you think she can go to Are you going to get my maternal grandfather to make the arrangements”

“Jiang Xinchen, whats wrong with you!” Jiang Quan slammed the table and raised his voice.

Jiang Xinran was also startled. She immediately went to pull Jiang Xinchens sleeve and pursed her lips. “Brother, dont make Dad angry.”

Feeling sullen and annoyed, Jiang Xinchen murmured, “I feel angry for you…”

However, he had always respected and admired his sister, Jiang Xinran. Since she had spoken, he apologized to Jiang Quan reluctantly.

It was already night time and past the recording time of the program. Nevertheless, the trainees who wanted more screentime could not miss this opportunity.

It was considered a free and easy time now.

Meng Fu seemed to be in a bad mood today, as if she wanted to keep away from all the unfamiliar faces.

Yu Zhenling was cold and aloof to her and Meng Fu couldnt be bothered to interact with her. She tilted her head slightly and removed the sunglasses from her face slowly. She then glanced at Jiang Quan. “What is it that cannot be said over the phone”

Off to the side, Jiang Xinchen, who was being consoled by Jiang Xinran, muttered coldly, “Does she think that shes famous… Why is she wearing sunglasses…”

Jiang Xinchen didnt speak further after Jiang Xinran poked him in the arm. He just stared at Meng Fu sharply and provocatively.

“I heard your contract has been terminated by Tianle Media Why didnt you tell us about such an important situation” Jiang Quan had told Meng Fu to come home because he wanted to console her. “It doesnt matter if the contract is terminated. Maybe youre not suited for the entertainment industry. Come back and continue with your studies. At your age, its not too late to re-enter high school.”

As he said this, Jiang Xinchen sneered. He was not even looking at Meng Fu now.

Jiang Xinran stopped Jiang Xinchen. She then glanced at Meng Fu and smiled. “Sister, dont worry. Its not difficult to get into the number 1 or number 2 high school.”

Meng Fu looked bored and she put on her sunglasses again. “Oh, I just signed a contract with Sheng Entertainment, actually. I only came back to tell you.”

Upon hearing Jiang Quans words, Meng Fu finally understood why she was told to come back. However, she was in a bad mood today and couldnt be bothered to fight with primary school children.

Jiang Xinchen was taken aback. He looked up at Meng Fu.

“Sheng Entertainment” Obviously, Jiang Quan was shocked. Feeling surprised and delighted, he put down his pen. “You actually signed a contract with Sheng Entertainment That company produces superstars.”

Sheng Entertainment was not only a top conglomerate in the entertainment industry, but also one of the top 10 companies in Asia. Its top two A-list actors were international regulars. The company had invested in numerous movies and variety shows and even opened up a new ” King of IP” path. [1.”IP”, intellectual property, largely refers to popular online products such as a novel, game or even a song that can be developed into a potentially successful feature-length film or TV series.].

Although Tianle Media and Sheng Entertainment were both top domestic entertainment companies, Tianle Media did not even have one-tenth of Sheng Entertainments influence and financial clout.

Yu Zhenling instinctively glanced at Meng Fu. Her expression looked better but she felt somewhat uneasy. It was hard to describe her feelings with words.

The smile in the corner of Jiang Xinrans mouth froze. She then looked at Meng Fu and continued to smile. “Its actually Sheng Entertainment Is it the Sheng Entertainment that Yi Tong is with Sister, did you hear it right”

“What do you think” Meng Fu glanced at her nonchalantly.

“Sister, youre too formidable.” Besides smiling, Jiang Xinran didnt know what to do. She merely lowered her head a little.

Meng Fu adjusted her sunglasses. “Have you given grandfather my talisman”

“Oh, Im planning to get your mother to send it to him tomorrow.” Jiang Quan didnt dare to say that he had forgotten about it. It was strange. He did not dare to look at Meng Fu directly in the eye.

“Dont forget. See you again.” Meng Fu swept her bangs casually and tucked both her hands in the pockets of her black windbreaker. Apart from greeting Jiang Quan, she did not glance at anyone else. She then walked to the door, looking like she couldnt care less.

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As she held her back straight and walked away, the black windbreaker she was wearing swerved along with her movements. The words “Im in a bad mood” seemed to be even written on her hair today.

“When you visit Dad tomorrow, tell him about this to make him happy.” Jiang Quans mood had also improved tremendously. He then remembered Meng Fus brocade bag. “By the way, please pass Fuers brocade bag to Dad.”

Meng Fu had told him to pass the brocade bag to the old master.

However, Jiang Quan had been busy lately and had forgotten about it. Therefore, he told Yu Zhenling to find time to bring it to the old master tomorrow.


The next day, Yu Zhenling was going to send some things to the old master. When Yu Zhenling was about to leave the house with the thermos food jar, the butler passed the brocade bag that Jiang Quan had placed in the brocade box to Yu Zhenling. “Master told me to pass it to you.” Jiang Quan even got someone to find a brocade box to improve the aesthetic of the gift.

Seeing this, Yu Zhenlings head hurt. She opened the brocade bag and looked inside. Inside was a piece of white paper folded into a triangle. It was quite unlike the yellow paper from the temple.

How could she be that perfunctory

Yu Zhenling wondered why the old man liked Meng Fu so much. Jiang Quan also condoned her actions.

She glanced at the paper, which was as white as a sheet. Without even looking at the talisman painted on it, she threw it in the trash can. She then replaced it with a peace talisman that she had gotten from the temple recently. Afterward, she went to the hospital to pass the brocade bag to the old master.

At noon, when Yu Zhenling arrived, Old Master Jiang was talking with the nurse about the sixth season of the “Best Idol” show, to be released at noon today. The nurse smiled perfunctorily, seemingly not interested in it.

Old Master Jiang took the brocade bag and glanced at Yu Zhenling while smiling. “The “Best Idol” show has already been released. Shall we watch Fuers performance together”

The corners of Yu Zhenlings mouth curled into a stiff smile. How could he not know that the internet was filled with criticism of Meng Fu Even Jiang Xinchen was unwilling to admit that the bimbo hated by the netizens was his elder sister. Because of this, the people in Yu Zhenlings social circle had been ridiculing her behind her back.

Watch Meng Fus show Itd be better to go for a facial treatment to save herself the embarrassment. Every second of watching the show was a capital punishment.

“Im not watching it. Im going to watch Xinran practice the piano later.” Yu Zhenling smiled.



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