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“My husband has a mistress.

Before the marriage, he loved someone else.

Even if I don’t want a divorce, he will.”


At her words, Lucis, who was next to her, lifted his glasses.

His eyebrows went up as well.


“I don’t want to see my husband play with the mistress, and I don’t want to wait for him to file the divorce papers first.”


Unlike Cassel’s gorgeous silver hair, Leilia had plain brown hair.

On top of that, she had purplish-black eyes, and although they seemed mysterious, her appearance was not beautiful enough to be admired.


Of course, she does not think Cassel would have a mistress because of her looks.

Regardless, the woman who was reputed to be the mistress is said to be very beautiful.

In addition, it was also said that she was a comrade closest to Cassel, who was said to be the most capable.

It was only a matter of time before love sprouted in the meantime.


Besides, Leilia’s family was too low as a young lady from a county to be the Prince’s marriage partner.


“And you know, Lucis.

All the wives of the prince who went to war and returned alive have left the imperial family.”


Historically, princes who had become heroes have always divorced their original wives and took other women as their wives.

Consequently, the imperial family was once again preparing to divorce her and Cassel without exception.

As if they were taking her for granted, they sent her divorce papers as they heard the final victory.


“How much help has Lady Leilia given to him…”


Lucis uttered, biting his tongue.


“I didn’t expect anything in return, anyway.”


What she did was only to save him, she did not want anything from him.

Leilia had nothing to ask of Cassel, as her expectation for someone had long been lost.

However, if there was only one thing she wanted…


Thinking that, she opened the desk drawer and pulled out a small piece of paper.



⌊ ‘I will certainly come back.’ ⌉



Leilia gazed at the writing on the faded paper before running her hand across the paper.

Even though her head was complicated when she thought of the current situation, a smile still spread across her lips when she looked at this note.


It was a note that Cassel had written before leaving for the battlefield.


When she asked him to come back alive, he wrote this and left this message.

As she woke up from the first night, Cassel was not there anymore though this note remained.


Although he did it formally, it meant a lot to her.

All she wanted was for him to live under the same sky as her, that was all.

She did not want anything like love from him.

It was because she realized as a child that love does not come because she wants it and that it does not reciprocate just because she wants it.


But unlike her, Lucis still remained angry.


“Still, no matter what, this kind of treatment doesn’t make sense!


“Why I’m used to it, those around me always neglect me.

Their treatment of me is no different now.”


Leilia’s father had arranged an arranged marriage with her mother — meaning that they were only a married couple in name.


‘Mother loved father, but he hated her…’


…Was that why Her father regarded his daughter, Leilia, as horrible as her mother was.

The cold treatment was not unfamiliar to her.

Leilia’s expression hardened at the thought.


…Yes, she had a life where she could not have expectations from others.


“We got married by arrangement, and we’re indifferent towards each other.

So, divorce is not difficult.”


Even though Leilia tried to speak as calmly as she could, her voice trembled slightly.

She could not prevent her hands from shaking, even as she maintained her graceful posture without being distracted.


“Even if you said so, you’ve had that paper for a long time.”


As Lucis glanced at the note that she had in her hand, Leilia lowered her eyes slightly and smiled.


“Well, I’ll handle it… my feelings.”


…While Cassel may have no idea, the letters he occasionally sent comforted her.


“I love him… Should I say that was the biggest mistake of my life”


Shutting her eyes, Leilia slowly opened her eyes again.

Her mother always said this all her life.


…It was the fault of the person who fell in love.


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